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Amazon Finds : The Best Lighting

Amazon Finds : The Best Lighting - I’m guessing you wouldn’t think to look for light fixtures on Amazon, right? I recently discovered a TON of fantastic lighting options, so you better believe I’ll be taking advantage of my Prime membership and free shipping. Click through for my favorite pendants, flush mounts, sconces, chandeliers, lamps, and everything in between that is offered on Amazon. I found lots of the fixtures I already own for less… which is a bummer for me- but good news for you guys. Hundreds of fixtures comin’ atchya in this post- I got carried away! Continue Reading

Amazon Finds : For the Laundry Room -
interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : For the Laundry Room

I’ve had lots of requests for another Amazon Finds posts like my very first one- that pulled together an entire bathroom using only Amazon products. Your wish is my command! I thought since everyone is on the resolution and organization…

Seasonal and holiday decor found on Amazon -

Amazon Finds : Holiday Decor

Alright, I know it’s early and I was just preaching about not rushing Christmas, but some of you are itching for holiday content… and you know me- I’m a pushover when it comes to Christmas. Ha! I thought I’d shake…

Amazon Decor and Shelf Styling Objects
interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : For Shelf Styling

It’s time for another Amazon post! The first in the series was wildly popular and I’m hoping this one leaves you with just as much inspiration. If you’re looking for accessories and decor for styling your shelves (or home…

Bathroom Decor Sourced on Amazon
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Amazon Finds : For the Bath

Like everyone else, I’m a devoted Amazon Prime customer (and no this is not a sponsored post). Emmett and I use it for everything: tools, groceries, decor, books, etc. It’s definitely one of our go-to resources. A lot of…