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Amazon Finds : Wall Mirrors

Amazon Finds : Wall Mirrors - As of lately, I have a thing for wall mirrors. I can’t stop searching for them and I just bought one for my office- a space that we have yet to even start. Since I’ve been attracted to this variety of pretty and functional wall decor, I thought I’d share all of the items I’ve been saving to my secret boards! This month’s ‘Amazon Finds‘ is all about wall mirrors. Whether you’re searching for your bathroom, entryway, living area, or just trying to fill some wall space- I’ve got you covered. Click through for a giant roundup and put that prime membership (and free shipping) to good use! Continue Reading

Amazon Finds : Planters for Spring -
plants & gardening

Amazon Finds : Planters for Spring

I’ve been craving warm weather and Salt Lake City has been a bit of a tease lately. We went from 60 degree sunshiny weather to a snowstorm yesterday, so I’ve been finding myself adding touches of color and life…

Amazon Finds : The Best Lighting -
interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : The Best Lighting

I’m guessing you wouldn’t think to look for light fixtures on Amazon, right? I recently discovered a TON of fantastic lighting options, so you better believe I’ll be taking advantage of my Prime membership and free shipping. Click through for my favorite pendants, flush…

Amazon Finds : For the Laundry Room -
interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : For the Laundry Room

I’ve had lots of requests for another Amazon Finds posts like my very first one- that pulled together an entire bathroom using only Amazon products. Your wish is my command! I thought since everyone is on the resolution and organization…