10 Pins : Design Blogger Edition

10 Pins : Design Blogger Edition - roomfortuesday.comIt’s time for a new 10 Pins post and this one is very special! I figured it would be fun to share pins from my fellow design bloggers. People like myself spend a lot of time, effort, and energy styling spaces to share with the internet. I wanted to spread the love and highlight a few of those people who work hard to create beautiful inspiration for us all. Click through to check out what I found on Pinterest this month… 

#1 // A Bright Happy Kitchen
10 Pins : Design Blogger Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : coco+kelley

Did you know I got my start blogging by writing guest posts for Casandra on coco+kelley wayyy back when? It’s true! She took me under her wing and I had a lot of fun collaborating with her. I’m still a super fan of her blog and one of my favorite projects she has shared is her kitchen renovation. This space is so bright and cheerful! I love the patterned backsplash, the beautiful brass hardware, and her concrete sink. It’s one you should definitely check out.

#2 // Corner Vignette
10 Pins : Design Blogger Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : goldalamode

This stunning corner vignette is perfectly curated by my friend Cara! She shared a DIY framing tutorial, but I was mesmerized by the art placement, shadows, texture, that awesome topiary, and the millwork. Spoiler alert… the chandelier that we’ll be installing in our entryway above the staircase matches the sconce pictured above (catch a sneak peek here).

#3 // Moody Closet
10 Pins : Design Blogger Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : erin kestenbaum

When Erin revealed her master suite for the One Room Challenge, this closet blew me away! From the teal cabinetry color to the brass hardware and graphic wallpapered ceiling, the entire space is absolute perfection.

#4 // Traditional Fireplace and Neutral Living Room
10 Pins : Design Blogger Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : beginning in the middle

My pals Bryan and Catherine renovated this living room and my favorite thing about it was the fireplace transformation! You HAVE to click over to see the before images. If I didn’t have my limestone fireplace, I would replicate this exactly in our formal living room. I love the millwork, the marble, the clean lines, and the tiny dental moulding. It’s beautiful.

#5 // Modern Bathroom
10 Pins : Design Blogger Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : house seven design

Anissa designed this modern, moody bathroom and I’m loving the little details: the industrial faucets, the sconces, the black vanity, the shaker wall paneling, and the brass mirrors with the radius edges… it all comes together to create a show stopping space!

#6 // Rustic Bedroom
10 Pins : Design Blogger Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : chris loves julia

I’m sure you all know who sleeps in this beautiful bedroom… my friends Chris & Julia! They just revealed this space earlier in the week and it turned out so amazing. I love their over grouted fireplace, the heavy canopy bed, the geometric rug, the linen bedding, and the traditional nightstands. It all came together so nicely to create a relaxing, zen master bedroom.

#7 // Vintage Guest Room
10 Pins : Design Blogger Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : house of brinson

Will and Susan have an incredible amount of combined talent! My favorite room they’ve renovated in their historic home so far is this guest bedroom. You guys know I’m a sucker for that wall color (just look at my kitchen cabinets). From the insane Gracie wallpaper to the bubble chandelier and vintage rugs, this space really speaks to me.

#8 // Farmhouse Kitchen
10 Pins : Design Blogger Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : boxwood avenue

My friend Chloe is probably the sweetest human on the planet. I was in total awe of her kitchen renovation, but the thing that stole the show for me in this space… THAT FRENCH RANGE! Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful it is? She installed DIY white concrete countertops and I love the application of tiny hex mosaic tile as the backsplash.

#9 // Modern Office
10 Pins : Design Blogger Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : anne sage

Moving onto a modern space… Anne’s bright and creative office feels like a place I want to work. I’m digging the desk connected to the built-ins, the mod table lamp, the organization / idea boards, and the caned chair. All of these neutral textures really work well together!

#10 // Spring Tablescape
10 Pins : Design Blogger Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : jojotastic

Last, but certainly not least… my girl Joanna’s spring tablescape. I’ve always loved her little dining room and she is the best at styling the table for different holidays and seasons. From the wild floral arrangement to the linen tablecloth and loose knit burlap runner, this little vignette makes me excited for warm weather and brunch with friends! It’s the perfect pick me up.

Did you enjoy this special edition of 10 Pins? I hope so! Be sure to follow along with the aforementioned design bloggers because they’re constantly producing and sharing beautiful spaces. It was my honor to feature these talented people. Should I do more special or specific 10 Pins posts? I hope you’re all having a lovely week so far! We’re getting closer to the weekend… almost there.

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  1. You are so thoughtful to share the love with fellow hard-working bloggers! Inspiration abounds! I remember you mentioned writing for coco+kelley, and I always wonder how you met? Her style is breezy and lovely. Erin’s closet continues to kill me! The color! The stripes! Holy makeover! That fireplace by Bryan and Catherine?! Incredible. Also, the rust velvet, probably vintage, loveseat is gorgeous. The black vanity with the kind of integrated pulls is intriguing; it’s more modern than I would usually choose, but I dig it. House of Brinson are the best! I love that bubble chandelier…although I would hate to dust it. A French range like Chloe’s is a true dream; I might not stop looking at it long enough to cook though. That modern desk/built-in sitch is attractive; really makes me anxious to see what you’ve got cooked up! And Joanna certainly has a way with a tablescape; a spring brunch sounds lovely.
    I’m in for whatever kind of pin post you create. I like the random ones, but a specific room, color or feature might also make it fun. Thanks for helping me through this long week!

    1. I love doing that! We feel like one big design community… and I have to say- the majority of design bloggers are SO willing to spread the love and help each other out :) It’s the least I could do! Everyone wins- awesome inspiration, newfound accounts, and nothing but appreciate for beautiful interior spaces. Erin’s closet is just jaw dropping (still). I love that room! Bryan and Catherine are the dream team. We both work with Lowe’s and have called dibs on each other if there is ever a collaboration project they need us to tackle. Haha! That would be so fun! Will and Susan are probably the most talented people I have ever met. Chloe’s range makes me wish I had installed the black version of that in our kitchen. Anne’s modern office is just so cool, and Joanna can do no wrong when it comes to tablescapes. I feel like I have so much to learn from my design friends! This week really has felt long and heavy, hasn’t it? On a positive note- TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!! Whew :)

  2. Every single one of these is jam packed with so much inspo! I’m in awe, in love and completely obsessed with them all! My favorite by far is the CLJ bedroom…that overground fireplace kills me, and watching them get the bed in their room in stories was kind of hilarious! I just love how she is able to capture such a mood with the deeper neutrals, but still keeping it light and airy! #goals! And that closet you showed.. absolutely dreamy! From the color to the organization to the brass pulls.. I might have another “next” project haha!! Happy Thursday! This series is awesome, and love that you’re spreading the love to other bloggers!

    1. So glad to hear it, Lauren! They really did amazing work with that bedroom. I love the calming, rustic aesthetic that totally fits their house. Erin’s closet will forever be my favorite! That is what my master closet dreams are made of. Happy Thursday to you :)

  3. Wow, that was certainly a time suck of goodness! So many beautiful spaces, so little time. Thanks for the inspo.

    1. Yay!! Love hearing that, Melissa. So happy it was inspiring :)

  4. Hi Sarah, It would be fun to see a 10 pins post on how different people use the same paint color but in different ways / spaces or likewise a popular piece of furniture/ light fixture/etc. or a color combo of a kitchen /other room but interpreted in different ways!? I live for your posts😍

    1. I love, love, love that idea Lori! Thank you :) Hope you’re having a good week. xo

  5. I liked this post a lot! Off to check out the 2 people I don’t follow from your list. Yes, I already follow 8 of them!

    1. Yay!! I love hearing that :) Thanks for supporting my design friends, Jennifer! xo

  6. I cannot believe I have not followed or found so many of these talented people! I enjoyed looking at each one. CLJ’s bedroom is so cozy. Erin’s closet is so well done….Ikea never looked so good! I follow House Seven on instagram but now must read up on their blog.
    Happy late Thursday!

    1. Awww that makes my day to hear that, Danna! I hope you had a happy Thursday :) xo

  7. Susie | Chelsea Project says:

    Thanks for the peek of your new foyer chandelier. It’s so fab!! Love the updated, yet classic lines. I just may have to order one. LOL….. Susie from Chelsea Project