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Trend Alert : Sculptural Side Tables

Sculptural and Pedestal Side Tables Roundup - It’s been a bit since I’ve drafted a ‘Trend Alert‘ post and this is one of my favorites to date! I’ve been seeing sculptural side tables pop up everywhere and I’m loving it. Side tables are an easy, inexpensive way to refresh a living room, bedroom, office, or kids room. These little pieces make all the difference! This sculptural trend is a great way to use a smaller piece of furniture to make a statement, without splurging on a giant item (like a dining table, sofa, or bed). Not only is it a less expensive statement than the aforementioned furniture items, but it’s also a non committal way to hop on a trend. Click through for my favorites and some application examples! Continue Reading

Navy Contrast Trim
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Trend Alert : Contrast Trim

If you follow along on stories, you probably already know what color we painted the master bedroom. I haven’t shared the reveal yet, but…. spoiler alert– theres lots of beautiful contrast trim. It’s a paint trend I’ve been noticing…

architectural stairs
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Trend Alert: Architectural Staircases

It’s been awhile but we’re happy to be back with a new trend alert post for you guys – remember Sarah’s post on pedestal vases and planters last fall? For our second post we decided to focus on architectural staircases…

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Trend Alert : Pedestal Vases & Planters

I’ve been noticing a very clear trend within florals and plants lately… pedestal vases & planters! I purchased my first pedestal vase (shown above) from Jewelweed before leaving Ohio and it’s remained one of my favorites. After moving to Salt Lake,…

Master Bedroom Reveal
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Our Finished Master Bedroom

After waiting and waiting, the last items arrived for the master bedroom, and I’m excited to FINALLY share the finished space. Brace yourself for a monster post, because I couldn’t stop myself from taking tons of images. This space went from…