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Best of Etsy : Halloween Decor

Best of Etsy Halloween Decor I get pretty excited about October and Halloween. It’s one of my favorite holidays because it coincides with my birthday… plus I just think it’s a fun time of year. We’re sort of knee deep in the One Room Challenge and planning our kitchen reno, but if our house were totally put together, you better believe I’d be decorating in a spooky, yet sophisticated way. This month’s ‘Best of Etsy‘ post is all about decor that is Halloween appropriate- and not in a tacky, typical way. As a matter of fact, a lot of these items will work year round.  Continue Reading

Turkish Towels in Bathroom
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Best of Etsy : Turkish Towels

Last month, the Best of Etsy post featured cutting and serving boards. Apparently I can’t quit the kitchen decor because that led me down a rabbit hole of dish towels. Of course that led to all towels and here…

The Best Live Plants on Etsy
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Best of Etsy : Live Plants

This is a ‘Best of Etsy‘ topic I should’ve compiled looong ago. You wouldn’t believe the amount of plants I’ve bought from Etsy. From airplants to trees, it’s honestly an unexpected go-to resource for live plants. It may seem odd…

african basket
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Best of Etsy : Woven Baskets

If there is one thing I feel like we always need more of in our house, it’s storage. Whether you live in a small space or larger home, you can never have too much of it. One of my…