10 Holiday Posts To Inspire & Bring Cheer (…A Bit Early)

10 Holiday Posts To Inspire & Bring Cheer (...A Bit Early) - roomfortuesday.comI know I’m early to begin posting about holiday decor and festive things of that nature, but hear me out- everyone seems to be on board with beginning a little early this year, and while I’m holding off on decorating our home for a bit longer, I figured I’d post some holiday goodness for those of you who might enjoy some cheer and inspiration today! Sound like a plan? Do you want to know an industry secret (in the blogosphere)? Because my job and income relies on the internet and social media… I have to think about techy things- like algorithms and SEO (admittedly not my favorite part of my job). It can take up to a couple months for SEO to catch up. You might see something floating around Pinterest I pinned awhile ago. Therefore, while seasonal posts may seem premature at times- this ensures I’m doing a standup job to hopefully reach and connect with more people. Ready or not- holiday, here we come! There is also snow in the forecast here this week, so I’m embracing it. All of that to say, thank you for sticking with me and my less-than-traditional timeline (whether you’re decorating early or not), and for taking the time to read, share, and engage… it’s the reason I have a job, so THANK YOU very much! I hope this post puts you in a happy mood! I certainly had fun compiling this one. Click through for 10 of my favorite holiday posts from the past that can’t be missed… 

#1 // My Family’s Classic Sugar Cookie Recipe

10 Holiday Posts To Inspire & Bring Cheer (...A Bit Early) - roomfortuesday.comThese cookies are a family tradition! My grandmother has been making them for as long as I can remember. I bake multiple batches each year, give tins of them as gifts, and look forward to eating wayyyy too many each holiday season. They’re really special, beautiful, and delicious. Do yourself a favor and SAVE THIS RECIPE. You can thank me later!

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#2 // Slipcovered Stocking DIY

10 Holiday Posts To Inspire & Bring Cheer (...A Bit Early) - roomfortuesday.comA few years ago, I had the genius idea to create slipcovers for our Christmas stockings. You know me… I like to switch up our decor and rather than investing in new stockings, I decided to make slipcovers that could easily be swapped, depending on my selected holiday look each year. This DIY is very easy and can instantly change the look of your existing stockings.

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#3 // Ideas for Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree

10 Holiday Posts To Inspire & Bring Cheer (...A Bit Early) - roomfortuesday.comMaybe you don’t have much room for a tree, or your circumstances are different this year… regardless of your reasoning, your home can still feel festive and cheerful without having a decorated tree! In fact, Emmett and I went two years in a row without putting our Christmas tree up. Why? One year we were mid renovation and our house was a MESS, and the following year we were in the middle of moving (from our previous home to our current home). Anyway, in this post I’m sharing how I decorated for the holidays sans tree, and that particular holiday- our house looked more festive than ever!

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#4 // Holiday Hot Cocoa Bar

10 Holiday Posts To Inspire & Bring Cheer (...A Bit Early) - roomfortuesday.comI love a good hot cocoa bar! From sipping chocolate to spiked hot cocoa, I shared some of my favorite recipes, and a fun setup for a festive hot cocoa or coffee station.

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#5 // Snow Day Hot Cocoa Cupcakes

10 Holiday Posts To Inspire & Bring Cheer (...A Bit Early) - roomfortuesday.comOn snow days, I bake. A couple winters ago, I created these incredible hot cocoa cupcakes and they have since become a winter favorite. With chocolate ganache, mini marshmallows, and a dusting of confectioners sugar, these rich cupcakes are one to try this winter… for the holiday season or your next snow day! They’re really fun to make.

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#6 // Gorgeous Christmas Trees From Fellow Design Bloggers

10 Holiday Posts To Inspire & Bring Cheer (...A Bit Early) - roomfortuesday.comLast year, I scoured the internet and social media to find 10 beautiful Christmas trees from fellow design bloggers. This post is filled with gorgeous holiday styling, and no two trees look the same. If you need inspiration for your tree this year, this is the post for you!

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#7 // Awesome Holiday Decor From Amazon

10 Holiday Posts To Inspire & Bring Cheer (...A Bit Early) - roomfortuesday.comI compiled a GIANT roundup of the best holiday decor found on Amazon. From stockings and wreaths to festive doormats, to drop your snow boots, this post contains lots of pretty items that ship quick.

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#8 // Holiday Cranberry Mule Cocktail Recipe

10 Holiday Posts To Inspire & Bring Cheer (...A Bit Early) - roomfortuesday.comWe’re entering the season of amazing and festive food & beverages… this might be my favorite holiday cocktail: the cranberry mule. I make a big batch of these every year and friends always request the recipe. Bust out your copper mugs and celebrate the season by sipping this seasonal cocktail! They taste as good as they look.

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#9 // Our Holiday Decor Last Year (2019)

10 Holiday Posts To Inspire & Bring Cheer (...A Bit Early) - roomfortuesday.comI can’t even be mad about snow in the forecast this week because our house is perfection covered under a blanket of snow. We moved into this house in December with a foot of snow on the ground and the moment I first laid eyes upon our snowy house, I fell in love. It was truly made to be dusted with flurries… it looks like a scene from a holiday movie- picturesque and charming! I always make time to decorate the exterior because I want to do it justice. I think I’m going to switch up our decor on the interior this year, but the exterior will most likely look the same (plus Christmas lights, if all goes as planned).

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#10 // Tips for Hosting Holiday House Guests

10 Holiday Posts To Inspire & Bring Cheer (...A Bit Early) - roomfortuesday.comI know this year looks different for many of us, but if you or your loved ones are (safely) traveling this holiday season for Thanksgiving or Christmas, maybe these tips will come in handy! Emmett & I are staying put this season, as is our family… but we have tons of experience in hosting overnight house guests. I love making people feel at home, special, and welcome in our house. You might also be interested in this post: stocking a guest bathroom for visitors.

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There you have it… 10 awesome holiday posts to put you in the holiday spirit- whenever the time comes for you to decorate or carry out your annual traditions. No hurry, no pressure, and no judgement if you’re already styled and set for Christmas! You know what I always say- do what makes you happy in your home.

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  1. Sarah, your house is the PERFECT holiday house with that snow falling and your wreathes up on the windows! I pull out that photo anytime I’m trying to show somebody what I wish our exterior could look like!

    As far as being too early, I say there’s no such thing. When it comes to Halloween, I just consider it the last stop before Christmas 😂 being up in Canada, our Thanksgiving is in October so I have no reason to leave out pumpkins after November 1st… I may have started decorating our house yesterday.

    I still haven’t tried your snow day cupcakes but I need to! Looking forward to trying out the sugar cookie recipe too!

    Sending love and light from up North❤️

    1. Thank you, thank you Carly!! It’s so magical in the winter season. I love how it looks under a blanket of snow! I’m on board with your Canadian holiday decorating philosophy. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving last month :) Both the cupcakes and cookies are delicious! Let me know if you try them. Thanks for the love! I read a hilarious tweet this morning that said, “Emotional support Canadians are on standby.” Haha! You all are the nicest humans! Have a beautiful day, Carly. xo

  2. So much inspiration! I’m still enjoying fall and focusing on Thanksgiving, but I know I will need something else to anticipate! The festive cocktails and recipes definitely get me psyched for the holidays. (Fingers crossed you’ll host your Cookie Swap again this year!) I’ve been sniffing all the “seasonal” candles lately, but haven’t found one that I like; many are just too artificial smelling. I’ve also been planning some greenery and berry foraging missions…I might be motivated to create some wreaths this year. We shall see. Happy Wednesday, Sarah!💜

    1. Me too, Peggi! The food and drinks are definitely a highlight each holiday season. I’m looking forward to lots of cooking, baking, and cocktail shaking! I’m anxiously awaiting my candle collection to come in for the shop (they’ve finally shipped, YAY!), but I actually have a few that would be awesome for the holidays: Woodland (fir, cedarwood, & patchouli), Warmth (tobacco, spice, & vanilla), and Amber (amber, rose de mai, and dark musk). I can’t wait to share them all with you! It was really fun mixing fragrances and nailing down candle scents. I love your idea of a greenery and berry foraging mission- as well as your DIY wreaths. Some local stores here are doing virtual wreath making classes, which sound super fun. I may have to sign up! Happy Wednesday, Peggi :) xo

  3. I made your Snow Day Hot Cocoa Cupcakes last year and they were delicious! I am looking forward to making them again once the snow starts falling :)

    1. I love hearing that, Anne! I can’t wait to make them again this winter :) xo

  4. Oh yay!!! I love spending November perusing through holiday inspiration in anticipation of decorating our house! This year I’m going all out on the tree, and swapping up the kitschy Christmas decor for holiday greenery, swags, wreaths…all the things festive that aren’t a pain to store! Lol. I can’t wait to kick back and scour this post for some fun inspiration! It’s been a pretty tough start to November with a freak accident on Halloween that landed my son in the hospital. He is home now, and should fully recover in the next 6 weeks, but it will be slow going. I’m just happy we are all home together again, and maybe decorating early this year will brighten his spirits. Thanks for posting this Sarah!!

    1. Me too, Lauren! I love your holiday decorating plan… it sounds like it’s going to be beautiful :) I am SO sorry to hear about your son. I know that definitely was not the celebratory birthday / Halloween weekend you had envisioned. I’m am really glad to hear he should fully recover and is back home. I’m also happy you’re all home together. That must have been incredibly stressful and scary. Sending him well wishes and a speedy recovery! And- sending you a big hug. Hang in there, my friend! xo