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Buckeye State Ice Cream

Peanut Butter Ice Cream It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a recipe or cocktail. With it officially being summer, I had to throw in the annual ice cream recipe. You guys know that’s my thing… experimenting and making homemade ice cream when it’s blazing hot outside. Next week I’m hopping a plane back to Ohio and I’m SO excited. Since I’ve been missing my previous state and the things that come along with it (Jeni’s ice cream, peanut butter buckeyes, etc), I thought I’d just whip up a batch up ice cream that tastes just like the Buckeye State! Click through and pin this peanut butter ice cream recipe because it’s the best of the best. I’m not joking- I easily could’ve devoured that entire container myself.  Continue Reading

food & recipes

How to French Press Perfect Chai

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good cup of coffee. This post is for my fellow coffee (and tea) connoisseurs. I’m not a huge tea person, but I do like chai. For Christmas, I got a new…

food & recipes

My Favorite Hot Chocolate Recipe

Obviously I’m a fan of chocolate. I can’t trust people who don’t like chocolate. It’s just not natural. Ha! In all seriousness, one of the main reasons I look forward to winter and the holidays every year is because…

food & recipes

Mulled Wine Brewing Kit Giveaway!

I’m the type of person who loves a good kit. I always have… even during my childhood, I’d ask for art or cooking kits every Christmas. There’s just something about having everything you need to create something wonderful that is…

food & recipes

How To Charcuterie This Holiday + A Giveaway!

This post is tricky because it’s a hybrid between entertaining, food, art, and a giveaway! Initially, I set it up as an artist spotlight post because just wait until you see my new friend Naomi’s woodworking skills. Long story short, since…