10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via virginia tupker

Hi, friends. Happy Friday! We’re headed into the weekend with a new edition of 10 Pins! This month’s curated roundup of interior inspiration is monochromatic themed with one of my go-to colors… hues of blue. These vignettes all have some things in common (in addition to their cool color palette): rich texture, unique surfaces & materials, and high style & design. They all felt fitting for the change of season, as we’re looking forward to spring. The snow here is beginning to melt and I’m ready to make appropriate changes as the weather warms here at home. As always, be sure to click through and check out the designers, extended room & home tours, and pin your favorites for future reference. Also be sure to follow me on Pinterest for inspiration in real time! Ready to see my favorite inspiration I collected and pinned this month? You know the drill- click through!

#1 // Glossy Built-In Closet
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via adam bray

Emmett I love to brainstorm our primary suite- which includes our bedroom, a large dated 90’s bathroom, and my closet. In my mind, I’d love to have a custom closet or built-ins that feel very designer. I’m predicting we’ll see more glossy surfaces in the year ahead and I’m totally here for it… especially on cabinets and built-ins.

#2 // Desaturated Blue Kitchen
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via s.r. gambrel

Steven Gambrel’s Sag Harbor home went on the market and seeing the real estate tour might possibly be even better than his portfolio tour. This dusty blue kitchen will forever remain one of my personal favorites with the desaturated color palette and custom cabinetry.

#3 // Glossy Green Built-In Seating Area
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via c. brandon ingram

This space warrants a click through because you’re going to want to see that glossy blue ceiling! I love the millwork, textural elements, and upholstery in this seating area.

#4 // Scullery Overflow Kitchen
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via sasha adler for architectural digest

The arched tiled ceiling really does it for me in this overflow kitchen! This is what timeless design looks like- classic materials, a functional layout, and traditional finishes. Sometimes simple really is the most impactful.

#5 // Blue Laundry Room Cabinets
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via c. brandon ingram

Another room we’ve been talking a lot about lately is our future laundry room. While Laurie Anne was here visiting, she couldn’t wrap her brain around the fact that we had already closed in our entryway wall, in preparation for our future laundry room renovation. Obviously you know I’m a fan of colorful cabinets (based on our kitchen), and this space is no exception.

#6 // Built-In Display Cabinet
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via virginia tupker

I scoured Virginia’s portfolio for hours and believe me when I say it’s jam packed with interior inspiration. I love this elegant bank of cabinetry for displaying dishes & serveware. From the traditional elements to the modern floor tile and upholstered door, there is so much to appreciate in this vignette.

#7 // Bedroom Corner Vignette
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via jenna chused

The chair is what stopped my scroll in the above image, but upon further appreciation- I noted the blue linen curtains, warm wood tones, the charming tassels, marble fireplace, antique artwork, and of course the millwork. What a looker!

#8 // Blue Bathroom
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via virginia tupker

If we ever invest in or buy a beach house, this is the exact bathroom I’d like to have. Hold me to it, ok? This tile work is so stunning and the brass elements really shine against it. Blue, carrara marble, and brass is always a winning combination in my book.

#9 // Blue Seating Area
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via suzanne kasler

Pushing a bit more traditional, I love the layered look of this seating vignette. From the chairs to the table skirt, oversized branches, and simplistic styling set against the powdery paint color- this grand room flooded with natural light is certainly one to pin and appreciate.

#10 // French Inspired Laundry Room
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via carrick / cchd

Last, but not least- this French inspired laundry room (located here in Utah) still feels timeless despite its age. I believe it was designed years ago, but this is a great example of how good design withstands the test of time. Do you agree?

I hope you enjoyed this month’s selections. I’ve been working on cleaning up my Pinterest boards and have been pinning more than usual this month. Over a decade later, I’ll say this- Pinterest is STILL my favorite social media platform and search engine. Anyone else? Cheers to a lovely weekend ahead! What is everyone up to? I’m hosting my girlfriends for a day of pasta making and enjoying our favorite Italian treats & drinks.

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  1. Good morning! Hurray for 10 Pins… a color-specific edition. I’m definitely here for all the blue inspiration since that’s our bedroom project hue. I love the greenish shade in that dreamy closet, but I’m torn about the über high gloss finish. I find the glare detracts from the color; maybe it would be different in person? I still dig that antelope carpet even though it was everywhere a few years ago. What’s not to adore about a Steven Gambrel kitchen? The tone-on-tone range and cabinetry, wide plank pine floors, and enormous iron-legged table. Um, yes. That glossy green sitting area?! Gah! My eyes immediately locked on the blue ceiling! Those colors together, along with the windowpane plaid drapes, are a treat to my eyes. You know what else would be a treat? Having a barrel-vaulted overflow kitchen. Ha! Especially one in that faintest of powdery blues. I’m also noting those adorbs teeny sconces mounted on the cabinetry. Have I even seen that before? Consider me another fan of the colored cabinetry in that laundry room, and I’m studying the way there’s a crown moulding in the middle of the uppers. What I’m really thinking about though is your mention of Laurie Anne’s reaction to closing off the entry wall. Please tell me this means you’ve sealed a room shut for the time being. The “Cask of Amontillado” vibes are making my day.🤞🤣 That Virginia Tupker space is captivating! I also spent ages perusing her portfolio recently (because I always check out the pins featured on your sidebar!). The concept of an upholstered door is SO appealing! Alas, I think it’s not to be in a house of grubby such as ours. Sad face. Nothing but happy faces for that moody bedroom vignette though! The cabinet and millwork are especially lovely. The duck feet on the chair? Hmmmm. Blue, carrara and brass are definitely a winning combo, but I don’t typically love an inset detail on shower walls. Weird, given my intense pattern affection. What I like about that very trad Suzanne Kasler vignette is the different tones of barely blue. The velvet (mohair?) seats are practically glowing! The single cornflower book spine and gilt touches are just right. And finally, that’s definitely a laundry room to inspire me to get the folding done! Thanks for another engaging 10 Pins! While my feed can be quite scattered (vegan recipes! bedroom design! table settings!), I enjoy and utilize Pinterest regularly. Although videos have infiltrated that space too, I appreciate that it’s primarily still images. I don’t do it often, but cleaning up Pinterest boards is a fascinating exercise. Ah, changing tastes. Your Italian treats day sounds divine! We’re off to the hot springs for a little celebration of a big anniversary. We’re also expecting some pleasant weather, so I’m here for that! Happy Pizza Friday, friends! Cheers to the weekend!💜🥂

    1. My first color specific edition… which was really fun! I like hearing that your bedroom project is blue- how fun! You know I’m here for that. I’m with you on the antelope carpet- it had a BIG moment then fizzled, but I still enjoy it. I’ll always love an animal print. Omg, poor Hazel got the zoomies upon their arrival and rammed directly into the wall, trying to run in circles. They hadn’t been here since we closed it in and she had no idea. Poor thing. Ha! The room is sealed off and it will be our future laundry room someday (I hope sooner rather than later, but who knows). I’ve ALWAYS wanted to upholster a door. I saved so many images of that over the years and think it would be a fun look to try. I have no idea where, but I’m into it. I need to pin more vegan recipes so I get better food in my Pinterest feed. Challenge accepted. I just ordered two new cookbooks for the shop and one is vegan, so I’m excited to test it. I also appreciate how Pinterest knows who they are and have stayed the course over the years. I don’t have nearly as many videos over there, which is really refreshing. I think of it as a search engine rather than social. No drama, just inspiration. I’ll take that any day. Haha! Hope your weekend was fabulous (I’m very late to the comment game this week, oof- sorry). xox

  2. It’s a great morning when you wake up to 10 pins! I love the clean look that a built-in closet offers, and through a screen, I love the high gloss paint trend- but I’m not sure I’d love it in person. Either way the color choice here is everything. Steven Grambel’s entire home is jaw dropping beautiful, but the light toned flooring, the tone match on the range hood, and how all that brass stands out against the blue hue, are the elements that speak to me most. The built in seating is stunning. The shape of the sofa, muted green drapery panels and the repeated forms in the lighting are all drool worthy. The ceiling color is lovely against the green and feels very bold too me- in a good way. I’m also swooning over the millwork details here. Who wouldn’t love an arched ceiling in their overflow kitchen? I wouldn’t want to be the guy that had to tile it, but what an exquisite look. I’m not a fan of the shade of blue chosen here, but the overall look is beautiful. My favorite element is the flooring. I adore a well done tile border design. The blue laundry room packs a punch for such a small space. The colored cabinetry against more neutral colored wallpaper is such a look; but for me the wallpaper steals the show. I’m noticing the pattern is reminiscent of 12” patterned tile, and who wouldn’t love that trick of the eye?! Speaking of closing off the wall in your entryway- I’m forgetting the details, but has it had a temporary impact on the flow of the house? And is the laundry room the next big project? (Fingers crossed, lol). The display cabinet is my favorite pin this go around. I dream of a counter to ceiling display cabinet to replace the uppers over our kitchen peninsula and open the space and sight lines. Everyone else thinks I’m crazy. Saving this one as inspiration for that, and for rehabbing my China hutch. I’m living for the depth and dimension of the millwork details in the bedroom vignette. The marble fireplace and the herringbone floors are impeccable details here. Were I to have a fireplace in my bedroom a marble one would be what my dreams are made of. I’m with Peggi on the inset detail on shower walls, but I love that this one matches the flooring throughout. Who could resist that gorgeous blue hue? I’m admiring the light toned wicker basket against the blue as well- subtle, simple, and impactful. Like you I’m appreciating the layers in the sitting area, and how a hint of formal meets relaxed welcoming vibes. Could the chairs be any more perfect? Is that velvet? Mohair? *drooling* I’m not in love with the shade of blue on the walls, but the vibes of the space as a whole I’m here for. Stop right now with this French inspired laundry room! 😍😍 I’m loving the rich wood tone of the gate leg table against the black tile. The repeated grays on the countertop, window trim, chandelier shades, and the pottery mixed throughout are subtle and calming. This color palette is my kind of vibe for a laundry room. It’s beautiful, but relaxed. Definitely saving this one as well! We are supposed to be leaving Sunday for the Grand Canyon- but after realizing it’s going to be raining every day, and snowing in Flagstaff where we planned on staying, we are trying to regroup and rework our spring break trip with the kids. Womp, womp, womp. Any ideas ladies? Lol. We’re grasping at straws over here! Your weekends sound lovely, and I hope everyone has a happy pizza Friday on the first sunny day we’ve had all week!

    1. Woohoo for 10 Pins! I do love this series and hearing everyone’s thoughts. I’ve decided Steven Gambrel can do no wrong when it comes to design… such a genius. That kitchen is serious goals. I totally agree about the tiled ceiling- that would take an expert craftsman, for sure. I can’t even imagine how time consuming that must have been. Closing off the wall has been an adjustment- mostly for the dogs. They used to run in a continuous loop on the main floor and now they can’t. It was funny when Laurie Anne got here, Hazel (her dog) tried to do the same loop since she has been here before and rammed right into the wall. Lol! We’re all used to it now. I would LOVE to tackle the laundry room next, but at this point I’m just begging Emmett to get the entryway finished. It’s taking SO so long and I’m becoming impatient… insert all those bedroom projects. Haha! Sorry I’m behind on blog things this week and am just now responding. I’ve been running around to doctor appointments (my health shenanigans is a bit like a roller coaster and we’re back on the decline this week), and we’re prepping to camp in Arizona with my family, so it has been super busy over here trying to get work things done. Anyway, I’m thrilled to hear you salvaged your trip and are here in Utah. I wish I could see you!! Next time?! xo

  3. Happy St. Paddy’s Day ☘️
    You have captured my love for the color blue this morning Sarah! Thank you ☺️ And so much to admire in this post. Wowza! Let’s start with that glossy closet, definitely a perfect example of what closet dreams are made of and such a beautiful use of color and sheen 🤩 Secondly, that blue kitchen has me daydreaming of a brand new kitchen someday. While I know I it probably won’t be quite this fancy I can definitely get a good dose of inspiration with this gorgeous space.
    Pin #3 is a room I would refer to as a “Parlor” it’s so beautiful it deserves a fancy name, what an opulent room indeed.
    An overflow kitchen my gosh, how did they accomplish that curved tiled ceiling? It would definitely do as my main kitchen. Ha! My mother probably would say “How wonderful it is for whomever lives in that house”
    Awe the built in display unit 😍 I’m hoping to squeeze one in with all my other kitchen dreams. Super sweet!
    The blue bathroom is definitely a stunner and so unique when you get your beach house I’m sure you’ll make it happen “even better”
    The seating area by Suzanne Kasler definitely is grand moment indeed.
    And lastly I love a classic design that stands the test of time. That last pin is no exception, to be used and enjoyed for many years to come. Ten beautiful spaces Sarah representing my favorite color 🥰 Thanks so very much! No plans this weekend as we’ve spent the last two days celebrating Andrews birthday. We splurged and spoiled with some ridiculously yummy food and beverages in celebration of his big day, now we have to behave ourselves for the upcoming weekend 😜 Cheers to Friday and a super terrific weekend ahead friends!

    1. I hope you had a fun St. Paddy’s day, Colleen! I know you love blue just as much as I do- I knew you’d enjoy this one… so many pretty spaces to admire. I love your name idea of Parlor for #3- so smart and fitting! I hope I have a bathroom that beautiful in my future beach house someday (goals!). I hope Andrew had the most wonderful birthday. Your celebratory festivities sound absolutely perfect! We also went off the rails in regards to food and drinks when my friend Laurie Anne was here visiting. We’ve had a week of healthy eating before we go meet my family later this week, ha. That was short lived. Oh well! We’ll fall back into our routine eventually. Hope you’re having a beautiful sun-filled week :) xo