10 DIY Projects to Try This Weekend

10 DIY Projects to Try This Weekend - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! Is there anything better than a fun, productive weekend project? I’d have to say no. Whatever you’re up to this weekend, these are some of my favorite, easy past projects that would be super fun to squeeze in! Click through to check them out…

#1 // Make Citronella Candles

10 DIY Projects to Try This Weekend - roomfortuesday.comEvery spring, I make a giant batch of citronella candles and refill my vessels for summer. Mosquitos flock to me and this project is too easy, functional, and pretty not to tackle each year.

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#2 // Create A Piece of Abstract Art

10 DIY Projects to Try This Weekend - roomfortuesday.comThis DIY abstract diptych is one of my most popular projects ever. It’s super fun, easy, and impactful! My version cost under $100, and my inspiration (check it out here!) cost $1,200. It’s a no brainer.

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#3 // Do Some Gardening with These Textural Planters

10 DIY Projects to Try This Weekend - roomfortuesday.comA few weeks ago, I shared my textural front porch planter tutorial. I’ll have to shoot an updated photo because these things have already doubled in size and are even more beautiful!

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#4 // Have Fun with Shibori

10 DIY Projects to Try This Weekend - roomfortuesday.comThis tutorial is wayyy back from 2016, but that doesn’t make it any less fun! Every summer as a kid, I’d dye fabric with my family and it was always such a blast. This would be a great weekend project to tackle with the kids. The surprise of unwrapping your cushions, tea towels, and fabric is the best part.

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#5 // Get Organized with this Linen Cork Board

10 DIY Projects to Try This Weekend - roomfortuesday.comIf you have a home office or studio, this gorgeous linen cork board is a must for pinning inspiration, notes, or to-do stickies.

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#6 // Repurpose an Empty Candle Into a Succulent Planter

10 DIY Projects to Try This Weekend - roomfortuesday.comThis is another easy thing I do every spring! I really enjoying compiling these charming little succulent arrangements. They make great table centerpieces for your outdoor living areas.

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#7 // Build a Bath Caddy Tray

10 DIY Projects to Try This Weekend - roomfortuesday.comI still use my bath tray all the time! It looks as good as it works. I’ll prop up a book, my laptop, a glass of wine, and enjoy some R&R creating my very own spa moment.

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#8 // Create Geometric Textile Art

10 DIY Projects to Try This Weekend - roomfortuesday.comThis is another family-friendly project you can do using things you probably have on hand! I dyed scrap fabric with coffee to create these fun, framed geometric textile pieces.

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#9 // Reupholster the Seat of a Chair

10 DIY Projects to Try This Weekend - roomfortuesday.comDo you have some chairs that could use a refresh? I shared a complete tutorial on how to reupholster the seat of a chair, and you won’t believe what this one looked like before. It’s really much easier to do than most people expect!

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#10 // Replace Your Shower Curtain

10 DIY Projects to Try This Weekend - roomfortuesday.comReplace your shower curtain with an extra long one that better fits your space (nobody likes a high-water shower curtain)… bonus points if you add decorative trim. This quick project will make your bathroom look more tailored and intentional.

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I hope everyone has a fun weekend! We’re hoping to be productive and work on the kitchen and bedroom balcony during the day, then movies and food trucks in the evening. It sounds pretty perfect to me. Cheers to working hard, playing hard, and getting things done.

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  1. All great options! I might just have to make a batch of citronella candles; the mosquitoes this year are already apocalyptic! I had some outdoor projects to tackle, but we’ve got rain for the next 4 days.☹️ I guess we’ll have to give Pizza Friday a moody, cozy vibe. (Hello, candles and more wine.) Have a lovely, productive and balanced weekend!

    1. The mosquitos are already eating me alive… I feel like citronella candles alone, aren’t going to do it for me this summer. I might have to look into alternatives. Argh. We have rain in our forecast this weekend too, and I might have to steal your pizza, wine, candles, and cozy plan- that sounds absolutely ideal! Have a great weekend Peggi :)

  2. My project this weekend is to remove the final patch of country blue wallpaper that is behind the toilet in our hall bathroom. Then TRY SO HARD to get my husband to patch the drywall and texture so I can move on to painting and installing wainscoting. If B fails, then I will be learning how to do it myself.

    1. Woohooo!! You can do it! I actually am shooting a tutorial next week for finishing / patching drywall :) It’s really easy- I promise. If your husband won’t do it… you totally can. I do it all the time.

  3. You have THE BEST diys! I’ve already done like half of these but it’s always great to have them compiled in one post lol.

    1. Aw thank you!!! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me :)

  4. Love these ideas so much! I’m going to try the tie dye and large artwork this weekend! Thank you for the ideas!

    1. I’m so excited to hear that!!