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DIY Abstract Diptych Art (+ A Video)

DIY Abstract Diptych Art - I’ve been struggling with one wall in our living room since “finishing” it. Let’s get real… there isn’t a room in my home that will ever be completely finished because I’m constantly restyling and switching things around. I think that’s the downside to being a designer… you’re never 100% satisfied. Anyway- the wall behind the sofa has been driving me crazy. I love our giant sconce, but the wall has never felt balanced. Click through to catch an easy artwork DIY that made me love this space SO much more. Everything feels happier and evenly balanced- I couldn’t be happier. Your DIY abstract diptych art awaits… Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight : Josh Young -

Artist Spotlight : Josh Young (+ A Giveaway)

I recently discovered an artist that I just had to share with you guys! Who else has heard of Josh Young? I fell in love with his classical portraits that are interrupted by an abrupt brush stroke across the subject’s eyes.…

Artist Spotlight : Laurie Anne Gonzalez -

Artist Spotlight : Laurie Anne Gonzalez

I don’t know why I took such a long pause (as in- over two years) from the Artist Spotlight series. It was one of my favorites and although it requires a lot more work (and scouting) than other posts, it’s…


Curating & Creating Art for My Living Room

I’m excited to let you know we’ll be sharing our living room reveal next week! We still have quite a bit of painting to do before I can shoot it this weekend, but we’re on the homestretch (insert happy…

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Best of Etsy : Art for Your Walls

This month’s Best of Etsy is focused on one of my favorite topics right now… art! I have been sourcing art for our living room for the past few weeks now and I have had SO much fun finding awesome…