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plants & gardening

Best of Etsy : Live Plants

The Best Live Plants on Etsy This is a ‘Best of Etsy‘ topic I should’ve compiled looong ago. You wouldn’t believe the amount of plants I’ve bought from Etsy. From airplants to trees, it’s honestly an unexpected go-to resource for live plants. It may seem odd or unintuitive to search online before heading to your local greenhouse, but it holds true for my area… you can find better prices and healthy plants. Click through for a roundup of my favorite live plants! Continue Reading

Shelf Styling with Micro Climate
plants & gardening

Micro Climate DIY

You know what I’ve been noticing more and more? Micro climates! No worries if you have NO idea what I’m talking about. I didn’t know they had a scientific name either until I got one for myself. Basically, they’re…

plants & gardening

Pedestal Planter DIY

Last week I shared one of my favorite new trends, pedestal planters… and this week (as promised), I’m ready to show you how I put one of these objects to use. This was one of the most fun projects I’ve…

plants & gardening

Trend Alert : Pedestal Vases & Planters

I’ve been noticing a very clear trend within florals and plants lately… pedestal vases & planters! I purchased my first pedestal vase (shown above) from Jewelweed before leaving Ohio and it’s remained one of my favorites. After moving to Salt Lake,…

The Best Faux House Plants
plants & gardening

The Best Faux Plants

For those of you with black thumbs, who swear you can’t keep plants alive… this post is for you! You don’t have to live your entire life without greenery or the beautiful sculptural element plants have to offer. I’ve carefully…