10 Pins : Bathroom Edition

10 Pins : Bathroom Edition - roomfortuesday.comHappy Tuesday, everyone! This is an awesome 10 Pins post, because it’s a special bathroom edition (check out the kitchen edition here, if you missed it)! I decided to bring you my favorite inspiring bath pins floating around Pinterest this month, and believe me when I say- there is something for everyone to love. I found an incredible and eclectic mix of styles. We’ve completed two bathroom renovations in our current home so far- the guest bath, pictured above… and our basement bath, but some of these have me ready to dive into designing our master bath (which we’ll renovate someday). Click through for endless inspiration in the bath department. There is a lot to note, save, love, and inspire!

#1 // Colorful Bath
10 Pins : Bathroom Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : ben pentreath for house & garden

This color palette feels so good to me! From the dark persimmon colored soaking tub to the gray and green wall colors, this space feels fun and colorful- but not juvenile. I loved analyzing all of the layers and paint combinations- did you notice the painted floors match the shower curtain?

#2 // Earthy Organic Bathroom
10 Pins : Bathroom Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : amber lewis

Amber’s home is nothing short of incredible and her master bath is no exception. My favorite part? The vanity countertops… that extra heavy slab with the double ogee is what my bathroom dreams are made of. The space feels so warm, inviting, earthy, and organic.

#3 // Luxury Powder Room
10 Pins : Bathroom Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : steven gambrel

This small vanity is so special! I love the graphic marble, the medium navy color, the contrasting piped panel detail, and of course the brass hardware & plumbing fixtures. What I didn’t expect to love- the wall color. It’s honestly a bit bright for my taste, but it seems to work in this space. I like the contrast trim application, too… it perfectly frames out the mirror.

#4 // Soaking Tub
10 Pins : Bathroom Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : brooklyn decker for arch digest

I’ve always dreamed of a country home or mountain cabin with a bathroom that includes a soaking tub and windows with views for days. This rustic bath is what my getaway dreams are made of! We’ll be replacing the bathtub in our master bathroom when it comes time to renovate, and this is the shape of soaking tub I want. So timeless!

#5 // Traditional Bathroom
10 Pins : Bathroom Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : summer thornton design

There is a LOT to love in this traditional bathroom… the chest turned vanity, the mirror, the sconces, the mixing of metals, the pinstriped wallpaper, the tone-on-tone blue paint with the textural grasscloth, and even the glimpse of an inset ceiling detail. It feels layered and classic in the best ways.

#6 // Eclectic Bath
10 Pins : Bathroom Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : simon watson

This bathroom just feels so hip. I LOVE the graphic stone and the brass tub filler…. I even like the vintage portrait. Maybe some people are creeped out by random portraits (especially staring at you while you take a bath?), but not me. I’m here for it. The thing that freaks me out a bit is the random wig / hair extension hanging from the shelf. That I cannot do. Haha! Overall, this space is incredible and you could totally style it to your liking- sans hair piece or portrait.

#7 // High Contrast Bathroom
10 Pins : Bathroom Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : ray booth & elizabeth kennedy

This high contrast bath reminds me a luxury hotel. I love the double floating vanity, the thick marble, and the stark black-on-white contrast. I also love the window treatment and mirror placement!

#8 // Glam Sink Situation
10 Pins : Bathroom Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : kirsten maltas

For me, the simplicity of this powder room is perfect: the millwork, the desaturated paint color, the brass hardware on the sink. The minimal nature of this bathroom allows the sink to act as a stunning sculptural piece of art.

#9 // Bright Bath
10 Pins : Bathroom Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : mark d sikes

You all know I’m a major Mark D Sikes fan… and this bright bath feels like it could be in the cutest beach cottage bungalow. It’s so cheerful and of course, is styled to perfection.

#10 // Warm Neutral Bath
10 Pins : Bathroom Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : studio mcgee

Last, but not least- this Studio McGee bath vignette is warm, neutral, and so calming. I love the oversized marble tile, the natural light flooding in, a touch of greenery, and of course the vintage rug. This is another example of perfect simplicity.

Was that inspiring? I hope so! Which bathroom is your favorite from this 10 pins post? Our master bathroom renovation is going to be a bear someday, but I really am looking forward to getting creative in that space. Right now, we don’t have the time, but it will be fun to tackle in the future!

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  1. Holy marble and brass, Batman! What an amazingly eclectic collection. Love the red, olive and ivory in the Ben Pentreath bath (and that towel warmer!), but the gray is not working for me. Maybe I would get it in context. Amber Lewis does California organic earthy like a boss-that marble top and those sconces are killer! (Did you see she just got a lake cabin to renovate?!) The marble and brass in the Steven Gambrel bath are stunning, and I’m drawn to the fluted alabaster (?) light fixture. I second your a LOT to love in that traditional bath! The two wallpapers, the chest, the blue. Classy. I think the eclectic bath might be my favorite; all of that purple-y marble and dark paint! The tub-filler! The glimpse of vanity leg! I might prefer a less hirsute fella watching me bathe…and maybe a nice fern instead of the hair piece? That gleamy, glam sink situation, though, wowza! The moulding, the jib door, the color and those nautical sconces?! That’s a special room. The brass is probably unlacquered though (don’t you think?), and I would be sad for it to lose its luster. The charming Mark Sikes bath is more approachable and homey. And, of course, what’s not to love about a luxurious soaking tub surrounded by glorious views?
    Thanks for a such an interesting round-up! Have a lovely Tuesday!
    (OK, Lauren, I’m anxious to hear your thoughts!😉)

    1. Aren’t they all so good? Amber Lewis really nails California casual every single time. She’s amazing! I definitely prefer a fern to the hairpiece…HAHA! Much better way to add texture. lol! I agree and do think the brass looks unlacquered- it will definitely patina over time. We’re really enjoying your home state! About to take the dogs to the beach for their first time. It’s raining, so this should be interesting. Ha! xo

  2. Holy vanities Robin!! What’s not to love about any and all of these??? I adore every one of them, for vastly different reasons. They each speak to a different side of my design and decorating tastes. I’m in love with the unexpected color combo in #1; the neutrals surrounding it seem to pop in a way that highlights the textural, textile aspects of a bathroom, making it feel warm and inviting. I probably would have picked more of a rust color versus red, but I still love it. Amber Lewis nails the wood tones every time, and I’m here for it…although I don’t much care for flat panel cabinetry. I probably would have picked a different finish of brass, but its still a swoon-worthy room. Brooklyn’s bathroom is all the goals!!! Our builders missed an opportunity when they installed the tub ion our master, and one day I intend to resolve it! We have two amazing picture windows perfect for soaking tub viewing, but they installed the tub so that your back faces the views…I tell myself daily that they arrived on site that day to a tub that was installed backwards and it was too late to change it, haha! I dream of a tub like this, facing all the views…just stunning.I adore the traditional bathroom!!!! The wallpaper, the vintage chest turned vanity, the crazy good mix of metals…its perfect and dreamy! The eclectic bath is one to speak of! I love the unexpected artwork, although a much more dapper looking fellow would be my preference; what doesn’t work for me is the grain of the marble… for me it’s a little harsh, but it works well in the space. I love the thick counter-top and roman shades in the high contrast bathroom, but my eclectic heart wishes there was some pop of something against all that contrast. I’d still love to live in it, if only for that counter-top. The warm neutral bath is what I’m all about, probably because its closest to the look I’m going for in our master. I love the sophistication it conveys, from the oatmeal linen shade to the taupe-gray grained marble, and the pop of color with the tree…each of those elements will appear in our bathroom, and seeing what my vision could look like (although different) gives me hope for my dream becoming a reality. And let’s not forget about the vintage rug on the floor!!!! Hello gorgeous, I see you!! Lol. Another element I plan on bringing into our space, in the form of one stunning runner in front of the vanity…I can’t wait to get back to working on it. Distance learning was a bear for the first five days, but after some help from our district tech and a little tweak to my own schedule, we are now in a groove and yesterday went swimmingly! I’m going to run off and listen to some folk music and let these images to do their thing in my head…maybe it will force some progress. Thanks for the roundup Sarah! This one was incredible in every way!

    1. I’m laughing at your tub story- that is such a bummer! Someday you’ll have it flipped and it will be perfect :) I also love the traditional bath- it’s so gorgeous! I spotted that vintage rug, too… hello beautiful. I love your idea of a vintage runner in front of the vanity. I’m SO happy to hear distance learning is going much better now (whew). Sending everyone good vibes for an awesome (although different) school year. Hope you and the fam have the best weekend! xo