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Favorite Fall Posts

roomfortuesday2 Ok, ok… you caught me. I’m sort of cheating by pulling favorites from the past because I failed to produce a shiny new post for today- BUT that doesn’t mean this isn’t good! I often forget some of the best things I’ve shared in the past (they tend to get buried), and it’s fun to bring them back from time to time. Here are my favorite fall-related posts that are resurfacing just in time for cooler weather. This post is sure to put you in the autumn mood- from the color palette, to the textures and tastes, get excited…

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Subwoofer Disguised in Basket

A Big Design Battle : Surround Sound

So here we are. Sarah and I have just sold our current home and have bought a new one in SLC (she’s officially posting allllll about that next week). I couldn’t wait to share a little project I’ve been scheming…

Favorite Coffee Table Books

22 Beautiful Coffee Table Books

There’s something about books I just can’t get enough of. I hoard them for décor purposes, but also because they’re fun to collect (and obviously educational, right?!). I can probably blame my obsession on my history in print design, either…

Summer String Lights

21 Spring & Summer Finds

It seems as though nice weather is finalllllly here to stay- aside from a rainy morning, and I’m planning to spend as much time outside as possible this spring and summer (at least before the humidity hits the Midwest). Here are…



Is it Friday yet?! Maybe it’s just me, but this week has been dragging. I’ve got a major itch to travel, but the only thing I have planned is a trip to North Carolina in a few weeks. Are you…