10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via jessica helgerson interior design

Hello! How was your weekend? We tackled a large portion of our to-do list and the week is off to a good productive start over here. It’s always nice to feel like you’ve accomplished something early in the week. Somehow I skipped or spaced a 10 Pins post for July, so it has been a bit since I’ve shared my monthly Pinterest finds and reoccurring design inspiration from my favorite social platform. There was lots of creative and classic interiors to note and save this time around! Click through to see what caught my attention and chat interiors with me… we’ve got a nice eclectic mix this month.

#1 // Range & Banquette Details
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via kipling house interiors

I really appreciated the use of materials in this space… the solid slab backsplash that curves into the modern square tile, the woven shade, the use of brass, gold, and warm hues to offset the cooler tones… as well as the piped banquette cushion detail that matches the inset cabinetry bead. It feels very tailored and well done!

#2 // Laundry Room Storage
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via mccann design group

Talk about some serious storage in a laundry room! I spy the washer and dryer behind the perforated panel doors. I also noted the beautiful grasscloth that complements the warm toned chair, as well as the contrast trim. This space is not only beautiful but seems very functional.

#3 // Modern Meets Traditional Bathroom
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via steve cordony

I think we’re going to notice more chartreuse, mustard, and muddy yellow / green hues in the year ahead. I really love the way that drapery color pairs with the brass details in this space. From the graphic marble to the modern touches mixed with vintage, this bathroom is a total dream… and it feels very balanced.

#4 // Neutral Bedroom
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via katie hodges design

The bedside desk legs were the standout for me in this neutral bedroom. I enjoy that bobbin, turned, or barley twist type of detail. I also appreciated the textile layering throughout the room that evokes a cozy feel while still looking light and fresh.

#5 // Sculptural Fireplace in Dining Room
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via steven gambrel

This space by Steven Gambrel gets me every time! That fireplace will forever be a favorite and solid source of inspiration, and the contrast cabinetry detail is one I’ve always wanted to try. The pendant light, the dining chairs, and the peek of the stair rail are also notable moments in this room for me.

#6 // Rustic Entrance with Wood Paneling
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via ray booth arch digest feature

If I were going to install harlequin flooring, I’d want it to look exactly like this… rustic, lots of movement, inconsistent colors, all with an aged quality to it. I’m also digging the candelabras, wood paneling, and that rustic table in the center. Well done, Ray Booth!

#7 // Bathroom Vanity Vignette
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via studio peregalli for elle decor

This is my kind of pattern play… traditional meets modern. I adore the simple striped wallpaper, the radiator or vent cover, the antique vanity table, that gorgeous pendant light, and of course- the architecture.

#8 // Art Installation Behind Sofa
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via mark hampton

I’m often asked, “What should I do with the bare wall behind the sofa?” which seems like a troublesome area for many when it comes to design. This is a perfect example of a lovely and timeless art installation! Gallery walls, grid installations, and beautifully framed artwork never goes out of style!

#9 // Bank of Cabinets
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via sabbe interior design

This extra tall, dramatic bank of cabinets stopped me mid scroll. The warm white cabinet color, the classic dishes behind the glass, the minimal hardware, oak floors, and natural light flooding into the space make this a memorable kitchen.

#10 // Nero Marble Fireplace
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via nicole hollis

Last but not least, I saved this one for the nero marble fireplace with the incredible veining and the coffee table styling: piles of books with interesting curiosities, and little negative space. It’s a modern vignette with eclectic styling… I like that!

Have you been finding any good inspiration on Pinterest lately? In addition to that, I’ve also been revisiting my favorite printed design books (check them out here, here, and here). I feel like I’ve been in design mode for multiple spaces in our home and it has me excited for future projects! Here’s to a great week ahead, friends.

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  1. Good morning! I love starting the week with a 10 pins post, and what a selection! I have to mention your intro image; Jessica Helgerson is a fave, and can you believe that chandelier that is cascading ceramic bells?! Mind officially blown. The kitchen with those two small, stacked paintings reminded me of yours! The banquette might be a little close to the stove for this messy chef, but the idea of someone perched there while I cook is so sweet. I recently read an opinion in favor of a sofa in the kitchen, and it’s still on my mind. That is quite a laundry room! Those perforated panel doors are something! Since there’s no hardware, I’m guessing they have a push latch? The contrast trim and grasscloth are lovely, but the room overall reads stark to me. Mine definitely has more of a “working” vibe.😂 So much to adore in that bathroom! The mirrors, the bare wood floors, the marble wet room. I was just thinking about chartreuse the other day. I cannot abide yellow, but let it just ooze into green, and I’m hooked! I’m also noticing that the drapes in two images are pushed to one side rather than split in the middle. I suspect it’s helping with symmetry, but is this a trend? And, yes to the legs on that desk. Steven Gambrel. Sigh. That fireplace is bananas, but it’s the tabletop that’s mesmerizing me! Is that agate?! Between the harlequin and the tumbling blocks, those two designers are slaying the marble floor game. Actually, that Studio Peregalli bathroom is a dream. Are those iron and glass doors on the left? The etched pendant and cloudy striped wallpaper. Yum. Speaking of delicious, that rusty velvet sofa definitely catches my eye. I appreciate the art hung level with the back; the better to investigate the details during a boring partygoer’s story. (jk, all my friends are interesting!) Such amazing cabinetry today! I adore how the uppers are set back in the Sabbe Interiors room, giving the sense of a hutch. I also see the bottom has a furniture base instead of a toe kick. Have you worked in a kitchen like that? The look is fab, but I wonder if it would feel awkward? But a hearty “yes!” to all the Nero marble. That art piece is oddly intriguing, as well.
    Thank you, as always for an inspirational jumpstart! I’ll be anxious to hear what others note! Now to go peruse all the tabs I opened. 😆😍

    1. Me too! Jessica Helgerson is a favorite of mine as well, and that chandelier is bananas- so beautiful. It reminds me of a wind chime. You know I also love and appreciate some stacked art against tile. I agree that would be nice to have seating in the kitchen to converse while cooking. Everyone ends up standing or huddled around. Of course I also would like enjoy seeing more styling in that laundry space- I just thought the giant perforated doors were super cool! Any chartreuse or mustard colors are in my comfort zone… I were a lot of those colors, too. I’m hoping to see more of them in the coming year… and maybe insert a little of that into my home office. I think the left draw drapery is to help with the symmetry of the space (at least that’s why I incorporate them). When specifying or destining custom window treatments, you always confirm left draw, center draw, or right hand draw. I’m assuming it was a design move! You made me laugh at the sofa vignette and boring partygoer (that would totally be me). Ha! I hope you had a great Monday and your week is off to an awesome start!! xo

  2. Pinterest has been open on my computer for days. I enjoyed your pinterest picks. What is it about a kitchen with a picture light and vintage pictures? I too am loving the slab, tile and vent hood. Always love a banquette. McCann’s laundry room is so CLEAN that I would not feel comfortable bringing any dirty clothes to wash..Ha! Appreciate how they disguised the washer & dryer. I just recently started following Steve Cordony on insta and gotta say love watching him style a console and remodel a farm house. This bathroom is masculine with feminine touches and I love it. I think the curtains are my favorite with the brass…it really softened the room. Katie Hodges’ neutral bedroom….GAH! Give me all the neutral, soothing, airy vibes. YES to the bedside desk/nightstands. Now I want to find some like this for our bedroom. I want a ladder rail for my next kitchen cabinets like Sabbe Interior’s. The color is so good! Last but not least, the coffee table is divine or maybe because it has me looking at all the books and things on it.
    Speaking of design books, I have several of your recommendations in my cart. Thank you. Have a great Monday Sarah!

    1. I’m all about a picture light gallery pairing! I agree that the laundry room could use some stuff… hampers, baskets, styling, detergent on the countertop… something. Maybe this was just a builder pic before it was styled? I don’t think my laundry room will ever look that minimal. Ha! I do love the hidden laundry units though. I’m with you on watching Steve style on instagram… those videos are so fun to watch! I also want a bedside desk somewhere in our home. That just feels so cozy! A ladder on built-ins or cabinetry will always be my dream. I’m not convinced our house is tall enough for it, but maybe someday. You’ll have to let me know what you think of the books, Danna! I hope your Monday is going really well and your week is off to a good start :) xo

  3. The opening dining room photo evokes a sense of inspiration for one such room which we all know so well—yours! The wallpaper, the art placement, the layout—all of these elements would translate well into your dining space. The chandelier is definitely the showstopper here!
    The details of the cabinetry and banquette are simply stated and elegant. The modern take on the timeless subway look is a favorite of mine, and one feature I’d love to incorporate in our future kitchen. Bonus points for the solid slab backsplash under the range hood; my neat freak personality finds this extremely pleasing, especially with the added interest of the shape.
    The laundry room is gorgeous and I can appreciate the textures of the grass cloth, perforated cabinet doors, and the chair upholstery. Functionality stands out here: the wrap around counter top and sink; the chair at the work station-these elements would be fitting for my own space.
    Everything about the bathroom space screams bespoke to me. This bathroom is perfectly intentional, exquisitely modern meets traditional, and I’m taking notes. The standout is the black trim on the shades of the sconces, mimicking the lines of the gorgeous half door shower! Love everything about this, and the drapes are stunning!
    The neutral bedroom is today’s favorite. Beds situated between two windows grab my attention in terms of layout and functionality. This is the first example that looks extremely similar to my own layout. The desk also serving as a bedside table is such a smart solution that I hadn’t thought of, and I love it! The coffee bean chair is oriented exactly as this one, and I’ve long wondered about and wanted a bench or pair of ottomans at the foot of our bed. Seeing this example offers confidence in my layout choice, and the aesthetic vibe I’m wanting. The shape of the headboard is what I’m looking for as well. Although I’d rather have a bentwood cane back headboard, I wouldn’t turn down this lovely upholstered (and skirted) option. This room is magic.
    Steven Grambel spaces always take my breath away. Here I’m paying attention to the balance the flanked cabinetry brings to the room, the gorgeous contrast they provide against the stunning (limestone?) fireplace surround, and the pendant above that gorgeous tabletop. Taking note that I need to find more inspiration for dining rooms with a fireplace!
    Ray Booth’s entry is magnificent! I second everything you said, and really I’m just in awe of everything about this look.
    This bathroom space is perfection in terms of pattern play, but I don’t love the golden color in the flooring—I can however, appreciate the beauty of the contrast it brings to this space. I’m noticing the gorgeous detail at the top of the cabinet doors, and how much the pendant looks like a raindrop in the very best way.
    My runner-up favorite is the sofa art placement. The placement, subject, and warm tone colors here are drawing me in, and begging me to sit awhile. Just stunning!!
    The hutch inspired bank of cabinetry is yet another feature I’d love to incorporate into our future kitchen and I’m taking note of this one. I love the shade of white used here, and I’m never a fan of white kitchens! I personally would trade the ladder rail for gorgeous Cremone bolts on the long cabinet doors, keeping the more understated hardware elsewhere. I’m also peeping a lovely organic texture on what I’m assuming is an island-the contrast and texture here is everything!
    Lastly, I can appreciate the eclectic charm of the coffee table display, and it would work well for me in a more formal sitting room, minus the lack of space for beverages. I do adore a table full of curiosities, so my brain says “who cares it’s stunning”. 😂🤣
    You have served up inspiration of a wonderful variety this morning Sarah! This is probably the best 10 pins post yet—selfishly because so many elements of the rooms shown here are either what I’ve been envisioning, or what I’ve been wondering about. Seeing these examples gives me courage to go for it on so many things I’ve questioned. Cheers to the start of the week, and a jam packed Monday post! Xo

    1. Hi Lauren! I honestly have no idea what I’m going to do with our laundry room yet, but if it turns out half as beautiful as that one, I’ll be a happy lady. Haha! I also love that subway tile shape in the kitchen. It’s updated, but still feels timeless- and yes to that solid slab backsplash. The laundry room textures are really fun and I think the space is probably really functional. The bathroom is so dreamy, and has be brainstorming for our primary bath. I think we’ll be tackling that space at the beginning of next year. I’m so glad you loved that neutral bedroom… it’s really stunning and the floor plan is well done. I’m very into the idea of a bedside desk. Steven Gambrel is a design genius and I adore all of his spaces- I’ve spent lots of time coming back to that beautiful dining room. We use our coffee table for beverages, too. I like having room for coasters, and let’s be real- Emmett’s feet always find their way to prop up on the table, so if we have too many things, it could end in disaster. Haha! I love all of those curiosities though. Cheers to a new week. I hope week 1 of school goes well for your kids and their school year goes wonderfully. Happy Monday!

  4. YES, love starting the week off w/ a 10 Pins post! That amazing chandelier in the first image is absolutely stunning and I adore the uniqueness of it. I also love the ceiling and wallpaper, although the chairs, while beautiful, don’t scream comfort to me. I’m always a fan of comfy chairs around a dining table as I want to, and want my guests to, hang out after the meal. I know we could always move to the sofa, but it just never seems to happen that way!
    I’m with Peggi and feel upholstery that close to the stove would make me super nervous; from a safety perspective, as well as a cleanliness one. The hood, while beautiful, feels too heavy to me, maybe if it were up just a bit higher? Loving the backsplash and the picture lights/art, though!
    The laundry room reads a bit too stark for me, although all that storage might just make up for it! I think a beautiful patterned rug here would make all the difference to me.
    Modern meets traditional bathroom is stunning! Now that is “mustard” done right! I’m not a fan of a shower w/out a door though even though I know it’s huge in Europe. Really hoping this “trend” doesn’t make it’s way over here though. Imma give me alllll the hot water girl and no doors just let out too much warmth for me.
    The neutral bedroom is probably my favorite pin for all the reasons Lauren mentioned. She (& you) have such great taste. 😆
    Weirdly, or maybe not, the other rooms just don’t do it for me. I guess I need a little more modern sprinkled into the more traditional spaces I gravitate towards, but overall, wonderful Pinspiration this Monday, Sarah!

    1. Me too, Anne! That chandelier is so gorgeous. I’m with you on the comfy dining chairs… we always spend hours sitting around the table, so I like an upholstered seat for some cushion. I love your idea of a big vintage patterned rug for that laundry room- I think that would be stunning and add some warmth and interest to that space! I hate to say it, but I do think the lack of a shower door is catching on and becoming popular. I’m not into that either and much prefer a steam shower. All of the new builds and show homes in our area are doing one large primary wet room… no doors on anything- shower, bathtub, sink, toilet… it’s all in one large modern room. That feels so weird to me. I’m not on board that trend at all. Ha! You ALL have great taste- I feel like we all know each other’s style at this point, which is so fun. I’ll see if I can find some more modern elements for the next 10 pins. Hope your week is off to a great start, Anne! xo