20 Favorite Sneakers

blush sneakers

I’m a shoe girl- that’s my weakness. Each season I tell myself I truly don’t have the space for more shoes, but then I end up finding an awesome pair and my goal goes out the window. Well, this spring it’s no different, but I’m telling myself it’s ok because I’ve been on a real sneaker kick lately. I’m sharing 20 of my favorite sneakers! They’re practical, comfortable and you can wear them in so many different ways; I’m making an exception for this versatile shoe.

new balance sneakers

Wear them casually on the weekends, wear them to workout, or even dress them up at the office. This roundup contains sneakers of every style, function, and price that will probably leave you with a similar obsession to my own.

converse sneakers

favorite sneakers

01: mesh sneakers // 02: leather sneakers // 03: flatform trainer // 04: graphic heart sneaker // 05: achilles sneaker // 06: adi-ease sneaker // 07: divine velcro sneaker // 08: new balance black trainers // 09: zero ground wingtip sneaker // 10: blush suede fringe sneaker // 11: black sneakers // 12: flatform sneaker // 13: pointed toe sneaker // 14: internationalist sneaker // 15: faux patent leather sneaker // 16: converse chuck taylor fringe sneaker // 17: wisteria sneaker // 18: del ray sneaker // 19: classic slip on sneaker // 20: low top, mesh chuck taylors

I’m attracted to neutral colors, which are perfect year round. It also helps me remember the longevity of these shoes are worth the investment.

tan sneakers

Which sneakers are your favorites or do you have a go-to shoe? During my college days, I used to wear Vans and Sanuks all the time, but fast forward a few years and I’m looking for something with a bit more support and a shoe that looks a little more fashion forward.

fringe sneaker

Last thought- fringe sneakers?! Yeah, that’s a thing… and aren’t they so cool? I’m declaring spring 2016 “season of the sneaker.” Ha! But really, I’ll be living in these shoes.

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  1. Gaurav Bhatia says:

    Sneakers are all the rage now. Thank you for sharing your favorite sneakers. The cool thing about sneakers is that it can be paired with any outfit. I can’t wait to add one of these pairs to my growing collection of sneakers. Please keep on sharing more helpful posts in the future.