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Amazon Finds : Dog Beds

Amazon Finds : Dog Beds - Obviously I’m a dog person… Emmett and I have two precious pups- Crosby, an Irish Doodle, and Cash (aka Johnny Cash) a wire fox terrier. I bought the bed, shown above, for Cash the day after we rescued him. Two years later, it has held up incredibly well and he still uses it on the daily. After adding Crosby to the fam and moving into a larger home, I decided it’s probably time for new matching beds for the boys. All of this led to a gigantic Amazon search and I wanted to share my findings with you because there are some really cute, affordable options! It has also been a few months since I’ve shared an Amazon Finds post and thought this would be a fun one. Who doesn’t love cute dogs?! Click through if you’re also in the market for a new dog bed for your pup.  Continue Reading

Amazon Finds : Baskets & Storage -
interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : Baskets & Storage

Happy Friday, friends! Thanks so much for your support in yesterday’s post. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your comments and excitement. Anyway… here we are, almost to the weekend! It’s time for another ‘Amazon Finds‘ post…

Amazon Finds : Blankets & Throws -
interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : Blankets & Throws

Yesterday was magical. It actually felt like fall. I wore a sweater and everything!! I can’t believe I’m already dreaming of crisp, cool air and it prompted me to write this post. I know that was just a one…

Amazon Finds : Vases -
interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : Vases

I’m back from vacation- which consisted of friends visiting, Utah adventures, and lots of work on the hallway. Thanks for letting me take a much needed break! I feel energized and recharged after only 4 or 5 days off.…

Amazon Finds : Wall Mirrors -
interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : Wall Mirrors

As of lately, I have a thing for wall mirrors. I can’t stop searching for them and I just bought one for my office- a space that we have yet to even start. Since I’ve been attracted to this…