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Best of Etsy : Muted Vintage Rugs

muted vintage rugs Hey guys, it’s Jacqueline! It’s been awhile since you’ve seen me around, but I’m happy to be back with this month’s Best of Etsy, sharing some of my favorite muted vintage rugs. It’s no secret that I love neutrals and tend to steer toward decorating with them in my own home. When it comes to vintage rugs, there’s no exception… I gravitate toward soft, muted colors. Finding the perfect rug that fits your style, color palette, and size can be really tricky, so I’ve roundup up a few of my favorites to hopefully help you out. I have to admit – I was hesitant to share some of these, because they are just that good. I wanted to grab a couple for myself. Hopefully some of you can enjoy them in your own home (because I can only buy so many). Click through for a giant roundup of seriously beautiful rugs!!

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Best of Etsy : Mailboxes

It’s the season of curb appeal, spring cleaning, and that time of year where everyone is super motivated to make their home look it’s best- especially the exterior. I thought it would be fun to roundup my favorite wall…

Best of Etsy : Round Wall Mirrors -
interiors & styling

Best of Etsy : Round Wall Mirrors

How is it already time for a new ‘Best of Etsy‘ post?! Time is flying. This month’s feature was inspired by something I thrifted a couple weeks ago… a round wall mirror. I’ve always had a thing for round…

Best of Etsy : Vintage Plates for a Spring Table -
gift guides & roundups

Best of Etsy : Vintage Plates for a Spring Table

Hey guys! It’s Jacqueline. Every spring around the Easter season, I dream of hosting a beautiful brunch (complete with florals and vintage dishes) for my family and friends. Sadly, this year I’m not the host, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream of planning…

Best of Etsy : Cabinetry Hardware -
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Best of Etsy : Cabinetry Hardware

I hope you’re not getting sick of kitchen content just yet, because it’s constantly on my brain with our current reno. Etsy is one of those places you probably would not think to shop for cabinetry hardware, but there are…