10 Holiday & Winter Vignettes to Admire

10 Holiday & Winter Vignettes to Admire - roomfortuesday.comAs we’re officially one week away from Christmas, I thought it would be fun and festive to share some holiday vignettes I’ve admired and saved this season from fellow designers and bloggers! Consider this a holiday edition of 10 Pins, except not all of these images were found on Pinterest. If you could use some holiday design cheer, I hope this post feels inspiring and puts you in a festive mood. Click through to see what I’ve loved and saved this December! There are some talented designers, stylists, and bloggers in the mix… maybe you’ll find some new follows! Enjoy 10 holiday & winter vignettes to admire… 

#1 // Rustic Christmas Kitchen
10 Holiday & Winter Vignettes to Admire - roomfortuesday.com
source : paige kontrafouris

You know I love Paige’s beautiful home, and her rustic kitchen decked out for Christmas is no exception. It’s packed with all things vintage and subtle holiday touches!

#2 // Tinsel Tree
10 Holiday & Winter Vignettes to Admire - roomfortuesday.com
source : andy & candis

Did you see the giant tinsel tree Candis was working on? While messy, but beautiful- tinsel has made a huge comeback these past few holiday seasons. Do you like the look? I think it’s absolutely gorgeous, but I’m not convinced I could handle the mess. Ha!

#3 // Snowy Exterior
10 Holiday & Winter Vignettes to Admire - roomfortuesday.com
source : lesley cooke

This winter scene makes my dog-loving heart so happy. These two remind me of Cash & Crosby romping around in the snow, and the exterior & landscaping is basically what my chateau dreams are made of. Picture perfect!

#4 // Framed Tree Vignette
10 Holiday & Winter Vignettes to Admire - roomfortuesday.com
source : sophie davies

This peek at the lit tree through the arched doorway feels nothing short of magical- like you’re going to step into a warm & cheerful holiday party.

#5 // Simple Garland
10 Holiday & Winter Vignettes to Admire - roomfortuesday.com
source : marie flanigan interiors

Sometimes simple is best when it comes to holiday decor, and this mantle by Marie Flanigan is perfection. The fresh garland paired with dry citrus and forest green stockings is a charming monochromatic look.

#6 // Traditional Tablescape
10 Holiday & Winter Vignettes to Admire - roomfortuesday.com
source : ralph lauren home

Are you into maximalist traditional Christmas? … Because I certainly am. This entire tablescape is so well done and over-the-top. From the hurricanes to the tartan and florals & greenery, this is what a luxurious Christmas dinner party would look like to me.

#7 // Minimal Holiday
10 Holiday & Winter Vignettes to Admire - roomfortuesday.com
source : megan miller

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I really enjoyed this minimalistic greenery styling by Megan Miller. The negative space is so calming and refreshing- it works really well with the organic materials and neutral palette.

#8 // Full Front Door
10 Holiday & Winter Vignettes to Admire - roomfortuesday.com
source : lisa hilderbrand

Where in the world does one find pinecones THAT large?! Feathers, tartan ribbon, and layers upon layers of greenery makes this dramatic chic black front door look extra elegant.

#9 // Festive Entryway
10 Holiday & Winter Vignettes to Admire - roomfortuesday.com
source : josh yöung

Josh always does a phenomenal job with seasonal decorating- especially for Christmas. I love his take on layering greenery and modern & traditional elements for a timeless, yet elevated look.

#10 // Holiday Art Vignette
10 Holiday & Winter Vignettes to Admire - roomfortuesday.com
source : mandy eno

I love how intentional and special a little bit of greenery bordering a piece of artwork feels. It really makes an art installation feel seasonal and intentional for the holidays. Those special touches in styling make all the difference! I definitely want to try this next year with some smaller pieces of greenery.

I hope you enjoyed this inspirational little holiday roundup! I definitely had fun pulling it together. Here’s to a fun and festive weekend ahead! We’re beginning to wrap up work for the holiday season and are excited to spend some time outside enjoying the snow. I’m also looking forward to starting my office built-in styling this weekend. What is everyone up to? I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Good morning! For a person who does little holiday decorating herself, I certainly enjoy the decking of other people’s halls! Tinsel!! I’ve loved seeing its resurgence; it’s SO nostalgic for me. I almost bought three packages at the thrift store the other day…before I remembered I don’t have a tree! (Also, it’s a no-no with cats!) Dogs running in the snow. In front of a stone mansion. Sigh. I wish we would get some snow so I could snap some adorable puppy pics. Wowza. The green millwork and that arched DOOR in #4?! Absolutely dreamy. Over-the-top tablescape? Count me in!! I’ve been inspired by several hanging greenery centerpieces that I’ve seen this season, and of course, Ralph Lauren raises the bar! Adore the inclusion of feathers and pussy willows! That ridiculously amazing door decoration might be my favorite! Pine cones just make me think of home. On the quieter side (and probably a look I’m more likely to manage!), the simple swagged greenery and the small potted trees say winter chic to me! Maybe it’s not too late to snag a tiny living tree for my kitchen counter? Consider me inspired! Our weekend plans include waiting for snow…and probably some cookie baking! Cheers and happy Pizza Friday!💜🍕🎄

    1. Hello, hello! I don’t feel like I go all out, but I’m with you on loving to look at how everyone decorates… the over-the-top spaces are always my favorite! Holiday drama in the good way, ha! Tinsel adds such a fun texture. It’s nostalgic for me as well. My grandmother always added tinsel to her tree- and birds… which I thought was really fun! I’m sending you all the good weather vibes in hopes that you can get some snow. Many of these vignettes have me itching to escape to a holiday cabin or someplace remote- what a dream that would be! I have never seen pinecones so large before- that door vignette is stunning. I love your idea of a tiny countertop tree… we actually have one in our kitchen- it’s only 12 inches, but is fun to style! Happy cookie baking this weekend! I’m going to try to do the same, post skiing. We’re skipping pizza Friday tonight because we’re trying a new local restaurant, which I’m very excited about. I’ll try to share some stories because the design is top notch! Have an amazing weekend! xo

  2. Wow! Look at your beautiful shed 😍 and all the snow you have. That surprise snowstorm really brought a holiday sparkle to make the perfect Christmas scene. The wreaths and window boxes look gorgeous beneath all that snow, so magical 🌲 It was about 70 degrees here yesterday and the bit of snow we had has of course melted but inside our home looks very festive and I’ve been playing Christmas music all week and burning my Woodland candle so nothing can dampen my Christmas spirit ☺️ And all these beautiful pins in this post is ever so inspiring and adding to my Christmas mood. They are all incredibly charming and gorgeous!
    All my Christmas packages are mailed to my family so the pressure is off and now I can really get into some holiday celebrating 🥳 Yay! Cheers to holiday fun and enjoying all the festivities of Christmas. My daughter is coming over this afternoon to start our Christmas baking 😋 Ginger and shortbread cookies are on the list. yum! Have a super fabulous weekend everyone 🎄🥳🥂

    1. Thank you, Colleen! I love that view pulling into our drive- it’s especially fun covered in snow. The dogs are certainly very happy about the weather conditions. Haha! We’ve been listening to Christmas music, too… we’ve got a week of it left, so I’m trying to do all the fun holiday things. I’m so happy you’re enjoying the Woodland candle. That’s the one I’m burning at home right now, too. I’m also glad to hear you’ve mailed your packages and can have fun and celebrate the season now! Here’s to relaxing, holiday baking, and getting in some good family time. I hope you and your daughter have some fun in the kitchen! Have a wonderful weekend, Colleen! xox

  3. What a beautiful site driving up to your house with the shed and ground covered in snow! I got a giggle out of watching your stories with the dogs playing in the snow. So adorable!
    The Ralph Lauren tablescape is my mother’s idea of Christmas. I need to show her this picture. Tinsel brings back memories of my aunts tree. I love it! Marie Flanagan’s simple but elegant mantle is my favorite. I love the green stockings (my favorite color) with the gold ribbon and dried oranges. The arched door….it just beckons you to go inside. I love arched doors or entries.
    We are headed to a small town near us to unwind, shop, little golf (hubby) and just enjoy this time before the hustle and bustle of family and events. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks, Danna! I love that view- especially when it’s snowy :) The dogs are very happy to have plenty of snow to play in. I love that Ralph Lauren tablescape- it feels so timeless and classic to me. If I had a mountain cabin- I would want to decorate it like that for the holidays! My grandma used to put tinsel on her tree and I always loved the shiny effect. The green stockings on the mantle were also my favorite- paired with the citrus, it’s such a simplistic, yet impactful vignette. Have fun on your weekend getaway! I hope you get in lots of R&R!! Enjoy! xox

  4. I love, love, love these pictures! I love the fresh garlands! How do you keep them fresh???

    1. Thanks, Caroline! So happy you enjoyed them… I use faux garlands for the sake of cleaning and simplicity, but many people soak their garlands prior to styling or spray them to keep them fresh for longer.