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Our New House – The Before Tour

Our New House - The Before TourIt’s finally time to introduce you to our new home (this is the back patio view)! Thanks for being incredibly patient while I’ve been sick, family has been in town, and obviously we’ve been moving and unboxing. Things have been busy, to say the least. I really appreciate you guys sticking it out and continuing to check in. For those of you that requested a builder grade home- IT’S HAPPENING! We’re about to start an overhaul on a home that was built in the early 90’s. Click through for the tour! Please keep in mind, we’re unboxing and everything is chaotic right now- so things are a bit of a mess. I also took all of these images with my iPhone, so they quality is meh. To make up for the imagery, I’ll do an Instagram tour today on stories too! Continue Reading

We're Moving -

We Moved

We’re quite literally moving and unboxing today, but I know lots of you are itching to get a glimpse of our new house. So I wanted to pop this fast post up here (via my iPhone). For those of you…

Kitchen with Built-in Breakfast Nook Bench Seat -

House Hunting

Get ready for a BIG post… I’m divulging the latest news, our future plans, what to expect on the blog, and much more. Obviously the post title gives away the element of surprise, but we’re house hunting! Click through…

How We're Breathing Easier -

How We’re Breathing Easier

Guys! I finally made an adult decision in regards to my well-being and as promised, I wanted to share my honest thoughts on the newest gadget keeping our home (and air) clean. Meet my Molekule air purifier. She’s a…

Our Newest Family Member + My Best Puppy Tips -

Our Newest Family Member + My Best Puppy Tips

Most of you already know, if you follow along on Instagram, we added a furry member to our family! I wanted to formally introduce him and share some of my best puppy tips. It’s been a long time since…