10 Pins : Entryway Edition

10 Pins : Entryway Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via maddie hughes design

Happy May! How was your weekend? How is it already May? We’re having a relaxing time here in beautiful Hawaii. It was one of the best weekends I’ve had in awhile! They always go too fast, don’t they? To kick off the work week, I’ve got a new 10 Pins post for you- packed with inspiration I found on Pinterest! I decided to choose a specific type of room to feature today, and obviously I’ve had our entryway renovation on my mind. This month, I rounded up some seriously dreamy and aspirational entry vignettes… some are small, some are open concept, some include a pretty staircase, and all of them have excellent styling. Click through for my favorites! 

#1 // Striped Entryway
10 Pins : Entryway Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via mark d. sikes

This entry designed by Mark D. Sikes has been a big source of inspiration for me. I love the simplicity and classic nature of this space… along with all of the neutral warm tones. It feels timeless!

#2 // Small Entryway
10 Pins : Entryway Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via hannah seabrook for southern living

This entry is proof that you don’t need a lot of space to squeeze in a lot of style. This small entryway is functional, beautiful, and well decorated. I’m digging all of the textural elements here.

#3 // Lacquered Entryway Storage
10 Pins : Entryway Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via amber brown matlack

Do you ever use your main entryway, or are there multiple entrances into your home? Funny enough, Emmett & I never use our front door or main entrance… we always enter our home through the garage. Back entrances are perfect for storage and a more casual look- like a mudroom. I love how functional this entry room is, and I also appreciate the designerly touch of lacquered cabinets.

#4 // Traditionally Styled Entryway
10 Pins : Entryway Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via august taylor design

If you’re looking for entryway styling ideas, this traditional example includes all of the necessities: a chair to put on shoes, a chest for storage & styling, an umbrella holder, and plenty of personality. That intaglio and vintage art gallery wall is so charming!

#5 // Bench in Entryway
10 Pins : Entryway Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via mcGrath 2

This entryway feels so warm and inviting despite the minimal decor. The millwork and finishes really speak for themselves in this historic looking home. In narrow spaces like this, a bench makes perfect sense.

#6 // Entryway Stair Vignette
10 Pins : Entryway Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via august taylor design

This is partially how I envision styling our entryway once it’s finished… I’ll be using our existing round table, and I’d like to include a seat or two of some sort (for putting on shoes). By the way- are you a shoes or no shoes house? We’re no shoes in our house. I was just curious! I’m liking the use of oversized branches and florals styled on the entry table.

#7 // Casual Cottage Entryway
10 Pins : Entryway Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via pfeffer torode

If your home is more casual or short on space, don’t underestimate the functionality of installing a couple hooks by the door. We did the same thing at our previous home… two hooks and a credenza was really all we really had space for, but it worked well! It also offers a fuss-free look.

#8 // Open Entryway
10 Pins : Entryway Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via suzanne kasler

If your home is open concept, I like the idea of using tables, lighting, and rugs or runners to better define the space. Suzanne Kasler designed the perfect example that features a functional entryway that doesn’t detract from the overall space. It’s a small moment that leads to an even better view.

#9 // Tudor Entryway
10 Pins : Entryway Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via katie rosenfeld

This tiny tudor entryway is so bright and happy. You know I love that black barley twist table! I’m into the pops of yellow- using florals or branches that mimic permanent finishes (like tile) is a great way to create a cohesive vignette.

#10 // Townhome Entryway
10 Pins : Entryway Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via josh young

Last, but not least… I will forever be inspired by my friend Josh’s townhome entry. It classical, neutral, the millwork is impeccable, and he always does a fantastic job styling. Some things to note- the scale of the light fixture, the table, and the oversized dried hydrangea arrangement. It certainly makes a statement.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s 10 Pins! As I’m planning ahead for next month, would you like to see another specific room or do you prefer a mix of different types of spaces? Let me know in the comment section below. I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead! My plan is to soak up as much sunshine and salt water as I possibly can before we head home.

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  1. Good morning! 10 Pins is always a fabulous way to start the week (and month)! I kind of find the wild variation in entryways fascinating. So many homes don’t really have such a space; my first home didn’t even have a coat closet?! (It was AZ, but still.) Our 1940s Cape has a teeny, tiny entry with just enough room for a vintage rug and a mirror, but it does boast a generous closet. Of the entries you featured, I think my favorites are the intro image, #2 and #9. I’m drawn to a more enclosed area with a table/chest. I’m definitely noting that two of my picks sport grasscloth-that dreamy texture! The styling, too, in each instance hits just the right balance for me, although none of them have a rug! I adore the colorful tile in the Katie Rosenfeld example! My perfect entry would have a more weather resistant surface than wood. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, my ideal scenario would be to have a gracious, welcoming entry at the front and a hardworking, utilitarian mudroom at the back. *Furiously scribbles notes for next house* I enjoy this single room focus format! It helps me analyze the possibilities for one space in depth. All of the entries with staircases are flawless, but I think the Josh Young space might be my favorite. The Mark Sikes one is helping me imagine your possible sconce placement! And I love the panel moulding/wallpaper combo. Those expansive layouts certainly make for a grand entrance!
    The shoes in the house debate always intrigues me. I, myself, would always rather be barefoot, but I don’t have a strong preference about others wearing shoes in the house. I understand the cleanliness aspect, but my two shaggy dogs mean my floors are in constant need of attention so…
    I’m so happy to hear your Hawaiian escape is having the desired effect! Here’s to all the island vibes!💜

    1. I love a good 10 Pins post! It was fun to switch it up and choose a specific room this time- thanks for the push :) This is the only home we’ve had that has an actual entryway and space to hang jackets or kick off shoes. I don’t really know what to do with all this space. My previous small space solution was always a chair, bench, or credenza. I’m anxiously awaiting our future mudroom renovation someday. I can’t wait to move the laundry room and have a designated space (out of eyesight) for things like shoes, coats, dog leashes, etc. That’s exactly what I was thinking for the sconce placement… though Emmett is not convinced he wants to wire electrical and rip down drywall. Womp womp! I’m not giving up though. Maybe I can add a puck light or battery powered option. TBD! I love hearing about everyone’s house rules and shoe debate. Our dogs are always tracking things inside, so I’m always in socks. I grew up in a no shoes household and Emmett grew up in a shoes-on horse farm / converted barn house, so we have differing opinions on that topic. Ultimately, we’re a casual no shoes house- but we also won’t be upset if someone leaves them on. We also have family members where it’s a cultural thing to ALWAYS remove shoes before entering the house (kick them off outside or in the garage), so we got into the habit of no shoes in the house. Anyway- it’s fascinating to me! The island vibes were rainy, but good :) Hope your Sunday is going swimmingly! xo

  2. Good morning! Hawaii looks gorgeous from your story share and I’m so happy it’s been the unwind you both need. This 10 pins will hopefully assist me in the inspiration department as well-our entryway is open to the front room and honestly I haven’t thought about the entry styling at all until I read your opening remarks! This entryway by Mark D. Sikes makes sense as inspiration for your own- especially since the layout is extremely similar. I love the muted tonal stripes, the sizeable chandelier, and the sconces mimicked on the upper and lower floor. I’m now able to visualize the options you have for sconces in your entry, and I’m digging it! The small entryway is providing so much texture and elegance and I’m loving the lamp selection; is that glass? Acrylic?? It’s beautiful. I think you’ve shared this entry before if I’m not mistaken. I envy homes that have extra entries, especially when they have ample space. We do have a separate entrance, however it opens to a small hallway; it is only used when unloading groceries or when the kids come in from outside. The lacquered cabinets in this separate entry make a stunning backdrop for the checkerboard flooring, and I love the simple and functional styling. The traditional entryway is stealing my heart. The oversized florals and the floral pottery and umbrella stand are definitely the show stoppers. I’m stopping to take notice of this small entry space and the bench use- I’ve wanted a bench, but was never sure if our space would feel too cramped. Seeing one in a space that looks similar to mine gives me hope that it wouldn’t be odd. #6 is my favorite entry so far. Who could resist the adorable round table with nesting stools? Or the large blue and white pottery with the stunning greenery? When it comes to shoes in a home I’m team whatever is comfortable for an individual. I don’t ask guests to remove their shoes and I’m a 50/50 person myself. I prefer being barefoot in my house, but thanks to two littles and a chewy dog I’d never recommend it for guests…unless you love a crumb crusted foot, haha!! The Tudor entry has some beautiful elements, like the barley twist table and the punchy yellow florals, but the flooring is too busy for my taste. I certainly can appreciate the overall look of this one, it’s just not quite my jam. I would have never guessed that last image was a townhome entry! It’s stunning. I’m loving all the things you mentioned, especially the millwork. Entryway styling is both a conundrum and interesting. Every home has its own unique challenges and I’ve noticed very few entries that are exactly the same. Inspiration in this department is difficult for me to translate to my own space, so I find myself picking and choosing individual elements of inspiration, rather than viewing an entire space as inspiration. Our entry is unique in that it is open and feels large because of the vaulted ceilings, but really it’s a glorified, L-shaped walkway. Our stairs open up to it, but they are utilitarian in form and function, separating one portion of our home from the rest, and offering no architectural or visual interest. They terminate flush with the entry wall and shortest leg of the “L”. The longer leg of the “L” is a hallway between our stairs and kitchen, leading to what will be our dining room. While it is wider than most hallways, it could never be considered spacious. After living here for 6 years I’ve come to realize the best way for me to create any sort of entry vibe, lays in getting creative with light fixtures, art, and flooring. Swapping the can lights overhead for dramatic pendants and hanging a gallery wall would elevate the hallway portion; the addition of a bench would make sense and provide function. Swapping the can lights above the stairs for an interesting flush or semi-flush mount would take a drab and dull view to a new level. A long oval shaped mirror above the entry table would likely allow that area to feel like less of a walkway. I could even see myself utilizing candle sconces on the wall heading upstairs. Tiny elements that paired together could dramatically change the feel of the space. At least that’s what I hope, haha! Thank you for keeping the inspiration alive on this beautiful May morning! I hope you enjoy the rest of your Hawaiian getaway! Xoxo

    1. Hawaii was really fun despite the crummy weather! I’m glad we were able to go. 10 Pins always puts me in a good and inspired mood- I’m glad you enjoyed this one! I’m trying to convince Emmett to help me install striped wallpaper in our entryway and he is not budging. I’m not giving up though! I used to be a “whatever is comfortable” shoes on or off person… I think because I’m a people pleaser- but as we started to renovate, I kind of changed to a “no shoes please” gal. I think by this point, most of our close friends know to kick off their shoes when they come over, and for the new people who visit once- I usually just let it be. Ha! I think it’s fun to hear about “house rules”. We’ll eat or drink in any room in our house, but no shoes- weird, I know. Lol! I hope you and the fam had a fantastic Sunday. We’re about to fire up the grill and throw on some BBQ chicken and veggies :) xox

  3. #6 is my favorite, and yes for little seats for shoes. We live in such a small house that we are always in and out, doors open all day, so shoes on. But I love wearing my house sandals for the majority of the time inside.

    1. I love that one too, Julie! We have house sandals as well… I don’t like being barefoot (my toes are always cold) and it’s nice to have some better foot support. I always find house rules so interesting. Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Hello! Enjoyed the 10 Pins Entryway post! Entries have been almost removed in new homes today. They are one of my favorite rooms in the house! This is giving me more motivation and a nod into the direction I want to go with our entryway and mudroom ideas. We are back door (garage) users as well. #3 &#7 is an arrangement I want to incorporate into our mudroom with a credenza & lockers for all our stuff. I love #9 with the door that separates the entry from the main house. Loving the August Taylor entry with the round table, seating, and moldings….very inviting!
    Enjoy your trip to Hawaii. Hope it is relaxing and inspiring!

    1. Hi Danna! I’m so glad you liked this one :) I hope you had an amazing weekend. I’m playing comment catch up after vacation :) It was definitely a nice time! How was your Florida trip?!