10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : kate marker home photographed by margaret rajic

How has it already been a month since my last 10 Pins post? These are my absolute favorite posts to compile, and today might be the best one of all! Pinterest has been packed full of inspiration lately and I’m 100% here for it. Hopefully these beautiful images will get your creativity flowing and highlight some new designers you might not already know. Click through to see what I found this month!

#1 // Town House Dining Room
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : sheila bridges

This Manhattan townhome is what dreams are made of (it’s very fun and colorful), but I especially loved the neutral dining room. It’s casual and welcoming, yet still very impressive. I especially love the extra tall striped drapery and the ornate millwork. It almost has a European feel to it! I could totally see this existing in the French Riviera. You might already be following the designer, Sheila, because I shared her a couple weeks ago in this post.

#2 // Comfortable Reading Corner
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : mark d sikes via elle decor

Mark D Sikes never disappoints. This curated seating nook in the corner is basically my ideal spot for reading. From the animal print chaise to the layered rugs and Asian design details, this vignette is right up my alley. Did you notice the foot sculpture? Weird or cool? I think cool!! Then again, you know I have interesting sculptures all over my house.

#3 // Layered Kitchen
source : joanna lavén

I wish I could teleport to this kitchen. It feels very much “me”, don’t you think?! Of course I love the herringbone hardwood floor, the soapstone countertops, the cabinetry that sits atop of said countertop, and the traditional stacked cabinetry layout. It’s pretty much my dream kitchen. It’s moody, but neutral all at the same time. I’m definitely digging it!

#4 // Curved Velvet Bench Seating
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : rachel halvorson

Wow, wow, wow!! Rachel- you talented designer, you. This curved velvet bench is a stunner and super inspiring. I love that the legs are also upholstered. Although the seating is the star of this vignette, I can’t ignore the stone on the floor… it has an aged quality that feels very organic. I also have to say- I think asymmetric gallery walls are coming back and regaining popularity (although, in my opinion- they never went out of style).

#5 // Eclectic Office
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : corey damen jenkins

There is so much to love in this space by Corey Damen Jenkins. The muted pink paint color, the wallpapered ceiling, the spotted rug, that curved green sofa, the lighting, the millwork, the shelf styling, the art installed on the built-in… I could go on ALL DAY LONG. There is a lot going on in this room and it al, works so well together. This must have been a challenging space to design, but it looks effortless and balanced. Talk about a chic home office! Well done.

#6 // Minimalist Bedroom
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : louise holt

After seeing a maximalist space, I thought it was only fitting to share a minimalist room next. This bedroom is absolutely perfect. From the marble nightstand and simple floral arrangement to the plush bed and linen pinch pleat drapery, this bedroom is soft, welcoming, and looks like the ultimate place to relax. I would definitely sleep well here. Check out the millwork, modern sconce, and chevron floor, too!

#7 // Colorful Living Room
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : zoe feldman design

You guys know I have a thing for cast stone fireplaces, but there is an entire list of things to admire in this room: the vintage rug, the tall gold leaf mirror, the sconces, the fireplace accessories, the striped settee, the curio cabinet in the background, the modern chandelier, the ORANGE velvet sofa, and the art. It’s colorful, fun, and certainly makes me smile.

#8 // Timeless Bathroom
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : christina cole

Ok- this bathroom might be my favorite pin of them all in this post. I actually think this *might* be inspiration for our master bath, when it comes time to renovate. I love the integrated marble (see how it frames the mirror?), the soft drapery, the delicate sconce, the wall mounted faucet, and I especially love the vanity (those brass feet!). I think we’ll be seeing a lot of cerused wood in the coming year. Mark my words- that’s going to be a big trend! I love the graphic look and the way it enhances the natural wood grain. So stunning! Basically, I want everything in this space. Can we just pick this up and move it to my house please, Christina? Well done!!

#9 // Traditional Living Room
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : s-b long interiors

This traditional living room has a ton of texture and pattern happening, and I’m very into it! The rug, the furniture spindles, the tufted ottoman, the terra cotta tile floor, the pleated drapery, and the upholstery texture all works together nicely to create a layered, cozy space. The color palette honestly reminds me of my own living room: burnt sienna, light blue, warm cream neutrals, medium wood tones, and black. No wonder I love it!

#10 // Indoor Outdoor Bar
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : raili ca design

Last, but not least… this indoor outdoor bar is my summer dream come true! Outdoor living spaces have become SO important during this pandemic and allow us a safe place to escape outside, yet from the comforts of home. This casual eating, drinking, and hangout space is functional and beautiful. I’m admiring the folding windows, the double faucet, the marble counter, and the copper exterior details. I want to sit here and sip a margarita.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your favorites from this month’s Pinterest inspiration haul! It’s so hard to choose this time around. I hope you’re all having a good week. We’re halfway there!

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  1. Whew. This one took some time to digest! All those portfolios to pore over. I’ve long loved Sheila Bridges, but I usually only get to appreciate her work when it’s published as she’s not that active on Insta. Aside from that crazy carved millwork, I really like the look of those chunky rods and the striped drapes. There’s a lot to love in the MDS reading nook-leopard, chinoiserie and the modern black accents, but the foot is a hard “no” for me. That layered kitchen, though? So much yes. That worktable island! The cabinetry?! The relief detail in the marble backsplash! Perfect. I already had that Corey Damen Jenkins room pinned because…duh. That Zoe Feldman room? Smashing! She kills the lighting and art, but that zingy orange velvet with the nubby turquoise pillow? Sigh. And the burl coffee table with the black and white “piping”? WHAT. But, definitely best of all is that bathroom. The integrated marble, the millwork and dainty sconce? Amazing. The cerused vanity?? Dead. I might love cerusing more than burl… Yes, yes, yes for your master bath!! Do you remember when Jenny K cerused a vintage desk…in blue?! Oh, and I almost forgot the Rachel Halvorson bench! Upholstered sculptural legs? Heck yeah.
    This, my friend, is the way to start a Wednesday! Thanks so much for the inspiration and discussion!😘
    (Off to search “cerused furniture” on Etsy…)

    1. Right?! I’m still scrolling and taking notes. SO many things to love and admire. There is some serious talent in this group of designers. I didn’t think you’d be in the foot. Hahah!! That kitchen certainly is dreamy and now I’m wondering if I can score a small vintage island or cart for my own.The bathroom is my favorite from this one. I do remember when Jenny cerused that vintage desk!! Maybe I can tackle a DIY project or ceruse a vanity when it comes time to tackle our master bathroom. Thanks for the post idea for today- I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Have an awesome Wednesday, my friend :) PS. if you find anything cool on Etsy- send it my way. Ha! xo

  2. Let me start with that dining room…gah!!!! I can’t even. The drapery is absolute heaven, the neutral color palette, the sideboard…is that the proper name for that?? My favorite detail is the matching glassware sitting atop. I love when designers don’t shy away from the negative space above cabinetry or pieces of furniture like this. I especially love the wood tone of the dining set and how it is highlighted by the rest of the room. This has me dreaming and scheming for sure!! Up next for me is that layered kitchen!! I usually don’t gravitate to white cabinetry of any kind (thanks to tiny fingerprint machines), but there is so much goodness in this kitchen!! I love the contrast of the cabinets with the countertop, and that workspace island is what kitchen dreams are made of. The wood tone on it is my favorite wood tone; I wish I could replicate that same tone all over my house!! It’s gorgeous! The tiny drawers under the glass cabinets…they’re adorable and I want to know what lives there, lol! And that bathroom😱😱 the marble framed mirror stood out first glance and I am hooked with absolutely everything about it!! I find myself falling in love with black stained wood lately, and this bathroom is the reason why! It’s breathtaking!! That living room looks like it could be picked up and moved right into your house Sarah!! And let’s not forget about the foot sculpture…very cool!! I like odd sculptures like that; I think you do too, because there’s always one in your ten pins posts. Haha!! Such a fun post for Wednesday; we have your gloomy weather! At least it brought relief from the heat, I just hope it lingers throughout the day! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. Isn’t it insanely gorgeous? I also loved the natural wood tone the dining table brings to the space. Serious house goals! I’m willing to bet that island (or at least the base of it) is vintage. If I could find a small one of those for our home, I’d replace our cart in a heartbeat! It’s stunning! I have the same drawers that are sandwiched between the countertop and cabinetry towers, and we keep kitchen linens in there (napkins, dish towels, etc). Things that fold nice and flat. They’re more convenient than they seem. Ha! I’m glad to hear you also think the foot sculpture is cool. I feel like many would be turned off by that, but I think it’s a great conversation piece. I kind of embrace the weird (if you haven’t noticed already). lol! Sorry our gloomy weather made its way to you. It’s still cloudy here, but I think the rain has moved on. At least you get a break from those crazy temps and heat. Happy Wednesday, Lauren :) xo

    2. Where are you located, Lauren? We’ve had multiple hot, sunny days in a row in Denver and I’ve been envious of Sarah’s moody weather. LOL! Looks like we’re getting a little bit of relief today and some clouds today, though. I’m with you on the black stained wood…any dark colored wood actually. Such a nice change from all the white and neutrals we see a lot of, even though those definitely have their place, too. Hope you’re having a great week!

      1. Hey there Anne! I’m in Southern California. Halfway between the mountains and the desert. This is the time of year where the heat hits and usually stays. We rarely have true “June Gloom”; the past few days have started with a deep layer of fog and cool breezes followed by afternoon sun and cool breezes. It’s DIVINE!! This year it’s like living in a completely different state! Our winter didn’t hit until the end of January; normally it’s October to December. Summer hasn’t fully hit yet either. We’re still in what I would imagine will be the last legs of Spring. Usually it’s 104-110 this time of year, and while we’ve had three day stretches of heat, we’re also having three day stretches of 70-85. It’s been Soooo nice…but it makes me dread July-August even more.🥵 lol. I bet Colorado is beautiful right now!!! I hope you’re having a great week to Anne!!

        1. I still cannot believe those insane temps!! You’ll be just fine visiting Zion in the summer. haha! Glad you’re getting some nice weather lately :)

        2. Oh, my gosh, those are some insane Summer temps for sure, Lauren! June Gloom? Love that! We’ve definitely been having some hot days lately in CO, but usually heat waves don’t last too long and we’ll get a few 70-80 degree days snuck in there. Worst is that a lot of the state is in a drought…again. Ah, the dessert West, huh?

          1. We’re in the same boat Anne! We always need rain and snow melt to prevent the wild fires. Hoping it’s not as bad this summer.

  3. Number nine is my favorite too Sarah! But, as we are getting so close to the finish line on our outdoor project my heart is pumping about number ten 😜 Wish we could have something that fancy but definitely not in our budget. However, we will be installing a nice decorative shed close to the pool for accessing pool and garden supplies maybe a big window with a cabana style counter would look nice to dress it up a bit. Hummm that pic has my brain turning…….

    1. I’m so excited for you and your beautiful outdoor space, Colleen! We’re also in the process of building a shed- nothing too fancy and certainly no bar seating… but it’s fun to dream. If you decide to give it go, let me know :) I’d love to see the end result! Have a great day. xo

    2. Go for it, Colleen! Easy for me to say, of course. Haha! Seriously though, add me to the list of who would love to see some photos of your glorious sounding oasis when you’re finished.

  4. Theres lots to look at in this post…goodness! I immediately pinned the outdoor bar TWICE for kitchen and outdoor entertainment. Here in Texas, that would be the best set up for serving cocktails.
    My younger self would love the electric office and lots of pattern and color. My older self wants and loves the minimalist rooms with neutrals.
    Would love banquet seating and Kate Marker’s is beautiful! Love following her. Thanks to you I have a few to follow and peruse over their designs.
    Enjoyed this post so much and will have to come back…several times. Have a great Wednesday Sarah!

    1. Isn’t that so beautiful, Danna?! I know I would really enjoy sitting at that bar top during the summer months. It’s perfect for entertaining and serving apps and cocktails. I’m so glad you were able to find a few designers to follow :) I hope you’re having a lovely week! xo

  5. Gah! Too. Much. Goodness. I swear, you find THE best pins on Pinterest, Sarah. I love these posts so when I pin them, hopefully more similar goodness will show up in my feed! All the heart eyes on that outdoor bar AND the kitchen inside! Love, love everything about that entire scene. The kitchen and the bath are both perfection, as well. Oh, and the foot sculpture, absolutely here for that! Just quirky enough.

    1. I’m so glad you like them and find them inspiring, Anne :) Isn’t that outdoor bar amazing? There was so much to love this month. I’m already looking forward to compiling next month’s 10 pins post!