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Gallery Wall

You might remember reading about my issue with our bulky TV and my plan to hide it. I’m happy to say we finally installed our gallery wall around the entertainment area. I might add a few small works here…

gallery wall

Best of Etsy : Art for Your Walls

This month’s Best of Etsy is focused on one of my favorite topics right now… art! I have been sourcing art for our living room for the past few weeks now and I have had SO much fun finding awesome…

interiors & styling

Favorite Wall Mirrors of Every Shape

Mirrors are really versatile objects when it comes to styling. Not only do they fit nicely above the expected areas, like a bathroom vanity, but many other spaces throughout your home. I’ve compiled my favorite wall mirrors of every shape, including ideas…

Designer Retreat Recap -

Designer Retreat Recap

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending an incredible designer retreat, courtesy of Zephyr, and I thought you guys might enjoy a recap or photo diary post of sorts. From the gorgeous hotel to extravagant wine…