10 Summer Recipes I Want to Try

10 Summer Recipes I Want to Try - roomfortuesday.comHappy Thursday, friends! I’m taking tomorrow off because Emmett is off work for the holiday weekend and we’ll be tackling house projects (the shed and guest room), but before I sign off for the long weekend… I wanted to share 10 summer recipes I’ve been itching to try. If you’re looking for something special and seasonally appropriate to make this weekend, maybe some of the recipes I’ve saved will provide some inspiration. We haven’t quite nailed down what exactly is on our menu this weekend- after all, it’s just the two of us (unlike last year when we hosted a backyard BBQ), but I pretty much use every holiday as an excuse to eat good food and make cocktails. Click through for the 10 summer recipes I want to try this month!

I’ll begin by saying Emmett I don’t adhere to a special diet or anything. We pretty much eat anything and everything (excluding shellfish for me because I have a food allergy), but I’m sure many of these recipes could be modified to fit your specific dietary needs or preferences. I like to use recipes as a guideline anyway. Cooking is another opportunity to be creative! Emmett, on the other hand, sticks to the recipe EXACTLY. What is your cooking style? Creative or calculated?

#1 // Lemon Flatbread Pizza
via how sweet eats

On Fridays, we make homemade pizza- we even bought a beautiful pizza peel that hangs in our kitchen. This is the recipe we’re going to try tomorrow and I am SO excited. Burrata, mozzarella, roasted broccoli, lemon zest, bacon, and greens… all sprinkled with fresh parmesan. Doesn’t it sound like a dreamy combination? I’ll be sure to let you know what we think, but I’m assuming this is going to be a summertime favorite.

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#2 // Rhubarb Crisp
10 Summer Recipes I Want to Try
via foodie in new york

Rhubarb reminds me of my grandma. She had a huge patch in front of the barn on her farm, and we’d harvest it and make rhubarb crisp, rhubarb pie, rhubarb jam, and alllll the tasty things. I even used to eat it straight from the stalk (not for everyone, I know). I have such fond memories of rhubarb and the summertime deserts are my favorite because of the flavor and nostalgia. Vallery’s recipe looks just like my grandma’s and I can’t wait to recreate it! Now… to find rhubarb. I’ve never purchased it from a grocery before. Any tips?

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#3 // Homemade Pretzels with Cheese Dip
10 Summer Recipes I Want to Try
via cloudy kitchen

Homemade pretzels are a fan favorite in our house. When we lived in Ohio, I surprised Emmett with a culinary class (in an effort to shake up our weekly date nights). We took a series of classes from a prestigious cooking school that involved pretzel making and beer pairing. We made jalapeño stuffed pretzel bombs, rosemary pretzels, dessert pretzels sprinkled with cinnamon & drizzled in dark chocolate, and of course the classic version with cheese dip. I stumbled across this recipe and it inspired me to recreate our pretzel making, beer pairing days! It really is a fun summer activity, and since we can’t get our favorite soft pretzels at sporting events this summer (we love baseball games), we might as well make them at home.

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#4 // Grilled Chili Chicken Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa
10 Summer Recipes I Want to Try
via the defined dish

I truly haven’t met a taco I didn’t like… besides maybe a shrimp taco, because of said food allergy. These blackened chicken tacos look incredible! They also seem to be bursting with flavor and include so many delicious ingredients, like: pepper, lime, coconut, tomatillo, onion, cilantro, pineapple, jalapeño, avocado, and of course you can choose your favorite tortilla (my preference is corn tortillas).

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#5 // Hot Honey Chicken
10 Summer Recipes I Want to Try - roomfortuesday.com
via half baked harvest

My family lives in Kentucky… I grew up in “the south”, if you consider it that (I do, Emmett does not). Anyway- given the close proximity to Tennessee, I LOVE some good, authentic hot honey chicken. That sticky, sweet, spicy sauce gets me every time. Is it really summertime if you don’t have fried chicken a time or two? This recipe is technically oven-fried, but I bet you could use an air frier too. Tieghan’s recipe calls for crispy corn flakes and honey butter sauce, so you know it’s going to be good. This is making me very hungry!

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#6 // Melon and Cucumber Mint Feta Salad
10 Summer Recipes I Want to Try - roomfortuesday.com
via bakers royale

I’m a big fan of eating melon in the summertime… for breakfast, for lunch, as a snack, basically whenever. Cantaloupe is my favorite, followed by watermelon and honeydew. This recipe makes a beautiful presentation! It looks so gorgeous on that serving platter. Well done, Naomi!

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#7 // Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Chocolate Frosting
10 Summer Recipes I Want to Try - roomfortuesday.com
via butternut bakery

I have a major sweet tooth (if you haven’t noticed), so this banana cake is really calling to me. I’m pretty certain I could live on banana bread alone, but Jenna turned it into a cake and added chocolate peanut butter frosting for the ultimate dessert… or breakfast, if you like sweets in the morning like Emmett and myself.

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#8 // Avocado Grapefruit Salad
via foodie crush

I had to throw a salad in here for good measure. Haha! Fun fact… of all the fruits, grapefruit is my ultimate favorite. I eat them often, but never put them in my salad. No idea why… I think it’s time to change that! This salad looks refreshing and also includes avocado, shallot, balsamic, fennel, mustard, plenty of greens, and cheese. It seems like a winner I’ll be trying this weekend!

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#9 // Mediterranean Nachos
via fork in the kitchen

Ahhh, nachos! I’m a super fan of nachos. I like the concept… how you can load them up, mix up the flavors each time, and how easy they are to pile onto a plate. These Mediterranean nachos look ideal for summer! Pita, chickpeas, sun dried tomatoes, olives, peppers, feta, onion, and parsley… sounds like a winning combo to me. I can’t wait to try them!

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#10 // Spicy Grilled Pineapple Margarita
10 Summer Recipes I Want to Try - roomfortuesday.com
via will cook for friends

I know, I know… it’s not food, BUT- you know I love a good margarita (get my frozen recipe here and my pitcher recipe here). Since it’s a holiday weekend, you better believe we’ll be having celebratory cocktails. I’ve decided this will be the drink- spicy margaritas with grilled pineapple. I’ll report back, but I’m very excited to try these.

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Is there anything special you love eating during the summer season? I’d love to hear about it or your favorite summertime recipes in the comments below! If you’d like more food inspiration and recipes I’ve been saving, check out this Pinterest board. You can also find cocktails I’ve saving here. Everyone have an awesome holiday weekend! I’ll be sure to share BTS on IG stories of our house projects this weekend. See you back here on Monday for an easy DIY project!

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  1. Those ALL look super tasty. Thanks for sharing. I hope you can find rhubarb at the store. Our window for it in DC is pretty short. Like, April – June, if that :( Color doesn’t matter as much as texture when picking at the store. Avoid anything limp or splotchy, and go for crisp with a bit of sheen/shine.

    1. So happy you liked it, Laura! I have a sneaking suspicion I’m not going to be able to find rhubarb. I might have to plant some, so I can have it next year. Thanks for the tip on texture! Have a wonderful long weekend :)

  2. BLTs!!! Every summer I anxiously wait for the garden tomatoes to ripen, then we get the best sourdough from our bakery here in Bishop, CA (Great Basin) and it’s game on! Nothing is better for summer evenings eating outside.

    1. Blake, I know exactly the bakery you’re talking about!!! You just made me hungry! BLT’s are a favorite over here. We’re planning a road trip to Mammoth soon, and that bakery is on the list of stops! My grandma used to take us there…Happy Fourth! Thanks for bringing up great memories!

    2. How could I forget a fancy BLT recipe?!! They’re also my favorite… simple, classic, delicious, and nostalgic. As soon as our tomatoes in the garden ripen, I’m going to find some sourdough (or make my own), and then it’s game on for BLTs. Do you put mayonnaise on yours or a difference sauce? Cheers to summer evenings outside, Blake. Have a happy holiday weekend!

      1. We go straight up classic: toasted sourdough, then mayo, lettuce, bacon, tomatoes, salt & pepper. The tomato juices mixed wirh mayo, augh I can’t wait!

        1. I reallywant to try the pizza and marg recipes- those look SO SO GOOD!

          1. Yesss!! That’s what we’re having tonight. Can’t wait!

        2. Ok, you’re making me hungry. That sounds amazing! I wish my tomatoes would hurry up and ripen. Ha

  3. Oh yeah! Definitely going to put some of these on the “must try” list! I’ve recently seen a different recipe for pizza with lemon; call me intrigued! Rhubarb! I remember a friend in grade school (the early 70s for you history buffs) bringing stalks wrapped in tinfoil for us to share at recess. You might have trouble finding it at the store this late in the season; around here, I can usually find it in early May. You need to plunk a plant in some inconspicuous part of your yard! (where Cash can’t get it!) We’re definitely taco and nacho fans here! I also love the opportunity to be creative; I absolutely veer from the written recipe. I’m giggling at the “hot honey” chicken because that’s how I often refer to my partner. (TMI?) Also, the recipe looks amazing, so I envision an evening of bad jokes and good food! Imagine that peanut butter banana cake sprinkled with a little turkey bacon; hello Elvis breakfast! Grapefruit is your favorite? That’s interesting…a bitter fan. I love it in those summery salads, and I love using supreme as a verb when I’m preparing it. Food! I could talk about it all day, but you’ve got a long weekend! Enjoy! I’ll be checking your stories for updates! 💜🎆

    1. I’m totally here for the lemon pizzas. I’ll let you know how it is tomorrow! So funny about your friend bringing rhubarb to school in foil (that sounds like something I would do, lol). I don’t think I’ll be able to find any. I’ve never seen it at a grocery store around here. I’ll definitely have to plant some on the other side of our fence, since Cash has been helping himself to the garden. Cheers to a weekend filled with nachos, tacos, pizza, and HOT HONEY. haha! I think that’s awesome. To that I say, bring on the bad jokes and good food. Oooh bacon on the banana cake is so smart! Grapefruit is indeed my fave. Lately I’ve been making brûlée grapefruit as dessert (so easy on broil in the oven for a minute) SO good to sweeten them up. I could also talk about food all day. Emmett laughs at me because I’m already thinking and talking about dinner as we’re eating breakfast. No shame in being a foodie over here! Have the best weekend!! xo

  4. These recipes look incredible Sarah!! I would try every one of them, but my favorites just based on picture? Mediterranean nachos, grilled chili chicken tacos, the lemon flatbread pizza, and that margarita!!!! I LOVE pineapple, it’s my favorite of all the fruits!! Fun fact about me, Cantaloupe is my favorite melon (the one pictured above looks absolutely delicious), but I hate honey dew…I like the flavor when I’m eating it, but the aftertaste makes it a no-go for me. My kids think I’m crazy, lol. I think I’ll put a few of these recipes to the test this summer; sadly I haven’t carved out much time to look for new recipes myself, unless we’re talking drinks. Lol. Yesterday was a super productive day in the bathroom, and I’m going to continue that momentum into the weekend. I was spot on with the gut instinct on the contrast trim…it looks absolutely stunning in there, and gives so much more visual interest! Yesterday was a give a mouse a cookie day; I loved it so much I painted the door as well. Today is second coat day and I can’t wait to send you a progress pic when it’s dry! Not sure what I’ll tackle over the weekend: water closet or baseboards…tbd. Haha! The kids and I went out yesterday to hunt for some new sheets for the bed with no luck, and I’m still searching for the perfect linen duvet cover. I have found a ton, but none within budget… womp womp womp. Can’t wait to watch all the stories this weekend! I’m taking notes on Emmett’s shed building process, because we are ecstatic about your shed idea for us!! Have an amazing and productive holiday weekend everyone! Stay healthy, stay safe, stay home…and if Ardith is reading this: my thoughts are with you friend! You’ve been on my mind and your family has been in my prayers. Much love and virtual hugs going out to you. Xoxo

    1. Those are probably my favorites too… now I’m hungry for nachos and it’s only 8am here (they probably don’t pair well with coffee, ha)! Yay for a fellow cantaloupe lover, and LOL about honeydew. Love hearing about your bathroom- it sounds amazing. Those are the best days, when you see it come together and keep pushing on because you’re supper motivated with how it’s shaping up! We were supposed to pour the shed concrete tomorrow, but none of the concrete trucks are running deliveries because of the holiday, soooo it might be more guest bedroom renovating than shed building this weekend. Haha! I can see your future shed now… with that charming terra cotta roof :) Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend with your fam! xo

  5. This was a great post idea!

    1. Thanks Brenda! Glad you liked it :)

  6. Well, now I”m glad fireworks were cancelled. Now I can eat all weekend. :) Thank you!

    1. Haha! That’s my plan too, Holly! We were supposed to fly home to Kentucky to spend the 4th with family, but then that trip got cancelled. We also just discovered our neighborhood fireworks were cancelled, so we’ll basically be eating and drinking all weekend. lol!

  7. Hena Tayeb says:

    Ooh so many yummy eats.

    1. Right?! We tried the pizza over the weekend and it was amazing!