10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via suzanne kasler

Hi, friends! I hope you all had a nice weekend and your week is off to a wonderful start. I’ve got a new edition of 10 Pins to kick off the week! This curated collection features bright and cheerful neutrals, spring vignettes & exteriors, pattern play, and some charming & eclectic cottage interiors. These inspiring images felt very appropriate for the last week of March! As always, be sure to click through and check out the designers, extended room & home tours, and pin your favorites for future reference. Ready to see my favorite inspiration I collected this month? You know the drill!

#1 // Bright Living Room
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via mark d. sikes

First up, another terrific room by Mark D. Sikes for us to admire… I love all of the textures packed into this vignette- especially the rugs, textiles, and plants. It’s filled with timeless organic design elements!

#2 // Sage Dining Room
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via mandy eno

I always enjoy seeing this sage green dining room pop into my feed, designed by Mandy Eno. Her traditional taste and styling feels very classic to me. Notice the tortoise candles? We have those in the shop and they’re my favorite!

#3 // Cottage Bedroom
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via southern living

I’ve always wanted to design a bedroom or guest space with two twin or full size beds. This cottage bedroom feels so spring-like to me! From the layered bedding, woven rug, lighting, and that gorgeous wallpaper… there are so many lovely design elements packed into this room to admire.

#4 // Neutral Entryway
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via amanda kirkpatrick

As our own entryway project is getting underway, I’ve had bright entries, tile, and stairs on my mind. This modern and neutral entry felt very welcoming to me- I love the way the natural light spills into this room. Check out those beams in the room in the background!

#5 // Dining Nook
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via hadley wiggins

This happy little dining nook has so many fun design surprises to discover: vintage chairs, pattern, banquette upholstery, florals, unique wallpaper, and I adore that bronze sconce, too!

#6 // Kitchen Pantry
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via rachel goddard design

This is definitely a kitchen and pantry space that deserves clicking through- so you can get a better feel for the floor plan. I almost called this a “kitchen hall”. I love how it takes on the feel of a restaurant while adding function and extra storage space. Very interesting!

#7 // Powder Room
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via marta xochilt perez

Give me all the wallpaper and widespread faucets! This cute little powder bath has a lot going for it: quality fixtures, elegant brass finishes, thoughtful details, and vintage touches.

#8 // Kitchen Shelf Styling
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via the grit and polish

I always love seeing Cathy’s kitchen styling. Her open shelving and fresh floral arrangements are my favorite! She has a way of melding form & function is such a gorgeous way.

#9 // Patio Dining Space
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via alicia taylor

I’ve been dreaming of the day we can pull our patio furniture back out and eat dinner outside. Anyone else? This charming patio and exterior felt particularly inspiring as we gear up to put our outdoor spaces back together for the season!

#10 // Mudroom
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via aanovo

Last but not least, this mudroom home entry felt simple and classic to me. I love the small mosaic slate tiles, inset cabinetry, soapstone, and textural bead board. It’s functional, easy, and the deep color palette would work well for any season. That petite little stool is fun, too!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s 10 pins! Should I choose a specific room or theme for next month? Or stick to the varied inspiration you’re used to seeing? Let me know what you prefer as I begin to gather interior inspiration for the month ahead. I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead!

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  1. Oof! – that whole house that goes with #6 is just sensational!!

    As a ‘downer’ comment though, the older that I get, the more I begin to wonder about how much is just too much for one person/household to have…

    1. Isn’t that one so gorgeous, Sally? I’m kind of with you… sometimes too much “stuff” can feel overwhelming- even for those who love & appreciate maximalist style. It’s just more work- more to dust, more to maintain, etc. Good point!

  2. Good morning! You said it-cheery neutrals, pattern & texture, springy vignettes and cottages! What a lovely way to start the week. That first image is from a “compound” in Maine. I’ll be staying at a slightly more modest cabin in June, but I’m beyond excited. What’s not to love about the Mark Sikes room? The texture is bananas, and all of the thin, brassy lines and hits of black make it for me. The tortoise candles in that traditional dining room jumped right out at me! I also noted the stunning landscape, mounding mum arrangement and the antler shed on the open book. I’m liking it all! What is it that’s so stinking charming about a pair of twin/full beds? I adore the setup! The patterns, the wood tones, the lighting, the art-I want to pinch the cheeks of this room. That entry though? It’s the doors for me! Those beautiful black (are they steel?) multi-paned doors and the pretty putty pocket door are perfection. (Does something about the gray of the floor look off though?) I think that dining nook might be my favorite! The sweet patterns, the soft palette, the casual florals, the simple sculptural furniture…SO inviting. Now that pantry has a completely different feel, but I’m so intrigued! I definitely clicked through to see the whole interesting floor plan. Love all the pretty scallops and swoops in that powder room! The stacked art and striated wall paint/paper also catch my eye, but I’m mesmerized by the black scabiosas! I might need to search some out for my patio pots this year. Speaking of flowers, I can almost smell those lilacs on Cathy’s counters. Dreamy. And yes, I’ve also got patio on the brain! Mine currently looks a fright, but I eagerly anticipate Negroni season! And finally, that deep-colored mudroom is fab! I’m always a fan of soapstone (thanks to you!), and I’m digging those tiny slate floor tiles too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any quite like that. Such a great selection of inspiration! As for next month, I love comparing 10 of the same room, but another sort of theme would be fun too! I so enjoy seeing what images you collect! Thanks for a spectacular beginning to my week! And not to be a whiner, but where in the world did March go???? No, really.
    Happy Monday, Sarah!!💜

    1. Spring-like cheery neutrals and punchy patterns.. what’s not to love? :) I love that first image, and I’m so excited to hear you’ll be visiting your old stomping grounds in June! That’s going to be so fun! I actually really love the gray tumbled floor tile- especially with all the warm wood tones in the room next to it. I could definitely happily have my coffee at that dining nook- it was one of my favorite images from the batch. I am so happy you mentioned the black scabiosas… I wondered what type of floral that was. I absolutely love them. I’m with you on eagerly awaiting patio season with a negroni in hand. I love your idea of sticking to a specific room for next month’s post. I’ll do some searching. March just sped right by! Hope you have a fantastic day! xo

  3. Happy Monday!
    Another fantastic selection of pins Sarah. The kitchen by Suzanne Kasler is stunning, leading out to that dreamy outdoor dining space. I have question about #2 is that really sage green? I thought sage green was a light soft hue. Just checking? The cottage bedroom is so very pretty. I furnished one our guest bedrooms here the exact same way and it’s perfect. Great for siblings or guests that don’t mind bunking together while on vacay. It’s works really beautifully here. The neutral entryway is gorgeous, and those ceilings don’t look very tall. I really like the millwork in this space as it seems to be designed to scale perfectly. Just lovely. #7 and 8 are giving me cottage vibes and inspiration as well as #8. I’ve been in cottage plan mode as we figure out our budget and project list. And of course, the mudroom is beautiful too as well as practical. Great roundup Sarah as always. I’ve been meaning to ask as I also dream up a kitchen renovation that hopefully will happen in the next couple of years. We have a galley style kitchen and its been so difficult to find inspiration or many renovations of a kitchen of this style. I found a few but not many. I would love if you could do a whole post on small kitchen space (preferably galley like) if possible. Have a super terrific day!

    1. I’m so happy you liked this one, Colleen! I think my definition of sage is probably too wide and varied. Ha! I think most people associate sage with the lighter hues. I tend to think more desaturated than a hunter green, olive green, etc. I’m not really sure! Your cottage sounds incredible! I’m envious that you have a similar bedroom setup. It’s stunning and perfectly fitting for a cabin or cottage. So exciting that you’ve been in design mode for that home! I would be more than happy to share a post filled with my favorite galley kitchen inspiration- I added it to my calendar for you :) Hope you have a great day!

  4. I missed 10 pins?! This post was packed with amazing inspiration to kick off the week, so I’ll just pretend it’s Monday, ha! What’s not to love about a Mark D Sikes room? The texture with the two rugs in this space, combined with the depth and dimension of the plants, and the hits of brass and black really make this space for me. I’m loving leather furniture, and the sofa in this space looks delicious. The sage dining room is my favorite of the post; that perfectly dark sage tone on the walls is everything! The chandelier caught my eye immediately, but I’m also loving the florals, the mix of chairs at the table, and the way the woven shades and art frame play so well together. I’m taking notes with this one. The cottage bedroom is subtle and gorgeous; definitely my kind of cottage inspiration. The pattern play here isn’t overly dramatic, and I prefer this minimalistic use of color to the brighter and bolder cottage style I’m used to seeing. The rug and nightstand, as well as the bed frames and woven shades are giving such depth to this room. Classic, clean and beautiful. Don’t you love that entryway? The millwork stood out first thing for me; it’s so beautifully done. I’m digging the dark slate tile against the black door, and the peak of the beams and leather chairs in the next room. 😍 The breakfast nook is my second favorite. Immediately I’m drawn to the minimalistic shape of the table, paired with the vintage chairs it’s a stunning yet simple statement. Everything about this vignette pulls me in and gives me the cozy vibes of home; from the wallpaper to the upholstery, and the gorgeous floral display-again, I’m taking notes. The kitchen pantry is definitely an interesting solution for storage space, and the cabinetry is beautiful. I’m loving the different materials here; marble, classic subway tile, wood. It’s beautifully done. How sweet is the powder room? Such charm packed into what is typically a small space. The addition of the backsplash surround on the vanity, and the shape, are grabbing my attention, and I adore the scalloped edges of the hand towel and sconces. What I’m noting most here, is how the darker tones were used- so smart to have a slightly deeper toned vanity, paired with artwork and florals to tie in those richer colors. It works so well to bring that depth to the room without making the space feel cramped. I will always adore open shelving in a kitchen. The styling combinations seem endless, and I love the charm of the styling here. Beauty and functionality are a huge must for me in the kitchen, and that floral arrangement is gorgeous. Is it amaryllis? The patio dining space has me itching to setup our outdoor area-we’ve had a backslide in our spring weather, but the cool crisp air and misty mornings are a welcome respite from the usual heat we experience this month. I’m digging the stone look table, and the gray tone chairs against the white umbrella; and how perfect are the paving stones here?! It’s definitely making me itch for a patio refurbishment, haha. That mud room though!! I’m not usually a fan of two tone cabinetry but this feels right in the space. The marble mosaic provides such a simple bit of color, and pairs so beautifully against the soapstone and darker cabinetry. The hardware is standing out for me-it’s very similar to what I’ve chosen for the built-ins, and seeing it in gorgeous spaces like this gives me all the excitement. Such lovely inspiration to kick off the upcoming month! I hope you’re beginning to feel better Sarah. Have a lovely and restful weekend! Xoxo

  5. I love them all! I need a portrait computer monitor so I can see the full length of these lovely images, this macbook screen just isn’t big enough (I sure miss my monitor that I rotated 90 degrees). The entry is perfect, so is the kitchen/restaurant hall, and the mudroom!