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Landscape Like a Pro
plants & gardening

Landscaping 101

Hi guys! Kalyn here. Sarah told me you all requested a guest post on my favorite topic… landscaping 101. Sarah’s the houseplant whiz and I’m sort of the outdoor plant guy. One thing I find myself doing weekend after weekend, even…

How to Repot a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
plants & gardening

How To Repot A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

With spring in the air, I’ve received more plant inquiries than normal and one question in specific… you guys want to know how to repot a fiddle leaf fig tree. They really can be tricky plants and you don’t want…

Minimal Moroccan : Get the Look
plants & gardening

Minimal Moroccan Design

Aside from my newfound love for giant cacti and my latest ambition to find a really tall one, I’ve been inspired by Cassandra’s travels in Morocco (you should definitely follow along on instagram)! While she’s away, I’m sharing a couple…

Houseplant Tips
plants & gardening

Tips for Healthy Houseplants

I’m a huge fan of houseplants. If you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest, you probably already know this. I’ve posted about them in the past (here and here), but recently I’ve had a lot of really great questions…