10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : cara santana for arch digest

It’s that time again… I’ve got a new 10 Pins post for you! This month there was lots of inspiration to be found on Pinterest (follow along, if you’re not already!). Admittedly, I’ve been pinning and curating my pool board, in hopes to manifest that dream next year. Haha! In all seriousness, I ended up saving a lot of beautiful spaces by talented designers, design enthusiasts, and photographers. Click through to see what felt inspiring to me this month…

#1 // Warm Hallway
source : alyssa kapito

This beautiful hallway has such a warm palette and incredible natural light. I love the use of repeated ottomans and the way the console table vignette is styled. I also stopped to admire that light fixture and the walnut wood tones!

#2 // Green and Gold Powder Bathroom
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : interior anthology

This powder bathroom stopped me mid scroll. You know I love a good green, but I was surprisingly into the gold leaf ceiling and the way the basic vanity has been painted. I’m definitely taking note of this for future budget-friendly makeovers! The black vanity with the gold outlines is really striking and feels very designerly.

#3 // Soft Neutral Bedroom
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : studio mcgee

This classic bedroom feels spot on for summertime. The crisp layered bedding, the limestone fireplace, the stacked art vignette installed beneath a hinged arm sconce, and of course the millwork… it’s all very well styled and designed!

#4 // Gold Living Room
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : jess cathell

This was actually one of the inspiration images I saved for my own fireplace, so it was fun to see that recirculating in my feed recently. If we had a wood burning fireplace, I definitely would have taken the herringbone brick route. Anyway- this space is always a timeless favorite. Also take note of the upholstery, drapery, and artwork!

#5 // Blue and White Garden
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : mark d. sikes

Obviously I’ve had gardening and outdoor living on the brain lately, so this charming space by Mark D Sikes felt very appropriate. I thought about buying lots of blue & white planters, but the terracotta options better fit my garden budget. Maybe next year I’ll be inspired to mix some of those in- or better yet, score a few vintage options to style in my garden. I’d love to mimic similar pavers on our patio outside, to replace or cover our basic concrete someday.

#6 // Arched Bathtub Alcove
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : heidi caillier

Heidi Caillier brings us another gem with this bathroom beauty! If you missed my post on how to make subway tile look classic, but not basic… you’ve got to read that. I reiterate the importance of using trim pieces. A few years ago, I created a similar look with a black bordered accent tile in my guest bathroom. I also love the textiles used throughout the space- that shower curtain is really gorgeous, especially tucked behind the marble curb.

#7 // Layered Living Room 
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : lauren l caron

I really enjoying following Lauren, and that gallery wall is what captured my attention. I love how she installed art, taxidermy, and even sculptural decor on the wall to create an impressive and curated layout. The orchid in the silver vessel is another timeless design trick I always admire!

#8 // Green Office
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : alice lane interiors

Obviously I have all things office on my brain since we’re renovating my own home office. I like a classic black desk, and this one is certainly a statement! I’m also enjoying the eclectic mix of materials, moody color palette, and layered look. That gorgeous drapery is also something to note!

#9 // Arched Hallway
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : lynda kerry

Obviously I have a thing for a beautiful hallway! This one is much cooler in tone, but the color palette is equally as beautiful. I love the dark wood, plum accents, and warm textural elements. I’ll always enjoy seeing a pedestal table piled high with gorgeous arrangements, florals, or greenery! I have to also point out that beautiful millwork and cased arched openings.

#10 // Neutral Bathroom
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
source : kate marker

Last, but not least… a neutral bathroom that is simple and functional. This is also an angle we’re not used to seeing when it comes to large, spacious primary baths. Honestly, the rug and chandelier are the two items that stole the show for me in this one. You know I covet vintage rugs and this one is so warm and worn against the cool marble tile.

That concludes this month’s Pinterest inspiration! Next month should I stick to a theme or specific room? In the past, I’ve covered: front doors, bathrooms, and kitchens. Tell me what you’d like to see and I’ll see what I can dig up! I hope your week is going well so far.

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  1. The pool in the opening of this post is incredible! In a world where over the top pools are the primary go-to, I love the simplicity and old world elegance of a more standard style. The air of privacy from those shrubs, and the quiet little moment in the sun on the curved patio-it all speaks to what my backyard would look like if we installed something like this. I’m also digging the warm hallway-the wall color is similar to what I envision for our entry and pass-through. I’ve long thought about repeating benches along that wall, and seeing someone do something similar gives me the courage to go for it. The garden area by Mark D Sikes speaks to my soul! He is so talented, and who wouldn’t want to have morning coffee in a space like this?! I often dream about what our hardscape could look like if the brickwork had been repeated on our side patio, or if they had repeated the stamped concrete on our main patio. This image strikes that vein. One day I hope to resolve those inconsistencies in our hardscape, but for now I’m content to just dream that this is where I have my coffee. Lol. How amazing is the arched bath alcove?? I’m loving everything about it-the trim detail, the marble, the shower curtain…very well done space with a classic, elegant feel. You’ve given me some outdoor inspiration today that was much needed! I think I have a firm grasp on the direction I want (at least for the backyard), and how all of those elements blend is starting to take shape. Thankfully!! I’m quite frustrated with the brainstorming, ha! I’ll end up down a rabbit hole today for sure! Thank you for the inspiration on this fine Wednesday morning!! I hope your day is lovely, productive, and full of sunshine! Xo

    1. I totally agree with you, Lauren! As we’re pricing out pools and planning for the future, I really don’t want or need all the bells & whistles. We’re thinking just a simple rectangle… now fountains, sprays, unique shapes, etc. I love your statement on old world elegance, and I thought the same. I also really liked that hallway! Mark D Sikes really is such a talented designer- I enjoy seeing and pulling inspiration from all of his spaces, indoors and out. I’m excited to hear about your backyard! Emmett is honestly better at landscape and outdoor planning than I am, so he’s usually the one in our house with the good ideas when we brainstorm. Hope you had a great day! Sorry I didn’t get to respond yesterday… I was mid replies and forgot we were hosting dinner. Hah :) Hope it was a great day!! xo

  2. Good morning! Such a varied round up today! I agree with Lauren on the simplicity and intimacy of that pool area. I think designing such a space would be a significant challenge, but this seems a promising start. The light fixture in the warm hallway is divine, and I’m not mad at those benches or the walnut wood tones. I’m into the mirror and the Art Deco feel of the sconces against that bold green bathroom wall. How dreamy to have a fireplace in the bedroom next to that perfectly styled bed. Our patio is vintage brick, but my setup isn’t *quite* as glamorous as your inspiration image. Is there anywhere that blue and white porcelain doesn’t look amazing? Yes to that Heidi Caillier design; the tile execution really is like your guest bath! I dig the alcove, the marble curb and that cute gingham curtain. I also love following Lauren Caron; have you seen the floor mural she’s planning for her ORC? Shut up with that Alice Lane desk!!! Now that’s a spot that might boost my productivity. I’ll pretend I’m sitting there today, so I can finally get some inside work accomplished. Thanks for the inspiration round up, as always! My vote for next month would be bedrooms…(selfishly seeking inspiration!) Have a super Wednesday, friend!💜

    1. Sorry I missed you this morning! For some reason my scheduled post showed up a couple hours late- so weird. Anyway, thank you for checking back in to say hello :) As we start considering a pool (and seeing if we can even afford it), it has been fun to learn about the design options and functionality. I had no idea that pool covers are super durable these days. Apparently you don’t even need to fence a pool anymore because you can walk on the covers, and they come with a keypad- you have to know the code to unlock the cover. So crazy! I’m envious that your patio is vintage brick. I feel like we have basic concrete galore at our house. Lauren is the best! It has been fun to get to know her, and yes- I can’t wait to see the floor mural! That desk is initially what I had envisioned for my office, but I couldn’t find any within my price range, so I landed on my budget version. Ha! Maybe someday. Next month, I’ll definitely do bedrooms :) That will be fun! Hope your Wednesday was a good one! xox

  3. I agree! The simplicity of the pool design is beautiful! It’s funny how you talk about training your design eye to see and find the subtle design elements, but I also feel like I’ve started to train my $$$ eye too. The design is so simply and elegant, yet the upkeep must be expensive given that the grass butts up right against the pool. I’ve read that it’s hard to keep the grass from turning brown and dying because chlorine water will kill the grass. I wonder if there would be any alternative designs that could keep the streamline look, but include more of a buffer around the pool perimeter?

    1. Sarah you think like I do! I had to reply! For my yard, I would likely add a perimeter of gravel or rock surrounding the pool (visual interest and texture) and have a concrete border surrounding that. (My house is Mediterranean with terra cotta tiled roof, so I’d gravitate towards a deeper color version of lava rock versus the typical gravel). This way, there would be a substantial border around the pool where grass doesn’t meet, and also a lovely walkway all around. (I’d want it for chairs or chaise lounges). In my head I can see it, and I think it would definitely help cut back on the maintenance cost of the entire yard to not have grass right up next to it. You could also do a wider coping that would accomplish the same thing. Interesting you brought that up, because that was my second thought regarding the shrubs being so close as well. We have red tip Photinia along one wall and mine are messy as all get out in the spring-I wouldn’t want to be the one cleaning the pool before taking a dip! Haha! Such a great point!

      1. Oooh, Lauren! I love that idea!! Great points.

    2. Isn’t that pool amazing? I love that you’re noticing those type of things, Sarah! I’d imagine the upkeep is definitely expensive. I’m sure the tall ledge helps, but having a pool surrounded by grass isn’t super functional or easy to maintain. As we’re starting our exploration at looking into pools, I’ve quickly learned that many of the options I like aren’t all that practical or affordable. Shocking, I know. Lol! I will say- many of the pool companies I’ve talked with say that most people are choosing salt water over chlorine these days… it’s less expensive, better for the environment, better for your skin, etc. I have to imagine it still wouldn’t be great for the grass, but maybe not quite as harsh? Excellent point!