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Artist Spotlight : Kelli Kroneberger + A Giveaway!

In this Artist Spotlight edition, we’re featuring a multi-talented artist. She wears many hats and practices a couple different artistic endeavors. I was first drawn to the beautiful composition of her images on Instagram (she’s a photographer), but then I noticed her…


A Peek Into My Camera Bag

I get a handful of emails about my camera equipment, lenses and how to achieve a certain style image. I thought it might be beneficial for you creative folks, to take a peek into my camera bag? I’ve been shooting with…

Artist Spotlight_Longstreet Andy

Artist Spotlight : Andy Johnson

If you’re not into tattoos- that’s ok. Either way, whether you love them or hate them… scroll through this post because you’re going to want to see the work by our next artist! His work looks equally amazing on paper…

Abstract Painting

Artist Spotlight : Erika Eckerson

The consensus is that you guys loved the art in my recent guest bedroom post. It’s a good thing, because I’ve had this artist spotlight post planned with Erika Eckerson since my last visit to Charlotte! I first fell in love with…

picture light and art

Picture Lights & Art Pairings

You guys know I have a thing for gallery and art lighting… today I’m sharing a huge roundup of my favorite pieces of art paired with the perfect picture lights on coco+kelley! Click over to view my inspiration and…