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Best of Etsy : Bookends

Best of Etsy : Bookends - You guys are in for a real treat! This is my favorite ‘Best of Etsy‘ I’ve drafted so far and it’s packed to the brim with vintage bookends! Here’s the thing… I see a TON of shelf styling and there is one scenario that drives me bonkers: shelves that don’t contain books. WHYYYYY?! Just why? It doesn’t make a ton of sense, even from a styling perspective, in my brain. It’s really a pet peeve of mine. Books add warmth, texture, balance, and after all- BOOKshelves were made for books. It’s only natural to have at least a few books styled in. That leads me to my next point- if you have books, you need bookends. Click through for the best vintage roundup I’ve ever done and snag some of these before they’re gone! I promise- there are so many good ones.  Continue Reading

Best of Etsy : Dining Chairs -
interiors & styling

Best of Etsy : Dining Chairs

Lots of people ask how and where I find vintage dining chairs, because let’s get real- they’re sort of my favorite! In fact, I haven’t had a dining room that didn’t contain vintage dining chairs. I know I’m a…

muted vintage rugs
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Best of Etsy : Muted Vintage Rugs

Hey guys, it’s Jacqueline! It’s been awhile since you’ve seen me around, but I’m happy to be back with this month’s Best of Etsy, sharing some of my favorite muted vintage rugs. It’s no secret that I love neutrals…

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Best of Etsy : Mailboxes

It’s the season of curb appeal, spring cleaning, and that time of year where everyone is super motivated to make their home look it’s best- especially the exterior. I thought it would be fun to roundup my favorite wall…

Best of Etsy : Round Wall Mirrors -
interiors & styling

Best of Etsy : Round Wall Mirrors

How is it already time for a new ‘Best of Etsy‘ post?! Time is flying. This month’s feature was inspired by something I thrifted a couple weeks ago… a round wall mirror. I’ve always had a thing for round…