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A Day In The Life Of – Thrifting

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - You guys said you’d like to see some “A Day in the Life Of” posts, so I figured I’d start bringing you along from time-to-time and begin a new monthly series. How does that sound? Here’s to hoping I’m interesting enough to make this into a series. Haha! To kick things off, I went thrifting and antique shopping after my dentist appointment on Tuesday and wanted to share how the day unfolded, my finds, and the things that (sadly) got away. Click through to read all about it and see my new treasures! Continue Reading

My Prop Closet + Thoughts on Unpacking -

My “Prop” Closet + Thoughts on Unpacking

I’m about to take you inside my favorite room in our house! Spoiler alert… it’s a closet, but not just ANY closet. It’s the place where all of my treasures are currently existing. I’m not quite sure how this closet…

Working from Home : Challenges & Solutions -

Working from Home : Challenges & Solutions

This is still something I’m perfecting, but I’ve had lots of requests to post about this particular topic. Working from home certainly has many benefits, but along with the perks come a lot of obstacles and challenges. I wanted…

A New Year, A New Renovation -

A New Year, A New Renovation

  On the first day of the year, I wanted to share some goals and insight into our renovation plan. I’ve never been more excited to update a home than I am for our current house. I typically go through…

2018 : Year in Review -

2018 : Year in Review

I hope you guys had the very best Christmas! We’re back to reality (well almost- we still have house guests until Thursday), but I’m feeling creatively refreshed after a good, long break. It was honestly much needed, as I’ve been…