10 Home Items That Impressed Me at Target

10 Home Decor Items That Impressed Me at Target - roomfortuesday.comHere’s the deal… yesterday I went to Target for toothpaste. TOOTHPASTE. That’s it. I should have came home with one tube of toothpaste- no need for a grocery bag… one tiny item. What did I come home with? Toothpaste plus a bunch of other little things. I know I’m not alone in this. Every once in awhile Target gets the best of me and I end up spending an hour shopping around. Was it fun? Yes! Did I come home with a few cool things? Definitely! What can I say? I wanted a few things for spring (like the vase, candle, and fresh tulips pictured above). The moral of my story is this- Target has some great home decor items at affordable prices, so I thought it might be fun to share 10 things that impressed me in the store yesterday… and which ones I bought. Click through for some Thursday shopping shenanigans! PS: this is NOT sponsored by Target. Haha!

#1 // Threshold Ceramic Planter

10 Home Decor Items That Impressed Me at Target - roomfortuesday.comThis was the first item that went into my cart. I actually passed it up the first time down the aisle and went back for it (typical Sarah move, right there). I pictured tulips in this big stoneware pedestal planter and couldn’t get it out of my head! Needless to say, it’s currently sitting on my entry table filled with tulips. It looks just like I pictured!

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#2 // Hearth & Hand Large Brass Candle

10 Home Decor Items That Impressed Me at Target - roomfortuesday.comThis is another item that ended up on my entry table. I usually don’t buy candles from Target (I’ll admit- I’m kind of a candle snob), but these giant 24 ounce candles from Hearth & Hand smelled really nice, light, and fresh for spring. I ended up with the “redwood” scent and it fit perfectly on my brass clawfoot pedestal dish. I like to re-use candle vessels for planters, toothbrush holders, whatever… if they look good- that’s incentive to style it elsewhere once the candle burns down.

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#3 // Opalhouse Embroidered Hem Hand Towel

10 Home Decor Items That Impressed Me at Target - roomfortuesday.comThis simple embroidered hand towel really impressed me! It felt cheeky and sophisticated. It looks very designerly, in my opinion- like something straight out of Kelly Wearstler’s collection. If I didn’t already have towels for our basement bath, I would’ve snagged this! Actually…. what was I even thinking?! I should’ve bought it for the powder room makeover. Argh. I guess I need to make another trip to Target.

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#4 // Project 62 Decorative Brass Bowl

10 Home Decor Items That Impressed Me at Target - roomfortuesday.comThis bowl immediately reminded me of my best friend Emily’s dining room (click here to see it)! She has a bowl filled with tulips (ironically) that she uses as a centerpiece and the scale and shape is VERY similar to this one. Hers is a designer version, but for this alternative being a fraction of the cost- I think it’s absolutely beautiful! Would you have thought to fill this thing with florals or plants to use as a centerpiece? She’s kind of a genius.

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#5 // Hearth & Hand Stoneware Bowls with Reactive Glaze

10 Home Decor Items That Impressed Me at Target - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re in need of dishes- look no further than Hearth & Hand’s glazed stoneware collection. It’s seriously stunning and rivals high-end serveware. The bowls are my favorite- they come in multiple shapes and sizes. I love the organic look and reactive glaze finish. Plus- they’re neutral, so they’d be a very timeless investment. If you’re registering for your wedding at Target, add these to the list!

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#6 // Threshold Rattan Natural Basket

10 Home Decor Items That Impressed Me at Target - roomfortuesday.comThis basket stopped me because of two things: the size (it’s over 20″ tall), and the timeless shape. I’d use it in a laundry room, or even as a plant basket. Stick a tree in there and you’ll instantly have a classic look with a textural, rattan planter. It reminded me a lot of the woven baskets and bags I stumbled across in markets located in the south of France last fall (read about that trip here). I wanted SO badly to ship one home, but because of the large size- freight was crazy expensive. I’m actually hoping Emmett doesn’t read this post because I *begged* him to let me ship one home and this basically looks exactly the same, haha!

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#7 // Fieldcrest Matelassé Coverlet

10 Home Decor Items That Impressed Me at Target - roomfortuesday.comI’m pretty picky about bedding and this is a good looking matelassé. I’m all about crisp, white, super soft (this is 100% cotton) bedding that looks like it came straight from a high-end hotel. This would be great for spring and summer months, or- layer it on top of your duvet now, as winter comes to a close! It comes in multiple colors and sizes… white is just my preference.

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#8 // Hearth & Hand Stoneware Utensil Caddy

10 Home Decor Items That Impressed Me at Target - roomfortuesday.comI don’t keep a utensil caddy on the countertop anymore, since we have built-in utensil organizers (take a video tour of my kitchen cabinets here!), but if I did have a use for a utensil holder… I would totally buy this one! I love the subtle linear pattern, how heavy it is (since it’s stoneware), and the neutral glaze color.

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#9 // Threshold Limestone Bookend

10 Home Decor Items That Impressed Me at Target - roomfortuesday.comI wish I would’ve spotted these limestone bookends BEFORE styling my living room built-ins. They’re the perfect color palette, look classic yet modern, and feel much more expensive than they actually are ($14!). They really would’ve been so perfect on my shelving and certainly fit the aesthetic I was going for in there. If you’re picky about color, I’d recommend buying them in person at the store, because there is a lot of variation and no two are the same.

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#10 // Project 62 Essential Oil Room Spray

10 Home Decor Items That Impressed Me at Target - roomfortuesday.comThis last one surprised me! I’m honestly a big fan of room spray (use it ALL the time). I keep it in our bathrooms and in the bedrooms. It’s nice to spritz the bedding from time-to-time or just refresh a room with a nice scent. Admittedly, I’m very snobby about room spray though (much like candles) because I’m picky when it comes to fragrance and scent. I was super bummed because my store was sold out of the vetiver + cedarwood scent, which was my favorite. It smelled just like the room spray I currently use and love from Barr-Co Reserve. It was that good at half the price, so I ended up ordering a couple bottles online. I was seriously impressed with this stuff! My second favorite scent at Target was the jasmine + ylang ylang.

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Do you guys like this super casual style of blog / shopping post? It was pretty fun and quick for me to pull this together, so if you’re into it- maybe we could shop together more often on the blog, at lots of different home stores! I’ve shared HomeGoods in the past, but I’m thinking I could visit places like West Elm or Ikea… stores that are accessible to everyone and I can easily link for you guys? I don’t mind being the weirdo sneaking product photos in stores. Ha! Let me know what you think!

10 Home Decor Items That Impressed Me at Target - roomfortuesday.comOh, and I’d love to hear about your favorite Target finds lately. Did any of mine make the cut? Funny story- one of my good friends has a hilarious Target rule. She always says, “I NEVER use a cart or basket- I only allow myself to buy what I can fit in my arms and carry out of Target.” I know, I know… it’s a dangerous place for all of us. If I did that, I’d probably have to make multiple trips in and out. Ha! Have a great Thursday, friends.

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  1. Hahaha. Not only are these fun posts, but I love imagining you being the weirdo snapping clandestine photos in a store. Luckily (for my wallet) Target is a 40-minute drive from my house. I think your finds are what I appreciate in the store; items made of stoneware and natural materials at very reasonable prices. I always enjoy their designer collabs, and I think their garden/outdoor selection is pretty great. And lampshades! They have quite a variety. I’m especially feeling inspired by your tulip arrangement, though! Fresh flowers might be just the pick-me-up I need. Happy Almost Friday, friend!💖

    1. Hahah! That is definitely me. I also like their designer collabs. I wish they’d partner with Nate Berkus again- I always enjoyed his textiles! I hope you were able to track down some fresh flowers today :) Happy almost Friday! xo

  2. LOVE THIS! The styling tips help me to picture what to do with the items, I frequently see them and feel tempted to buy them but then I get stuck on how to style them in my home. More of these posts please.

  3. Love this type of posts!! Thank you

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Jen! I’ll definitely do more of these :)

  4. LOVE this blog post, and YES to more of these! My favorite line from target is obviously Hearth and Hand, but I also love everything Project 62; and they are complete opposite design styles! I just went through target last week and was actually in a shopping mood; my favorite finds were the candles (same scent you love), and all the stoneware items from Hearth and Hand. I actually perused their mini lamps because your post about them was a day or so prior; let’s just say they have an awesome selection! I’m in love with the dishes and have been since they hit the shelves; mine need replacing and I want those so badly!! I’m sad I can’t buy them in a set though. And also, I’m hesitant to jump for them because I love the off-white, but part of the reason I need new ones is all the marks from silverware. The struggle is real over here. I actually almost snagged those bookends, and ended up coming home with a new vase for my bathroom, plus some super realistic stems from Hearth and Hand that are now living in my bathroom. (Thanking Jeff daily for breaking the old vase! Haha!) Target is definitely my place when it comes to finding pieces to style with; they’re just very beautiful pieces at an even more beautiful price. Thanks for sharing all the design tips! That really helps when you’re stuck on a piece, but not sure how to utilize it in your home! Great post! Happy Thursday Sarah!

    1. I’m so happy you liked it, Lauren! I’ll try to do one of these a month or something :) My Target doesn’t have a great lighting section… it’s a smaller one, so I feel like they don’t put out a lot of furniture or lighting, but your lamp sounds great! Happy almost Friday :)

  5. I love these shop-alongs…cannot wait to see if my target has these

    1. Woohoo!! Happy shopping, Kathy!

  6. I really enjoyed this post too!

  7. Target- the danger zone for my wallet. It’s best if I avoid entire sections of the store. I went yesterday with 4 grocery items and razors on my list and came out with a $144 total. I snagged a Hearth &Home comforter on clearance and couldn’t resist a straw beach hat that actually had an adjustable Velcro band for my pea sized head. Great finds! I love this sort of post on occasion.

    1. I can relate, Melissa! Haha :)

  8. Well, throw me into this fun mix of people who enjoy this type of post, Sarah. Cheers, Ardith

    1. You got it, Ardith! I had fun with this one. Looking forward to sharing more shopping adventures :) xo

  9. I thought you were going to say that the moral of the story is go to CVS when you need toothpaste ;). LOVE you blog!

    1. THAT TOO!! Haha :) Thanks, Anne!

  10. Love Tar jay! Its such a dangerous place for me! I find clothes, candles, housewares, outdoor pillows, etc. Couple of times a year I have to swear off of going for a month so my wallet can recuperate.
    A friend and I were in Target yesterday purchasing things for a friend who is about to have surgery. My favorite item was the Jason Mamoa (sp?) coloring book! Yep, she will enjoy that! Their pajamas were hard to choose just one set.
    YES, keep doing these posts. Love your finds!
    Happy Thursday!

    1. Me too, me too Danna! PS… that’s what my dad used to call it too, so this made me smile! Thanks for that :) SO so sweet of your to put together a little care package for your friend while she’s recovering. I love hearing that. I kind of want that Jason Momoa coloring book for myself. Ha! But seriously. xo

  11. Pam Tanner says:

    Sarah, yes! Please keep sharing posts about your finds at stores that many of us have at least fairly close by but without the time to go there often. Love every one of your finds here… in fact was at target yesterday, not for toothpaste :) but for a quick in and out and wish I’d seen this post before I went. Those book ends would’ve been in my cart for sure!! Thank you!

    1. You got it, Pam! The bookends were really cool. I wish I would’ve seen them before styling my living room built-ins. They would’ve been perfect there.

  12. Loveeeed this blog post!!! Really enjoyed it. Would love to see more. How cool that you showed us the picture of the tulips in the new planter at the beginning- gave me an even better sense of the planter’s proportions seeing it styled on your table with flowers. Thanks for your always very informative and useful blog posts!!!

    1. Woohooo!! Happy to hear it Kelly :) Adding more of these to the calendar as we speak. xo

  13. Love the choices!! I’ve contemplated a few when in the store before you shared and now must get in the car. These ideas and your quick photo are super helpful. Keep on sharing, thanks so much.

    1. I’m so happy these types of posts are helpful… I’ll add some more the blog calendar, Liz! xo

  14. Yes! Love a good shopping roundup!

    1. Me too :) Love hearing that!

  15. I was just doing some “quick reading” (i.e. procrastinating) before I had to run to the store. I do love this kind of quick post! So timely, just before I run to Target for some bread. ;)

    1. Did you end up with anything besides bread, Judy? Haha! Joking, kind of. Thanks for the comment :)

  16. Yes! Love Love love this post. Who doesn’t love Target? More of these please! Thank you!

    1. Right?! Thanks so much, Traci!

  17. Elizabeth Ramey says:

    Yes, to this kind of post! It is really helpful and informative and it is great to be able to have something already in mind if I am going into the store or I can hop online and buy it! Homegoods would be another really great place for this type of post with the drawback being their stock is pretty different from location to location.

    1. So glad to hear that, Elizabeth! Thanks for the feedback :)

  18. Yes, please…more! Love to see curated choices! I always seem to find things I love but the item is sold out by the time I source it😥 I need an edge…I read you daily!

  19. I’m adding my Yes vote to more of these! I love the styling tips, as someone else said. And that idea of not getting a shopping cart just might work!

    1. You got it, Jennifer! So happy the styling tips are helpful too :) xo

    1. So glad to hear it :) Thank you!

  20. Love this! Would love for you to do more at other stores too like you mentioned above!!

    1. Can do :) Thanks Siggy!

  21. Love this kind of post!

  22. Target is my weakness and has been for as long as I can remember! I would ride my bike there as a tween. Haha.

    I loved what you said about reusing candle vessels. In this culture of buy buy buy, I can’t help but think of all the waste created, especially by limited use items (such as candles). I don’t use very many candles due to indoor air quality concerns, but I am curious: How do you remove the last bit of wax to reuse the containers? I know you can freeze them to pop out the last blob of unusable candle, but how do you get the remaining wax off the sides so you have a clean container? Thanks! :)

    1. Haha! I love it. To answer your question about reusing the candle vessels… if you pop it in the freezer for a couple days, all of the leftover wax should easily come out. I just use a knife for any last bits, but they tend to detach easily if it’s still cold. I’ll also run them through the dishwasher (if they’re able).