10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via landed interiors

How was your weekend? It’s that time again… for a new inspiration-filled 10 Pins post! We’re kicking off the week with interior & decor inspiration that caught my eye on Pinterest this month. As you might imagine, given the season, I was attracted to rich color palettes, warm wood tones, layered vignettes, and natural materials that felt seasonally appropriate. Click through to talk design with me, scroll through some gorgeous home imagery, and to potentially discover a couple new designers!

#1 // Neutral Layered Kitchen
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via park and oak

This kitchen by Park and Oak is absolutely dreamy, but what does it for me is the vintage runner! The asymmetry, dark color, and geometric pattern is about as beautiful as it gets. I love the way it grounds this space and the drama it adds.

#2 // Rustic Modern Bathroom
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via whittney parkinson design

As Emmett and I are beginning to brainstorm our primary bath renovation, this double vanity is providing some serious inspiration. The almost purple hue of the wood, the soapstone countertops, and the brass fixtures feel really timeless, yet unique to me.

#3 // Woven Dining Banquette
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via amber interiors

This custom woven banquette is what my design dreams are made of. The rich material and wood tones really make this breakfast nook feel inviting. I also love the traditional materials paired with modern elements- like the oversized planter and the wall sconce.

#4 // Library
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via nickey kehoe

I’m patiently waiting for my office renovation to conclude, just so I can stuff my new built-ins with books. I enjoy a full bookcase! There is a lot of lovely texture, pattern, and color shoved into this little library! Do you spy the little bouillotte lamp in the back?

#5 // Modern Bath
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via jeremiah brent

If you enjoy minimal and modern spaces, this is such a great example of a bath that feels warm, clean, and cozy- without feeling cold. I’m liking the sink console and the marble tile!

#6 // Bespoke Dining Room
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via humphrey munson

Remember how I talked about pillar candles and hurricanes being the best party trick last week in this post? They look equally as beautiful styled indoors and are perfect for a dining room. That deep paint color is really gorgeous- especially paired with the brass details and cognac leather dining chairs.

#7 // Styled Built-In
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via paige kontrafouris

Do you follow Paige? If not, you should! She has a knack for thrifting really elegant items and is the queen of maximalist styling. I love her little shelf vignette, and you know I appreciate a pretty vintage bust.

#8 // Studio Kitchen
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via josh yöung

Josh’s studio kitchenette feels like the perfect October image. It’s dark, moody, has plenty of contrast, and feels so interesting with his paints, pots, palette, and brushes lined up. That stonework and shelf is just gorgeous!

#9 // Dining Room with Fireplace
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via peter block architects

This dining room image also stopped me mid scroll. It felt ideal for autumn and that fireplace is unlike any I’ve ever seen. Did you notice the wood storage below? I also really admire the modern table paired with the traditional chairs- the entire vignette is working really well and feels so cozy!

#10 // Powder Room
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via lizzie cox

So many things stood out in this tiny powder room to me- the vessel sink, the soapstone, the wall mounted fixtures, the grasscloth wall covering, the pretty paint color, and of course the antique mirror and art. It’s truly a show stopper for being such a small space.

We’re still in North Carolina running around High Point Market, compiling all the design inspiration and choosing products to carry in our shop next year, but I’ll be back tomorrow with another blog post! I’ve got an office renovation update lined up, so be sure to check back. I hope your week is off to a lovely start. Have a good Monday, friends.

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  1. Good morning! My favorite way to start the week- 10 pins! Lots of inky, matte paint surfaces, soapstone and texture. I love the cream, black, white and brass palette of the opening image, but does anyone else wish there was a soap dish? The vintage runner in the Park & Oak kitchen is a dream; the dark tones are so appealing. I’m not sure about the two tones of the lower cabinets together, but I don’t think I’ll ever tire of that range. I’m intrigued by your bathroom inspiration! That’s going to be super-fun to watch. The mirrors, soapstone and wall-mounted faucets are beautiful, but it’s that purple-y, almost unfinished cabinetry that’s wowing me! I’m kind of dying to touch it. A wicker banquette? Genius. I’ve really been thinking about home libraries lately, which is funny since I’m not a keeper of books. It’s got to be the cozy factor. I’m definitely into the greens, grays and grasscloth in that Nickey Kehoe room, and I adore that rug! Hurricanes styled on a mantle! That’s what I need to complement my rosehips. (Also, I’m intrigued by the weird, risqué photos in the back!) I definitely follow Paige and dig her style, but the giant puppy/small children shenanigans provide plenty of belly laughs! One hundred percent into the black stone sink and cabinets in Josh’s studio…and eyeing that black and white octagonal platter because I heart dishes! I second your fascination with that dining room fireplace. The height seems ideal for both warmth and admiring the flames. The table and chair mix is perfection. I’m just missing some textiles; everything in the room seems so smooth. That last image provides plenty of texture though! The gilt, green, grasscloth, soapstone, and brass. Lots of awesome packed into a small space. And thanks for the awesome to start my week! I hope your trip has been fun-filled and productive! Safe and easy travels home.💜

    1. Woohooo, 10 pins!! It’s my favorite, too. Now that you mention the lack of soap dish, it’s all I can see. Ha! Where is it?! I love a good marble patina, but that seems like a bad idea. I also want to touch the plum colored cabinets. That finish is amazing! I had no idea you weren’t a keeper of books. That somehow surprises me. We have been seeing SO many hurricanes here at market. They’re the it styling accessory that will never go out of style. I’m also intrigued by the interesting nude photos. Ha! And I’m with you on following Paige- she is hilarious! My jaw dropped when her youngest got into the bucket of joint compound and she was somehow cool and collected. Lol! I can’t wait to share my market inspiration and finds. It has been super inspiring, and while my feet are completely toast from so much walking- I’m feeling like my creativity has been refueled. It has been fun! I’ve loved meeting lots of our Tuesday Made artists in person, as well as new talented people, as we add their things to the shop. I’ll work on a post once I’m home. Hope you’re having an awesome week so far! xo

  2. Yes!! It’s a 10 pins kind of week! That opening photo grabs me with the cream tiles and the hardware on the vanity. I’ve been loving that style of drawer pull-is there a name for those? Park and Oak Design kills me every time, especially when it comes to kitchens. This rug is amazing in the space, and really provides a dramatic footing against the arched cabinetry. I’m loving how all of the tones of the space are pulled together in the rug. The primary bath space is everything! The tone of the cabinetry is intriguing and the depth it provides to the room is outstanding. The shape of the backsplash soapstone really enhances the drama of the space, especially against the mirrors. I’ll confess that I’m not the biggest fan of the sconce lighting-it gives me exterior apartment lighting vibes, but it does seem to fit in this space. Everything about the woven breakfast nook is stunning. I have breakfast nook on the brain, postulating the different ways I can maximize that area of my kitchen without it looking odd and out of place. The texture this provides is out of this world. Also taking notes on the way it is attached to the wall-I’m digging that it’s open, and not boxed-in to the floor. You know I love a good library space! I’m drawn to green tones used here-especially the sofa. The mirrored pattern on the Roman shades and pillows is quite sweet, and is that grass cloth on the walls? I love the tiled floor in the Jeremiah Brent bathroom-tile is another renovation project in the forefront of my mind lately. I love the different tones of this example, and how well it plays with the marble on the vanity. The dining room is gorgeous!! I’m jealous of those that have separated space to utilize a bold color like this. The way the brass is enhanced against such a dramatic backdrop is a splendor in-and-of itself. And the fireplace surround is impeccable! I’m a huge fan of cognac leather against a deep navy hue-the chairs in here are killing me softly. This exact tone is what I envision for the coffee bean chair. Following Paige is a joy! Her maximal styling and the finds she scores are just incredible-but the shenanigans between her and her husband are what get me every time! It definitely reminds me of Jeff and I. While I’m not typically a fan of black cabinetry in kitchens, I love Josh’s iteration. The shelf-that’s genius, and who could resist the pottery display? Also noting that gorgeous floor tone. I think I’m partial to herringbone anyway, but I love the subtle depth he chose here. The table in the next dining room image is what stands out the most for me. Perhaps that was intentional? I’m not in love with the simplicity of the fireplace, but the pedestal on the table, and the traditional chairs are super special! You saved the best for last with the powder room. The green tone used here is reminiscent of the library space above, and again, I’m loving it. The grass cloth is gorgeous, especially contrasted with the soapstone. (Sidenote: every grasscloth example I find says not to utilize it in a bathroom. Does it work here because it lacks the moisture a shower brings?) Bonus points on the art placement here too! I love it, but would have never thought to do that myself. I hope High Point isn’t disappointing-it seems like you’re in hog Heaven-and I can’t wait to see what you’ve sourced for the shop. Have a happy Monday Sarah!

    1. Most definitely! We’re at High Point (can’t wait to share!) and I feel like I have inspiration coming from all directions this month- it has been so fun and refreshing! As for the pulls- those are called recessed drawer pulls. Park and Oak does such a fantastic job! I should have known you already follow Paige! She’s awesome. I bet you get a kick out of our mom stories, too! I was rolling when her youngest got into the joint compound. OMG! I would’ve freaked! She seems like an awesome cool mom- just like you. As for your grasscloth question… it really depends on the material. Some “grasscloth” is not actual grasscloth. It also depends on your bath, the ventilation, etc. If it’s a powder room, it’s totally fine. Even if you have a bath or shower, it’s usually ok as long as it has proper ventilation- or the alternate is an engineered material that looks like grasscloth. I’m looking forward to sharing more when I get a little more time and am back to my computer!! :) Have an awesome day, Lauren! xo

  3. GORGEOUS!! Love them all. Thank goodness there are delivery delays everywhere to relieve the temptation to just change the whole house every time I read one of these posts. Also thank goodness I can’t afford that. :D

    1. Thank you, Dawn! It was an inspiring month scrolling Pinterest. I’m with you on the delays and aspirational photos, haha! :)