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Best of Etsy : Stoneware

Best of Etsy : Stoneware - It’s already time for the monthly ‘Best of Etsy‘ post and I’ve got stoneware on the brain. I especially love stone or ceramic pieces in the kitchen. I’ve rounded up my favorite kitchenware, pitchers, mugs, canisters, dog bowls, plates, oil dispensers, vases, planters, and everything in between. The handmade, organic quality to stoneware adds personality and “art” to your home. Whether it’s new or vintage, it has a very curated feel to it. Click through to see my recent Etsy finds! Continue Reading

Best of Etsy : Turkish Rugs -
interiors & styling

Best of Etsy : Turkish Rugs

Kicking off the year on the right foot, I wanted to give you guys the content you’ve been asking for! Even though I’ve shared this topic on the ‘Best of Etsy’ series previously, one of the most asked questions…

Best of Etsy : Bookends -
interiors & styling

Best of Etsy : Bookends

You guys are in for a real treat! This is my favorite ‘Best of Etsy‘ I’ve drafted so far and it’s packed to the brim with vintage bookends! Here’s the thing… I see a TON of shelf styling and…