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Noteworthy Post - Room for Tuesday Blog It’s been a crazy busy year so far! I feel like my goal of self care and “clocking out” of work each day isn’t off to a great start and we’re already well into March. How are you guys doing with your goals? Despite the fact that things are busier than normal, I can’t complain. I thought it was time for a giant Notewothy update because it’s been a long time (2017 to be exact) since I’ve done one of these. Click through for the latest updates, inspiration, and some things I’m looking forward to. We have lots to catch up on! Continue Reading

Tips for Surviving a Live-In Kitchen Reno -

Tips for Surviving a Live-In Kitchen Reno

As you know, we’re smack dab in the middle of renovating our kitchen. You guys have given me SO many good tips and suggestions for surviving my kitchen renovation, I thought I’d share a bunch of my favorites here…

Favorite Tools for Blogging -

My Favorite Tools for Blogging

I’ve slowly started sifting through the reader surveys, and so far I’ve had lots of questions about blogging in general… from my favorite apps to the camera equipment I use on the daily, if you’re wondering what happens behind the scenes- this…

Domino Magazine Blog Awards Party -

The Domino Awards Party

As promised, I wanted to devote an entire post to the Domino party! There were SO many inspiring details and I wanted to share them all with you. In case you missed the news last month, I won the Domino…

Room for Tuesday Reader Survey

Reader Survey + Giveaway

This is my second year doing a reader survey and last year it was incredibly helpful- see the results here! If you have the time (and want to be entered for the giveaway), click through for this year’s quick blog…