10 Recipes to Try This Thanksgiving & Harvest Season

10 Recipes to Try This Thanksgiving & Harvest Season - roomfortuesday.comOver the weekend, I shared some cookbooks I’m excited to dig into this holiday season, as I’ve had Thanksgiving recipes on my mind. I’m actually not cooking this year- my friend Laurie Anne is taking care of the meal… we’re having Friendsgiving in Arizona, but I’m most definitely looking forward to eating delicious food. My doctors have me on a really strict diet right now, as they continue to request labs and I’m very much looking forward to getting back to gluten, dairy, starches, and all the tasty things- even if only for a day. Ha! I’ve been pinning lots of recipes in hopes they’re helpful to you this holiday season… consider this post a fun variation of 10 Pins this month, and click through for 10 classic harvest season recipes I’d love to make! You may also discover some talented food bloggers to follow, as well. 

#1 // Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie
10 Recipes to Try This Thanksgiving & Harvest Season - roomfortuesday.com
from broma bakery

Sarah’s dessert recipes are always my go-to. Coming from Kentucky, we love our bourbon in this house… this classic bourbon chocolate pecan pie has mine and Emmett’s name written all over it. It looks divine!

#2 // Hasselback Potatoes with Gremolata
10 Recipes to Try This Thanksgiving & Harvest Season - roomfortuesday.com
from vikalinka

Ah, potatoes. Another thing I’ve been missing lately, ha! Hasselback potatoes are not only delicious, but I think the presentation is superior… it looks better than a basic potato and allows the layers to get crispy and packed with flavor. These are made with a savory gremolata sauce.

#3 // Hot Maple Glazed Brussel Sprouts
10 Recipes to Try This Thanksgiving & Harvest Season - roomfortuesday.com
from quarter soul crisis

Hot maple glazed brussel sprouts… what’s not to love? What is your favorite vegetable? I’m partial to broccoli, followed by brussels, then carrots. These would also be good with some crispy crumbled bacon on top, if you eat meat.

#4 // Perfect Cornbread Stuffing
10 Recipes to Try This Thanksgiving & Harvest Season - roomfortuesday.com
from bon appétit

Cornbread stuffing is my favorite kind of stuffing. I’ll never go back to the regular variety! I’ve actually made this recipe in the past and it’s really delicious. Highly recommend!

#5 // Easy Herb Roasted Turkey
10 Recipes to Try This Thanksgiving & Harvest Season - roomfortuesday.com
from broma bakery

I think turkey gets a bad rep or a lot of people feel like it’s overrated. I personally love turkey any time of year and cook with it equally as often as chicken, but I think Thanksgiving turkey is all about the prep & packing it with flavor. Herbs, sweet orange slices, glaze, or a marinade go a long way.

#6 // Crispy Fried Blistered Green Beans with Garlic
10 Recipes to Try This Thanksgiving & Harvest Season - roomfortuesday.com
from bon appétit

Blistered beans with crispy garlic- that sounds divine to me! I’d also add shallots to this recipe. I’ve never liked green bean casseroles or the traditional green bean dishes that accompany this time of year… I think simple is better, and I’m not into the creamy casserole texture. This is my ideal green bean dish.

#7 // Salted Honey Butter Parker Rolls
10 Recipes to Try This Thanksgiving & Harvest Season - roomfortuesday.com
from half baked harvest

Bread is definitely my weakness. I grew up making yeast rolls with my grandma and there is nothing better than homemade bread with a butter spread. These parker rolls look as good as they taste… I’ve made them before!

#8 // Slow Cooker Cheesy Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes
10 Recipes to Try This Thanksgiving & Harvest Season - roomfortuesday.com
from half baked harvest

Mashed potatoes are certainly a staple at a holiday table, but I find they can be boring & bland (depending on the recipe). This slow cooker recipe incorporates cheese, garlic, and herbs… my ideal combination. Tieghan can do no wrong when it comes to recipes, so I’m fully on board with these updated mashed potatoes.

9 // Roasted Beet & Carrot Lentil Salad with Feta, Yogurt, & Dill
10 Recipes to Try This Thanksgiving & Harvest Season - roomfortuesday.com
from the bojon gourmet

Roasted beets, carrots, and lentils are sprinkled with feta and drizzled with a creamy yogurt dill dressing- this is the kind of veggie salad I always gravitate to. It’s perfect for November!

#10 // Brownie Petit Fours
10 Recipes to Try This Thanksgiving & Harvest Season - roomfortuesday.com
from wood and spoon

Last, but not least- we have to end on a sweet note… brownie petit fours. After a big meal, I never have room for a large dessert. These mouth-watering bite size chocolate brownies are frosted and salted to perfection, and the proportion is ideal.

I hope these recipes were a fun scroll for you today! What are you looking forward to cooking & baking in the kitchen in the coming months? Do you have any fun holiday traditions in regards to food? Here’s to a great week ahead. I hope November is treating you well so far!

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  1. Good morning! We’ve definitely got Thanksgiving recipes on our minds over here, so these are right on time! Although I’m from the Northeast, this girl loves bourbon! And I definitely prefer a pecan pie moderated by chocolate or pumpkin. Vegan tiramisu is my dessert assignment this year…😱🤞 Count me in on just about any roasted vegetable you can name! (Except okra🤢. Sorry, my southern friend!) I’m certain I have made that scrumptious-looking lentil salad. Roasted golden beats? Yes, please. I am usually in charge of stuffing/dressing, and I absolutely made it with cornbread for our Jimmy Carter Thanksgiving. This year’s theme is 80s New York debutante (Think Whit Stillman’s movie, “Metropolitan.”); I’m still in search of a fitting recipe. I’m also tasked with Parker House rolls! I’ll have to check out veganizing Tiegan’s recipe. Also, what’s better than a house that smells like baking bread?! (A house that smells like a Woodland candle, of course!) I need to bring dessert for book club this week, so definitely something chocolate! Sarah, you’ve practically covered all of my recipe needs for the week! Ha. It’s going to be busy one! Here’s wishing us focus!💜🤞

    1. Good morning, Peggi! Perfect timing, indeed. I’m getting excited! I love that you also love bourbon. I’m with you on pecan pie over pumpkin pie… I think it’s the texture for me. I do love a chocolate pie though (French silk)! I grew up eating okra and collards, so that’s probably why I like them… they definitely have a taste. Jimmy Carter Thanksgiving!! Your cornbread stuffing sounds right up my alley. I cannot wait to hear about and see your 80’s New York Debutante theme this year! You and your friends are the most fun. I bet Tieghan could tell you how to veganize her yeast rolls (or maybe she already has in the comment section)- I know she gets lots of requests for adapting for it. I’m interested to hear what you’re reading in book club right now. Laurie Anne is making me read Essentialism (self help / business) and for fun, I’m reading Iona Iverson’s Rules for Commuting. I hope you have a great week ahead, friend! xo

  2. Melanie T says:

    All of these really sound DELICIOUS! The cornbread stuffing is really calling my name, and I the lentil, carrot and beet dish sounds so good ( I think I saved one similar but haven’t made it yet) because vegetables can go so well with lentils. The temporary dietary restrictions are a bummer since gluten and dairy are in almost everything. Did you know that Thai recipies generally lack those ingredients ( and probably many Asian inspired dishes too) ? Hope you can find some tasty dishes that comply with the restrictions for now.

    1. Cornbread stuffing is my favorite, and I always love a good carrot / veggie dish. I actually have been eating a lot of Thai and Asian inspired dishes since beginning my restrictions… I’m definitely cooking often here at home and the adjustment has been easier than expected (thankfully). I just keep reminding myself it’s not forever and this is best for me right now. Have a great week, Melanie!

  3. All of these look equally scrumptious! I am a pecan over pumpkin lover, and the bourbon pecan pie is right up my alley. I’m adding that to the must try list. Brussel sprouts are my favorite veggie, so naturally this is going on the list too. I’m not hosting this year but I’ve been tasked with my signature cheesy bacon brussel sprouts- the hit of Christmas two years ago. Is there any other kind of stuffing than cornbread? Hahaha- not in this woman’s world. This one looks like a fun one to try. I can vouch for Tieghan’s mashed potatoes. I’ve made them several times and it’s the best mashed potato recipe I’ve ever had. This year I have the opportunity to relax the week of Thanksgiving instead of the usual hustle and bustle- I’m excited for it. We had a sick little buddy over the weekend, and now sister is following suit. Time to chug some Emergen-C and pray for the best. Hahah! I hope you all have an amazing week. Thank you for sharing these Sarah.

    1. I’m with you on pecan pie > pumpkin pie, Lauren! I think it’s a texture thing for me. Oook- I think I need that cheesy bacon brussel sprout recipe from you… it sounds incredible! I’m really glad to hear you get to relax this Thanksgiving as opposed to your typical norm. Sit back and enjoy, my friend!! I’m really sorry to hear the kids have been sick. I’ve heard it’s going around. I hope they’re both back to 100 soon. I hope it doesn’t get you while you’re caring for them. Hang in there and try to have a good day! xox

  4. Omg all these recipes look delicious Sarah! You have tickled the tastebuds this morning 😋 I’ve already officially over did it on the Thanksgiving front, but these recipes will definitely come in handy for Christmas preparations. Bourbon in a pie? Huh! Im not a bourbon fan but a friend of ours loves it. They visit us often and the night always ends with bourbon, haha! Stomachs of steel I say 😜 I’ll have to make this pie when they visit over the holidays.
    Restricted diets are no fun 😩 so I hope the doctors can isolate your issues soon. However, being able to enjoy a proper Thanksgiving meal will be super sweet! So wonderful you will get to spend it with your bestie ❤️ That’s amazing!
    On another note, Hurricane Nicole did minimal damage in our area, just a few uprooted trees. Hopefully that’s the end of hurricane season.
    Thanks for this yummy post and cheers to friends, food and everything to be thankful for 🥳🥂

    1. Right?! I’m hungry now. Haha! I love that you Canadians have Thanksgiving earlier… I bet it’s nice to space out the holidays a bit. We love bourbon- stomachs of steel indeed. It actually pairs very well with chocolate… at most bourbon tastings, they’ll give you a truffle or a bon bon alongside the flight. I think your friend will enjoy the pie! I’m so so happy to hear Hurricane Nicole did minimal damage in your area… two big hurricanes back to back is so scary. I feel for all my friends in Florida. Fingers crossed that’s the end of hurricane season for the sunshine state. Have a wonderful week! xo

  5. My mouth is watering! I have a weakness for cookbooks. Maybe because I have high hopes of cooking up lots of this dishes due to loving food. Every dish you included looks delish! I can attest to the brown butter brownies as being extremely good and easy to serve up over the holidays. I must try the pecan chocolate pie. I mean give me all the chocolate and pecan desserts with bourbon…yes please! Those brussel sprouts are going on my Christmas meal list. I am tired of green beans. Brussel sprouts, asparagus, squash, carrots are my faves! Broccoli used to be one of my top pics but something happened while I was pregnant with our first and to this day I don’t like them like I used to. The cornbread stuffing is another I want to add. Love that you made bread with your sweet grandmother. Those looks yummy! So after buying Bob Evans pre made mashed potatoes, I will always use those instead of making from scratch. Sorry not sorry. Ha! It saves me so much time!
    I am catching up on all things laundry, mail, etc. We had a great time exploring the Carolina’s and spending some really good quality time with our daughter. She has become quite the talented photographer. We leave again in 2 days to spend the weekend with my husband’s family for early Thanksgiving. Cannot wait to enjoy family & food. Hope your week is going well Sarah. xoxo

    1. Me too, Danna! Me too. So funny about your distaste for broccoli after pregnancy! Something similar happened to my sister… she liked a food she never previously ate during pregnancy, and then after she had her baby, she stopped liking it again. Now her soon loves that particular food… I wish I could remember what exactly it is. Anyway- so interesting! You know- I hate to admit it, but those Bob Evans premade potatoes are actually so good. Haha! And way too easy. We’ve used them a time or two! I’m so glad to hear you had an amazing time in the Carolinas with your daughter- so fun! Good luck catching up this week, and have an incredible time celebrating Thanksgiving with your husband’s family! xox