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House Hunting

Laundry Room with Built-in Dog Kennel - Get ready for a BIG post… I’m divulging the latest news, our future plans, what to expect on the blog, and much more. Obviously the post title gives away the element of surprise, but we’re house hunting! Click through to read all about it. Continue Reading

How We're Breathing Easier -

How We’re Breathing Easier

Guys! I finally made an adult decision in regards to my well-being and as promised, I wanted to share my honest thoughts on the newest gadget keeping our home (and air) clean. Meet my Molekule air purifier. She’s a…

Our Newest Family Member + My Best Puppy Tips -

Our Newest Family Member + My Best Puppy Tips

Most of you already know, if you follow along on Instagram, we added a furry member to our family! I wanted to formally introduce him and share some of my best puppy tips. It’s been a long time since…



These past couple months have sure been a doozy and I feel like I’m finally finding my mojo again-¬†obviously I’m smiling again! Here’s a known fact: I hate having my photo taken and feel uncomfortable on this side of…

Our Utah Home Anniversary - Two Years :

Our Utah Home Anniversary – Two Years

It’s funny how time flies, yet stands still at the same time. On one hand, it feels like we just arrived in Utah in the moving truck with all of our belongings to a home that needed a LOT…