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10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.comI spent half of yesterday working and the other half of the day playing in our yard! I ordered some plants that arrived and it was a whopping 65 degrees here in Salt Lake City, so I took advantage of some time outdoors in the sun. It was wonderful, but now I definitely have the itch to pull together our patio, the bedroom balcony (Emmett worked from up there yesterday- so technically the bistro set is uncovered), and other outdoor areas. If we’re going to be stuck at home, we might as well take advantage of our living space- both indoors AND out. Emmett and I are busting out the power washer, rakes, and garden equipment this coming weekend to whip our backyard into shape. Fingers crossed the snow is over and we have decent weather. Anyway, since I had a short day yesterday behind my computer, I figured a fast “10 Pins” post packed with inspiration would be fun and appreciated for today. Ready to see what I found?! Click through! 

#1 // Colorful Living Room
source : lauren mcgrath for arch digest

The walls in this living room may be painted white, but it’s super bright and colorful! I love the eclectic mix of furniture, the arched window with plantation shutters, and the chic details scattered throughout (the brass floor lamp, the bundle of peonies, the pillar candle on the coffee table, etc). Isn’t it beautiful and spring-like? It’s just a happy space.

#2 // High Contrast Entryway
source : elizabeth roberts on the nordroom

This minimal entryway is the perfect mix of styles… from modern details (like the art, bench, light fixture, and the table) mixed with very traditional elements (like the vintage chair, urn, and millwork), this space feels perfectly sophisticated, functional, and timeless. These days I’m realllllly loving large scale art.

#3 // Dark Wood Interior Office
source : geoffrey de sousa

This dark wood office is anything but gloomy… despite the moody wood tones. The contrasting lighter elements (like the rug, books, and upholstered chair) balance the space in a textural way that feels very intentional and unique. Little things I noticed and am loving? The soft linen window shades, the ceiling details, the cabinetry doors with the medallion centers, and the heavy seeded glass light fixture. Wowza!

#4 // Bright & Cheerful Entryway
source : nick olsen for house beautiful

This entryway made me smile. From the brass and blue bench that perfectly matches the vintage rug, to the stone console table that perfectly balances the wall mirror, this entry just feels FUN. Another thing I want to point out? We’re going to see a lot of BIG branches and floral arrangements this year. The larger and more sculptural- the better. Mark my words… that trend is definitely in.

#5 // Tiny Breakfast Nook
source : lark & linen

My friend Jacquelyn just revealed her mother’s kitchen she designed. While the kitchen was absolutely stunning, this tiny little breakfast nook blew me away. It’s definitely my favorite part of the space! It’s quaint, cute, functional, and is beautifully nestled between the fireplace and the kitchen. It’s absolute perfection! Don’t even get me started on the pendant light and the leather bench seat cushion. Perfection, I tell you. Well done, my friend… now go have that baby of yours! Ha! In all seriousness, you guys should follow her on Lark & Linen for some serious interior inspiration.

#6 // Cozy Beachhouse Pool Scene
source : living gardens landscape design

Perhaps this image made the mix because I’ve been dreaming of warm weather and time spent outside. Emmett and I would LOVE to have a pool someday. Yeah, yeah- we know it’s not good for resale (see this post for more info), but Utah is HOT during the summertime and I feel like we’d just enjoy having one. Maybe someday… maybe at a future house. Who knows. Anywhoo- this beachside pool scene got my attention for a few reasons: the penny tile pool liner, the concrete border, the modern gas fireplace, and the grass border sandwiched between the patio and pool. I’m digging it! Also- string lights… you can’t go wrong with those. Instant ambiance!

#7 // Moody Tudor Library
source : architectural digest

Wow, wow, wow!! That’s what I was thinking when this image graced my Pinterest feed. From the velvet chesterfield sofa to the millwork, nero marble fireplace, chandelier, and antiqued mirror (more of that in this post, FYI)… this moody tudor library is what my dreams are made of. It’s dark, romantic, designerly, and that color palette is right up my alley… I mean- look at my kitchen, they could be cousins, right?

#8 // Kids Workspace
source : studio mcgee

This darling workspace for kids is probably the ideal situation for home schooling right now. Although we don’t have kids, both my siblings and Emmett’s have voiced how difficult working full-time and educating their children during all of this has been. It seems nearly impossible, so kudos to you parents (and teachers) for making the best of it and trudging forward. All of that to say- this little workspace is cute, functional, and the details are impeccable: the wood countertop, the cork board, the planters, the WALLPAPERED ceiling, the sconce, and the custom cabinetry. Well done, Shea!

#9 // Charming Outdoor Fireplace
source : monika hibbs

Ahh, another outdoor space. Can you tell where my mind is at lately? The shaker siding, the iron chairs, the pea gravel between the concrete, and the cast outdoor fireplace… gahhhh- it’s all so good!! Monika knows what she is doing, for sure. This outdoor living space feels cozy, balanced, and the perfect place to sip a glass of wine at the end of the day.

#10 // Bright & Textural Hall
source : 1stdibs

Last, but certainly not least- I had to include this bright and textural hall. There are so many things to love and appreciate here: the stone flooring, the patterned stair runner (I love it!!), the scalloped entry table, and another BIG sculptural branch arrangement. You’re going to start noticing a bunch of these, I swear. I need things in my yard to start blooming so I can scrounge one together. Ha!

That’s it for this month’s 10 pins! Did you enjoy it? I’d love to hear your favorites in the comment section below. I hope you’re all having a good week and are also getting to enjoy a little sunshine here and there. I really needed that yesterday and am thankful for this spurt of nice weather.

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  1. Yippee! Just what I needed this morning- a beautiful design exercise. Four images with arches! My favorite would have to be the slightly peaked ones on the moody library built-ins! And that sofa, marble fireplace and coffee table! Yeah, that room is swoony. The giant brass dog bone on the mantle?🤣 Five interesting, sculptural tables! That burled entry table is phenomenal! So chic with the black and white. The stone table in the Nick Olsen entry is bananas, and the zingy blue and red combo is making my eyes happy! (Did you notice the big wrinkle in the rug?) I’m also loving that white fluted table…and heck yes to the spotted stair runner! Each of those outdoor vignettes is so different, but I’d happily sip wine in either. Our weather this week has been stunning!! Sunny and mid-60s. Our daily walks are giving me life, and I can feel the giant branch trend! Cherries, magnolias and forsythia are blooming everywhere in our area. The intoxicating smell and bee vibrations lift my spirits. If I could, I’d return home every day with an armload of purloined prunings. Thanks for the inspiring post I needed this morning! (I had my fingers crossed for Pinterest.) As you said, let’s keep trudging forward!!💖

    1. Woohoo!! So happy you liked this one :) These are always my favorite to compile. Pinterest has been pretty amazing lately. I didn’t notice the wrinkle in the rug UNTIL NOW. hahah!! Now I can’t unsee it. I hope you also had a nice weekend, in terms of weather. We had lots of sunshine here, but it was a bit chilly. I’ll take it though! I’m also loving seeing alllll of the things blooming on our dog walks. It’s so pretty and definitely a mood lifter.

  2. 10 great pins Sarah! For obvious reasons I’m immediately drawn to the outdoor pics as we anxiously await the start our own pool project which was supposed to start next week 😢 but of course is on hold like many businesses. Im hopeful and optimistic it can be started next month.
    Also, loving your friend Jacquelines kitchen she designed for her Mom. Loving the creamy cabinetry, charcoal floors counters and I can attest to the Fisher and Paykal appliances 👍 We actually had the double drawer dishwasher (pure love) and refrigerator in our condo and they were fantastic appliances. I would definitely get them again in a heartbeat. Thanks for ten very beautiful and interesting Pins to start my day 💓

    1. A pool project, Colleen?! I’m insanely jealous. Hopefully it can get started soon, so you can enjoy it this summer. That kitchen is so beautiful. A double dishwasher sounds so smart! We have yet to try Fisher & Paykal, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Hope your week is off to a great start! xo

  3. Holy cats! #2,3,7&9!!! I’m drooling over here! I don’t even know where to start! That entryway is what my Mediterranean dreams are made of…the time of the floor is absolutely perfect; the first thing that caught my eye; and that black trim just sets the stage! The mix of modern and vintage pieces is done perfectly and I just can’t stop staring! And the office…I LIVE for moody wood with bright white contrast. I’m digging the pendant…I mean hello gorgeous glass! It really sets a dramatic focal point, but did you catch that adorable vintage hat nestled in the bookcase? Perfection! That library though!!!!!! It takes the cake for my favorite of this roundup. The arched detail in the mill work, the blue tones that create some type of vibe, ALL the books…14 year old me is screaming to sit in this room even if only for 5 minutes. If I could choose a library that speaks volumes to me, this is it! And yes, when I saw this one I thought it belonged in your house Sarah! You and I share a love of blue tones, and this room is everything!! That brings me to that gorgeous clean outdoor space…true story I have had an intense hate for gravel in landscape my entire life, but delving into all things Mediterranean home, I’ve been adoring it! I can’t wait to actually use some of this vibe in my own landscape. Plus what’s not to love about that black patio set? It’s perfectly stunning and simple all at once. One day… lol. Weather here is meh. It’s rained non stop the last two days, and no sight of clear weather until Saturday. The plus side of this, is that the shrub I trimmed up (using some of Emmett’s tips) has really taken off! So another shrub cleanup is on the list for Saturday’s sunshine. Enjoy your lovely warm patch Sarah! I hope it hangs around for you!

    1. So much good inspiration packed into this one, right?! I’m with you on all of these points, Lauren :) That library definitely speaks to me. I like gravel in landscaping (when done thoughtfully)… I love that you’re embracing it! I hope you had a nice sunny weekend to make up for all of that rain!! xox

  4. Tone…that was the tone of the floor I was speaking of! 😂 What can I say? Phone spellchecks are notoriously unreliable!

  5. Good morning, everyone! It’s so nice to be here again. Ms. Sarah, you’ve outdone yourself with this curated collection. There is so much to look at and appreciate. It will likely take a number of scrolls to take in all the details. Personally, I would just like the opportunity to share afternoon tea with all of you, in each and every space.

    Colleen, best wishes for your pool project kicking off sooner than later.

    Favorite phrases of the day: “Moody Tudor library,” “purloined pruning,” and “a library that speaks volumes to me” HA

    Cheers, Ardith

    1. Thanks Ardith! The sooner our project can start might be a sign the Covid curve is flattening and I anxiously await both 🤞 Have a super fab day!

      1. I like your thinking, Colleen! Here’s to a cool project, real soon, and a flatten (dare I say, smashed?) curve. XO Ardith

    2. Can you tell I’m playing catch up on blog comments? Sorry to keep you all waiting! I would LOVE a tea time with everyone. Maybe we should do a virtual tea with the blog regulars? That sounds pretty fun actually! Applauding your phrases for this post- yes, well done!!

  6. I’ve made this comment before, but I really love your Pinterest posts because you articulate what “makes” the space. I make it a game to first look at the picture and take it in, then read your comments and look again and notice things that I didn’t see the first time around :). It really helps to train my eye.

    On a completely different note, I noticed that I can’t see any of other people’s comments until I make a comment of my own. Just FYI. Thank you!

    1. Aw yay! I love hearing that, Anne! I like that it’s helping you train your eye…. something I’m still doing too. I always want to be evolving as a designer and gaining knowledge, so this made me smile. Thanks for letting me know about the comment section! I have never had that happen before. Do you mind if I ask what browser you’re using? Hmmm… I’ll look into this! Sorry about that.

  7. This months’ is a particularly eye popping collection of pins! My pinterest feed looks nothing like this, so it’s always fun to have a breath of fresh air from you.

    1. SO much good inspiration in my Pinterest feed lately! I’ve been hunting for more food & recipes lately, and I’m afraid it’s going to mess the good interior algorithm I’ve got going on. Ha! Fingers crossed the goodness keeps coming :)