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Noteworthy - Room for Tuesday Adventure -


It has been awhile since I’ve checked in, shared life happenings, inspiration, updates, and a Noteworthy post… I figured today was the day! Happy Monday my friends. I hope your week is off to an amazing start. I’m actually…

Construction Q&A with Emmett -

Construction Q&A with Emmett

Today is Emmett’s birthday and I thought it would be fitting to give him his own blog post! Nothing like a little more work on the day you’re supposed to be relaxing, right? Just kidding! We put this together…

10 Posts to Put You In The Spring Mood -

10 Posts to Put You In The Spring Mood

The first official day of spring was yesterday and I couldn’t be happier to welcome warmer weather. After a lonnng, snowy Salt Lake winter, I’m ready for blue skies and sunshine. You probably don’t need convincing, but if you’re…