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December Moodboard

December Moodboard : Luxe Leather - Coming into Christmas, I’m feeling all things warm and cozy. I’ve really been loving a specific material and have consciously been trying to add more of it to my home. Any guesses? I’ve give you a hint… it’s masculine and luxurious. If you immediately thought leather- then you’d be right. I’m really digging the warm, buttery texture, timeless material, and traditional element it adds to a house. Click through for inspiration and this month’s moodboard!
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november moodboard - room for tuesday
interiors & styling

November Moodboard

It’s the first full week of November and I’m *trying* not to jump too far ahead into holiday mode. It’s tough in this industry because planning and shooting often happen in advance. Usually I only decorate/shoot a week or two…

Burnt Orange Decor
interiors & styling

October Moodboard

This month I’m feeling all tones persimmon. Maybe it’s fall, maybe it’s the smell of pumpkin floating through the air, or the crunchy leaves on the ground… regardless, I can say without a doubt that burnt sienna, paprika, persimmon,…

Plaid Rug
interiors & styling

September Moodboard

This month I’m feeling a little quirky and unexpected. I feel like you have to be pretty creative to use plaid. It’s a pattern that is complex as it is classic. It’s also hip, cozy, warm, and inviting- perfect…

Cane Settee
interiors & styling

August Moodboard

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway into August. It seems like most people have their minds set on back to school and are looking forward to fall. As far as interiors and design is concerned, I’ve found myself…