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Amazon Finds : Blankets & Throws

Amazon Finds : Blankets & Throws - Yesterday was magical. It actually felt like fall. I wore a sweater and everything!! I can’t believe I’m already dreaming of crisp, cool air and it prompted me to write this post. I know that was just a one day thing and summer temperatures will be back again today, but let’s be real… I like cuddling under throws year round. You’ll always find a basketful of blankets of all weights in our living room or readily available on the sofa. In preparation for fall and cooler temperatures, check out my latest Amazon Finds post: blankets & throws. Go put that Prime shipping to good use! Continue Reading

Amazon Finds : Vases -
interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : Vases

I’m back from vacation- which consisted of friends visiting, Utah adventures, and lots of work on the hallway. Thanks for letting me take a much needed break! I feel energized and recharged after only 4 or 5 days off.…

Amazon Finds : Wall Mirrors -
interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : Wall Mirrors

As of lately, I have a thing for wall mirrors. I can’t stop searching for them and I just bought one for my office- a space that we have yet to even start. Since I’ve been attracted to this…

Amazon Finds : Planters for Spring -
plants & gardening

Amazon Finds : Planters for Spring

I’ve been craving warm weather and Salt Lake City has been a bit of a tease lately. We went from 60 degree sunshiny weather to a snowstorm yesterday, so I’ve been finding myself adding touches of color and life…