A Blog Vacay!


It’s been the nuttiest of weeks. From client projects, to our own renovation (and a non functioning bathroom), along with lots of deadlines and scheduled shoots, I decided to take this week away from the blog. On Monday I was ambitious and thought I could make it happen, but when it comes to posts- quantity never trumps quality. I’d rather share calculated content that is well thought out and not produced on the fly… I know you guys appreciate that! Thanks for hanging in there this week while I get down to business and cross things off what seems like a never-ending list. Expect some fun things next week. Until then, I’m leaving you with this image from our old home. You know what I miss about it? The clean, organized, stress free environment that just felt like home. We’re not close to being there with our new home yet, but it all takes time. That’s the name of the game. xxxoo

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