10 Pins : Valentine Edition

10 Pins : Valentine Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : jess thomas for remodelista

In the spirit of Valentine’s week, I wanted to share a fun interior related post packed with punchy reds and soft pink hues that celebrate the season. Emmett and I honestly don’t do much for Valentine’s Day- other than use it as an excuse to eat good food, drink cocktails or a nice bottle of wine, and indulge in sweets (I guilted him into ordering a box of french macarons for me, ha)! I like holidays though… even the little ones, so I wanted to find a way to share a themed post on the blog this week. Click through to see some seriously incredible spaces and discover the talented designers behind them. If these rooms were valentines… 

#1 // Zebra Print Bathroom
10 Pins : Valentine Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : scalamandré for the NY times

I will always love this Scalamandré pattern, and the red is so striking in this small bath! Statement wallpaper for the win. I also love the high-contrast graphic elements- like the striped towels, banding on the woven shade, and frame.

#2 // Blush Bedroom
10 Pins : Valentine Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : nick nemechek for bobby berk

This paint color is certainly one to remember! I’m digging this soft peachy pink, blush bedroom. The modern mixed with the traditional architecture and millwork is always a winning combination.

#3 // Pink Bathroom Tile
10 Pins : Valentine Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : hilary duff for arch digest

I don’t know that I’d be brave enough to install pink tile, but in Hilary Duff’s daughter’s bathroom- it’s fun. I also like the window treatment paired alongside the tile for a monochromatic look.

#4 // Red Built-Ins
10 Pins : Valentine Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : david land for architectural digest

Cherry red built-ins filled with books? Sign me up! I also noticed the ceiling beam painted in the same color. What a charming and designerly space!

#5 // Mauve Closet Wall
10 Pins : Valentine Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : laura briault for studio mariekke

You have to click through to check out this modern bedroom tour- it’s really good. I’m loving the floor to ceiling storage situation in here- as well as the desaturated, but feminine, color palette.

#6 // Soaking Tub Vignette
10 Pins : Valentine Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : casa de valentina

This entire soaking tub situation is dreamy- especially for Valentine’s day. Fresh florals, fancy bath products, and plenty of time to admire the millwork while soaking sounds like a good time to me.

#7 // Office
10 Pins : Valentine Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : koi fargestudio

I love so many things about this workspace setup- the modern elements (chair, desk, and lamp), the fun orange toned crimson color, and the storage built-in filled with books.

#8 // Powder Pink Bedroom
10 Pins : Valentine Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : meredith steinhart for d magazine

This powder pink, monochromatic bedroom is perfect in many ways. I love the herringbone carpet, the luxe window treatments (complete with cornice boards), the modern lighting, and the fun ceiling detail.

#9 // Modern Maroon Bathroom
10 Pins : Valentine Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : vanitas studio

This modern bath definitely has a Kelley Wearstler vibe to it. The colors are so rich and the marble looks striking against the deep maroon paint. I also have to point out that really cool sink!

#10 // Red Dining Room
10 Pins : Valentine Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : hám interiors

Last but not least, a traditional red dining room. From the chandelier to the nero marble fireplace and antique furniture- this room is really well done.

That concludes our Valentine edition of 10 Pins! What did you think? I hope your eyes aren’t bleeding from all of those strong colors. Haha! It was a fun challenge to stick to a certain color palette for this one. Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day or skip it? I know it’s one of those industry holidays that people either like or hate.

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  1. YES! All that beautiful color is a virtual, visual Valentine! Like yourself, I don’t really think much of this holiday, except as an excuse for a special meal, a bottle of bubbly, or an occasional guilt gift (or a gilt gift!). I do, however, love the reds, pinks and maroons splashed about. This is an especially inspiring round-up of international spaces. Those chalky pink bedrooms with the mile-high ceilings, wide plank floors and lovely moulding. Dreamy, for sure. I’m into the pink tile bathroom and that awesome fabric shade! The cherry lacquered library! Wowza. The palette in that mauve bedroom space is fab! I also can’t argue with a soak by the fireplace. The orange-y red office with that killer kidney desk is spectacular. I clicked through to the entire project and OMG. (I may have signed up for a Norwegian newsletter!) I’m here for the Kelly Wearstler vibe of that maroon bathroom. I adore Nero marble and that is a quarry’s worth. And the lovely red walls, Nero fireplace and substantial mouldings of that dining room make a strong case for a traditional space. Thanks so much for the colorful kickoff to the week!😍

    1. I think so, too! A virtual, visual Valentine… that was my goal :) We’re in the same boat with Valentine’s Day. I really did find a lot of interesting international spaces for this one. I love discovering designers, blogs, and magazines from all over, so it’s really fun when people pop up in my Pinterest feed who are “new to me”. The office space might be my favorite, and now I’m on the hunt for a kidney shaped desk for my office (seriously). I need to find a cool vintage one within my budget (easier said than done, ha). I thought you would be into this colorful, bold post this morning! I hope your week is off to a wonderful start and you had a good Monday. I’ve been playing catch up on emails, work, and tons of laundry today after being gone all weekend (my reason for the late reply). xox

  2. Ahhh, Valentine’s Day! These images seem like your virtual Valentine to us! Personally I’m neutral. Like you and Peggi, it’s a great excuse to eat amazing food and treats and occasionally gift something special. This year Jeff and I have reservations at a local steakhouse-more because we need a date night with all of the in-and-out he’s been doing for work. Normally we stay in and have a simple night at home.
    The bedroom pins in this post have me especially in awe-the muted pink, mauve and lavender color palettes are appealing to me lately, and I imagine when we get around to renovating the kids’ rooms one of these muted, muddy color palettes will be my inspiration for Brooke’s space.
    I would gladly have a read on the sofa with those beautiful red built ins, or in the cherry office. Both spaces are stunning in every way. I am highly attracted to offices or studies that have the dramatic element to them, and these are dreamy! Each of the bathrooms featured here are beautiful, but the tile in the maroon bathroom😍😍😍. 10 pins posts always get the creative juices flowing, and the pop of color to trigger inspiration on this beautiful Monday morning is just what I needed! How was Jackson Hole?

    1. I was thinking the same thing! Next time I’ll have to assign who gets what “card” or image based on personality and style. That would actually be a fun blog post, right?!! 10 pins devoted to my blog friends. I feel like yours would be a Mediterranean image of some sort. Peggi’s would have some sort of colorful art deco rug, Colleen’s would have lots of navy, Anne’s would skew a bit more modern, and Danna’s would be a bit more traditional :) I love that you and Jeff are taking time for just the two of you and are able to get out of the house. That will be so wonderful! We ate out for the first time in a long time while in Jackson Hole one night and I realized how much I miss it. I also liked those pastel pinks and muddy feminine hues. So fun that you’re using that palette as inspo for Brooke’s room. 10 pins also get my creative juices flowing- so fun!! Jackson was really beautiful. Thanks for asking! We had a great time and I’ve got a Noteworthy post lined up for tomorrow. Hope your Monday was a good one! xox

      1. Haha!! That would be such a fun blog post! Eating out is definitely one of those treats that I took for granted pre-Covid…We’ll be dressing up and really taking advantage of the opportunity! I’m glad you and Emmett were able to experience a night out while in JH! The images looked so dreamy!☺️

  3. Hope you had a beautiful weekend Sarah, it certainly sounded like a fabulous getaway!
    While I’ve never really been a big fan of pink, I really do love very soft blush tones. Hilary Duffs daughters bathroom is so super cute, her whole house is stunning and her kitchen is gorgeous 😍 It has such a fun, energetic and youthful vibe, just amazing!
    10 very pretty pins to inspire us all and very fitting for a Valentines Day tribute. My husband and I are ordering in from our favorite restaurant and enjoying some amazing wine so it will be the perfect recipe for a wonderful evening! Just two years ago on Valentines Day we took possession of this house ❤️ We picked up some bubbly and sushi and had a great evening in our new/old house while eating on the floor in the middle of the living room. We toasted to a new chapter in our life and embarked on the biggest renovation we have ever tackled. Definitely adventure worthy, exhausting and exciting too! Cheers to inspiration, Adventure and a few tears too 😉 cause isn’t that what love, and renovating is all about 🥂

    1. Thank you, Colleen! I hope your weekend was also really wonderful. We got in some great skiing and I loved having a change of scenery and some time off work. I also loved Hilary’s entire home tour- what a beautiful house. You hit the nail on the head with the description- energetic, youthful, bright, happy. All good things! Your date night sounds perfect… delicious food, nice wine, and time spent together. We’ll be doing the same! I love that Valentine’s Day is also your home anniversary. Those are the best kind of memories and occasions worth celebrating :) Cheers to all of those things and two of my favorite things: love AND renovating. Haha! I feel like I need to pop some bubbly now! xox

  4. April Blake says:

    You could totally pull off a pink bathroom without it being for a little girl! We have a retro 50s bathroom that came with the house and it gives you a nice rosy glow while looking in the mirror :)

    1. I love that!! My sister’s home had a mint green bath and I always admired it :)

  5. Happy Valentine’s Week, S&E! Love these fun & festive pins, even though I don’t think I could pull some of them off w/ a hubby. 😂 I’m totally here for wild, vibrant printed wall paper in bathrooms and the modern mauve bedroom is pretty cool. I want to like that blush bedroom more than I do and the powder pink one is intriguing, but I’m in love with the maroon bath & clawfoot tub! I LOVE the pink tile in Hilary Duff’s daughters bathroom (lucky girl to have her own AND Mom get’s her own?! Dead.), especially that it’s installed vertically. That has got to be the prettiest chicken coop I’ve ever seen and weirdly (maybe?), I’m with her on the brick around the pool in the backyard. Seems too traditional for the (mostly) modern spaces they’ve created, although I’m not sure what I’d like to see in it’s place. Her whole home is amazing-so fun, bold and lighthearted at the same time.
    Hope your trip to JH was fun and I can’t wait to hear about it. We were there briefly this past Summer and I really want to go back and stay for a longer time.

    1. Happy Valentine’s Week to you and Bill :) I hope you get to do something fun or special! I’m also here for the wild wallpaper, dark paint colors, and fun bathroom. That was the first time I had seen Hilary Duff’s home tour- it was a good one. I was also impressed she did it herself! It’s really a beautiful home (I noticed the coop too, haha). Jackson Hole was so wonderful- thanks for asking, Anne! I’ve got a Noteworthy post coming tomorrow with a few images. It snowed over 50″ while we were there, so it was prime skiing. I’ve never been so sore in my life. Lol! It’s a fun mountain town year round. I love it equally in the summer and the winter. xox

      1. Wow, 50”?!? That’s awesome! So glad you got to enjoy some fresh pow. (That’s what the cool skiers say, right? 😂) Can’t wait to see the post!

        1. Yes! You nailed it. Hahah!!