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How to Install Window Flower Boxes

How to Install Window Flower Boxes -

If you’ve been following along on Insta stories, you already know Emmett and I finally decided to tackle a major eyesore at the front of our home. I’m ashamed to admit, we lived with the ugly curb appeal for almost two years before addressing it (sorry neighbors!). After finishing the quick project, we both wondered why it took us so long! It’s much more pleasant pulling into our driveway to this view. I received a ton of questions about our window boxes, and they’re my favorite part of the equation! Click through for a very detailed DIY on how to install your own window flower boxes, and take a peek at how our project unfolded. The before & after images are also pretty good… Continue Reading

Amazon Finds : Planters for Spring -
plants & gardening

Amazon Finds : Planters for Spring

I’ve been craving warm weather and Salt Lake City has been a bit of a tease lately. We went from 60 degree sunshiny weather to a snowstorm yesterday, so I’ve been finding myself adding touches of color and life…