10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via fleur aesthetic

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for a new edition of 10 Pins! I spent more time than usual perusing Pinterest this month, as I pulled together design plans and moodboards for upcoming house projects. It felt like a particularly inspiring month in terms of interiors and design. I’ve been saving lots of inspiration, but if you want to see my favorites of the month- click on through! 

#1 // Bedside Desk
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via mark d. sikes

Mark Sikes can do know wrong when it comes to design. I’ve been crushing on many of his beautiful images, but this bedside desk was a stand out! I love the woven desk itself, the painted blue bed that perfectly matches the gallery wall frames, and the use of pattern. Did you also notice the double light fixtures? A sconce and a table lamp… I’m digging it!

#2 // Laundry Room Sink
via nest design for AD home san francisco showcase

I virtually toured the San Francisco show home and there was lots of inspiration to be found. The laundry room was a top pick for me… the funky geometric floor tile, the custom cabinetry, and most importantly- that gorgeous stone on the countertop and backsplash.

#3 // Dining Nook with Mural
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via michelle adams

This simplistic dining space was another stand out this month. From the wood warm hardwood flooring to the soft mohair(?) modern chairs, to the traditional mural in the background, it felt really well curated. I also liked the magnolia branches in the silver vessel as a centerpiece.

#4 // Minimalistic Bedroom
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via derbund

This bedroom reminded me of one we stayed at during a trip to France… it definitely has a minimalistic luxe, European feel to it. I like the layered bedding, the heavy baseboard, the simple panel moulding, and the natural pine flooring. It definitely has a calming and relaxing appeal to it! Perhaps even a Scandinavian vibe.

#5 // Harlequin Hallway
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via shinola hotel for usa today

I know I have a love/hate relationship with harlequin flooring right now (because of its wild popularity), but this dark rendition is absolutely stunning! It’s warm, packs a graphic punch, and has a nice high contrast aesthetic. This is a hotel I’d love to check out or book a stay!

#6 // Kitchen Sink Styling
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via willow crossley creates

Speaking of hotels, this sink vignette at the Gleneagles Hotel gets me every time. I’ve probably pinned 5+ versions of it, styled differently each time. I adore the floating shelf and brass brackets behind the sink.

#7 // Modern Green Bathroom
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via brad ford for 1st dibs

Whoa! This modern bathroom stopped me mid scroll… the chevron flooring, the insanely beautiful marble slabs with the high contrast veining, the mixed metals, and the soft finishes- like the woven rug, upholstered chair, wallpapered ceiling, and window treatments really spoke to me. It feels really innovative, designerly, inviting, and certainly has a unique look. I’m also really enjoying the green paint color!

#8 // Outdoor Dining Area
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via studio mcgee

This outdoor dining space is styled in a gorgeous way where rustic perfectly pairs with modern. The plaster finish has such a gorgeous texture, and the warm wood tones really make the backdrop come alive.

#9 // Daybed Vignette
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via lulu de kwiatkowski for arch digest

I’ve been on a quilt kick lately. This one felt really interesting to me- especially paired with the vintage French looking daybed. You already know I’m a fan of grasscloth wallpaper, vintage art, and the simple roman shade is also well done, that helps to soften the space. This would be the perfect spot to rest or take a nap.

#10 // Custom Drapery
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via a glass of bovino

Did you catch my friend Alisa’s bedroom reveal last week? Definitely click over and check it out- she did a fantastic job! You know I love custom drapery with a greek key detail– this image from her reveal post was my favorite. The vintage balloon chair, the monochromatic palette, the drapery details, and the light leak… it’s pretty dreamy!

That concludes this month’s 10 Pins! I hope you found it equally as inspiring. During my travels this month, I’ll have plenty of down time to browse and scroll, so expect another good roundup next month. I hope you’re having a great day!

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  1. Good morning from Memphis! What a great crop of inspiration! You can’t go wrong with a classically beautiful Mark Sikes room. A bedside desk is a look I always admire but could never imagine how to execute in my own home. I love the double light fixtures and the four poster bed! Oh my goodness. The stone in that laundry room is stunning! I love the channel detail on the edge of the counter and the finely ribbed texture of the lower cabinets. Boy, murals of all kinds are really having a moment! Those amazing dining chairs are definitely reading mohair, and the contrasting sleek black frames are killer! Walking around Memphis, we’ve been mesmerized by the magnolias, so I’m here for that leafy arrangement. I completely understand your harlequin concerns, but those dark colors are perfection! A great example of how a slight change can freshen a familiar look, right? Whoa, indeed. That modern bathroom…heaven. That marble haunts me! Those sconces, the patinaed towel warmer, the green, the leaning piece of vivid modern art? Yup. I could brush my teeth there. Then I could read for a bit on that lovely daybed (despite judgy uncle staring at me😉). I’ve long coveted a suzani, and I’m into the minimal color story of that one. (At least, the pattern is giving suzani vibes.) And, for sure, Alisa nailed the monochromatic look! Can you believe what she finds on fbmp?! East coasters have it made. We’ve got a day and a half left of our adventure here. I bet you’re getting excited to start yours! Have a glorious Tuesday, Sarah! (It is Tuesday, right??)💙

    1. Good morning! I hope you’re having wonderful trip, Peggi! Murals really are having a moment, and I’m here for it. I also really love those dining chairs! LOL at the judgy uncle in the daybed photo. HAH! Alisa is the queen of FBMP- and yes, the east coasters have it made. Jealous! The magnolias in Memphis sound beautiful. I hope your last day and a half is filled with fun, good fun, adventure, and a little relaxing before you head home! I hope you all are having a fantastic time. We’re definitely getting excited for our own vacation. Enjoy your Tuesday!! xo

  2. You’re absolutely right; Mark D Sikes can do no wrong! This look is one I’ve been playing with in my head lately. I especially love the sconce and table lamp pairing. I’ve pondered whether that would be too much, but it feels well done here, and now I have an image to pair with a few of the ideas I’ve been mulling over.
    The laundry room is impeccable! The fluted drawer fronts and waterfall effect of the countertop are both singing to my soul. What gets me with this one is the added detail on the countertop edge-I’ve never seen a rendition like this, but it certainly boasts some subtle impact!
    The dining nook is exquisite. The mohair cushions in the warm rustic tone mimic the colors of the magnolia arrangement so beautifully. Against the high contrast wood, and the mountainside mural- I could eat a pastry here and be in heaven.
    I completely understand the love hate relationship with the harlequin flooring lately, but who could resist it done this way?? I mean…it’s stunning! This is the kind of flooring that begs you to explore what’s hidden behind the next door.
    The shelf detail in the kitchen vignette is my favorite. I have a feeling shelf jewelry is going to be on the rise soon, as more people look to change up the open shelf concept in their homes, and as of right now I’m loving it. Talk to me in 6 months when everyone else has this throughout their house, and I may have a different opinion, but I’m a fan of adding jewelry in the form of hardware to the little spaces like this!
    The green bathroom is certainly stunning. That graphic marble packs a stupendous punch, and I adore the color of green. What I don’t love is seeing the plumbing lines under the sink. My eye is drawn to it every time I look at the picture. However the cabinetry, the tub, and the detail on the towel warmer all still caught my eye, so it’s safe to say I still like the space despite the distraction. Haha!
    I too am loving the texture of the plaster in the outdoor space. As we begin prioritizing projects, I find myself longing to bring a more modern look to the exterior of our home, in both color and texture. Both are perfect here, and I love the table and chair pairing.
    I’m such a sucker for all the woven detail in the daybed vignette! The rug, the gorgeous bedside table, and the detail on the bed itself-all speak to me.
    Alisa’s bedroom is my favorite of the pins this time around. The more drapery I look at, the more I realize that I need detailed trim for that finished look. I just adore this look in a mega way. The glass knobs on the doors, that stunning chair…gahhhh! It’s perfect, and the green she chose is the icing on the cake.
    I’m excited for your travels, and hope that your trip is the perfect adventure to break up the busy season you and Emmett have been experiencing. I know you’ll come back rejuvenated and inspired! No doubt you’re both counting down the days. Have a lovely rest of the day friend! Xo

    1. I’m with you… I like the look! I actually did that in our guest room with a table lamp and floor lamp paired together on the same side of the bed. It works well! I really liked all of the modern details in the laundry room, too. So pretty! I wish we could all sit around that pretty table and eat pastries and drink coffee together. That hallway really is special and the tile is gorgeous- I like that it’s different than the typical harlequin flooring we’ve been seeing lately. I’ll definitely share some snippets of our travel and a big recap on the blog once we get back. Here’s to hoping it will give you a few seconds of zen and a virtual escape. I’m ready for some good beach days! I hope your summer break is going swimmingly and you and the fam are having an awesome time! xo

  3. Oh, so. much. eye. candy! I feel like bedside desks aren’t easy to do so Mark did a fantastic job with this one, and that laundry room?? Love *everything* about it and at first glance, thought it was one of YOUR laundry rooms, Sarah! It’s so classically beautiful with the stone and cabinetry, but adds some modern fun with that cool floor tile. That hotel kitchen gets all the heart eyes from me and the cut out holes over what I’m assuming is the trash cabinet are wild. I assume they have some sort of covering that’s not shown to contain smells, but maybe not? Interesting nonetheless! The green bathroom is gorgeous, but I’m with Lauren…my eye immediately went to the exposed piping under the sinks and I’m NOT here for it! LOL Seriously though, I only want to see exposed piping if it’s gorgeous or unique enough to warrant being seen. I love that they even added green water to the bathtub! 🤣 The daybed vignette is perfection, too – I could totally take a nap on that baby (and that suzani fabric is soooo beautiful) – even down to the palm fronds outside the open window. Judgey uncle be damned! Too funny, Peggy. 😂 Did you happen to click through to see more of Lulu’s home on AD? LOVE.IT. What a cool and funky beach home! The tile mural at the front entrance that she did, the fun bench in the entry and the primary bedroom, all had my heart. I feel like the word “veranda” can be overused and not really appropriate for some porches, etc, but this one? This one was most definitely a Veranda! And, did you see the pool??? I just love a pool surround that’s a majority of green grass, although I imagine it’s more difficult to maintain. You mentioned some relaxing time on the beach, maybe you’ll see Lulu there? 😋 Have an amazing and long overdue vacation, Sarah! Cannot wait to hear all about it. 💕

    1. Right?! Pinterest felt like a goldmine this month! I loved that laundry room too- it definitely feels fitting of my style. So many beautiful small details in that space. The cut holes in the hotel kitchen are definitely for trash or compost- which feels appropriate for a commercial space. I didn’t consider smell, but here’s to hoping they take it out frequently. Haha! Maybe it’s for bar linens? Who knows! I totally get the exposed plumbing conversation… I’m with you. It only works well in certain situations. “Judgey uncle be damned” LOL!! I’m cracking up. I would also thoroughly enjoy a nap there. Yes- I toured Lulu’s entire home and it’s really fun! I totally agree with you- definitely an appropriate veranda situation… and the pool! I’m aching for a pool over here. Can’t wait to report back with vacation photos. Happy Friday, Anne!! xo