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Winterizing the Backyard

Winterizing the Backyard - If you’re new around here (welcome!), we renovated our backyard over the summer and have been stretching out it’s use until it’s absolutely too cold to hang comfortably. I hate to admit it, but that time is now(ish). It has already snowed in the mountains here in Utah, and the cold will be here to stay any day now. I’ve sported a winter coat a couple times now and am debating leaving it on the hook for the season. All of this to say, our backyard needed winterized and after A TON of work over the summer months… we wanted to keep it as protected as possible. Click through to see how we transitioned the space to weather the winter. Continue Reading

exterior & outdoor living

Transitioning the Backyard for Fall

Ever since finishing our backyard, we truly spend SO much time outside. It’s been a lot of fun entertaining this summer and we’re not ready for it to come to an end as the weather cools off. Utah feels perfectly fall…

exterior & outdoor living

Backyard Budget Breakdown

I know you’re probably really sick of seeing backyard posts and I promise this will be the last one! So many people had questions about the budget. I thought it would be easiest to breakdown each project and link…

exterior & outdoor living

Our Backyard Reveal

I’ll start by saying this backyard project has been a work in progress and a long time coming! As you probably know, we’ve been busting it in the backyard for just over a month. I’m excited to finally share the…